One thought on “Anna Bliss”

  1. I grew up with down pillows and comforters, but never thought of them as anything special so didn’t bring them along to the US. Blankets were a shock to my system. Too much weight and not enough warmth, and I’d get all tangled up in the sheet. Comforters and duvet covers have been making inroads in the American market for the last couple of decades and it’s now reasonably inexpensive to get a decent one. I recall my dyne – the Danish word for a comforter – at the boarding school felt like it was stuffed with dead chickens, all lumpy and heavy light that.

    A good pillow is hard to find at a reasonable price, I think. The one I currently have is a reasonable one, and I had to shell out $250.00 for it, but in retrospect I should have probably have spent twice that.

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