2 thoughts on “Jacque Stratton”

  1. Hi, Jacque. I’m writing about Steve but for some reason, Trail Baboon’s dropped off my favorites list so I can’t post there. The strange thing is it was on the bar two days ago! Steve wanted me to let all of you know that his computer crashed (after 12 years), and that’s why you haven’t been hearing from him. He’s getting a new won today, but the problem now is that they won’t allow anyone in the building to come in from the outside world to hook it up, and his knees are too bad to knell on the floor to hook it up himself.

    Needless to say, not having a computer for a guy who spends hours on it every day, is very unpleasant for him. Health wise, he’s holding steady. I can only hope that this message gets through to you! Please hit reply to my email address above to let me know if you got it?

    I’ll copy this to another Baboon as well.


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