2 thoughts on “The Baboon Congress”

  1. i grew up so slow i wanted to scream. i wanted to grow up so fast and i can remember vividly wanting my parents to understand that i needed to be free to go do my next phase things. they didnt get it. then my mom started getting into new age teaching stuff and art therapy which got her into therapy of other sorts and the house became jkind of a hippy place where freedom for the children ala the 70’s was ok. i was half pissed that my brother and sisters got the stuff i had been fighting for grattis and they didint even know what to do with it but i was free….. starting about 9th grade.
    i look now at how young a ninth grader is but i wonder how it is that my kids are suuch kids and i was such an old soul at that age. i traveled the country at age 16 and moved out at age 17 and am glad that i did it the way i did and also glad that my kids never asked to duplicate my expressive mode of transition. i think honestly it would scare the crap out of them. i was without alternative. my fate led me along and i just went with it.
    do you think its time to try something different?

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