Limerick Formation in Space

I had no idea there was an object in the asteroid belt big enough to be considered a “proto-planet.”   Ceres is about to get its close-up as a NASA probe closes in for a rendezvous in three months.

Ceres (pronounced SEER-eez) has enough gravity to hold itself in a spherical shape, and scientists think there may be some water there, but apparently that is still not enough to get past the “proto” stage, planet-wise. I confess I am not aware of the technical requirements for a space rock to advance beyond big-asteroid status, but there is some doubt that Ceres will ever qualify.

Why?  For me, a place is not a place unless it can generate a decent limerick.

Based on my remote amateur observations, Ceres will fall short, as witnessed by these promising starts that were never able to form fully functioning rhymes:

There was a young fellow from Ceres
Who delighted in posing odd queries.
Such as, “Why do birds fly?”
And “What constitutes pie?” …

There once was a woman from Ceres
an admirer of Timmy Leary’s.
She said “Let’s all drop out”
For she was no Girl Scout …

An ill-defined creature from Ceres
Had appendages he called his “dearies”.
They were all rather cute,
but fell out of his suit …

Sorry, Ceres. Planetude seems very far away indeed.

To prove that you originate from a genuine place, write a limerick about where you’re from.

84 thoughts on “Limerick Formation in Space”

  1. There once was a woman from Iowa,
    A state named for the Kiowa.
    Now the plains there grow corn
    For the organic we mourn
    But there are few words rhyming with Iowa

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  2. Connecticut offers even fewer rhymes than New Zealand.
    Thanks for all the huzzahs at the birth of my grandson. I could perhaps write one for him as Venice has more rhyming potential.

    There was a young babe from Venice,
    Who had no need for a dentis’
    He had only gums,
    And opposable thumbs,
    And wasn’t much of a menace.

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      1. If there’s a way to rhyme a word, Garrison will find it. Not saying you couldn’t have, Lisa, but he’s amazing in that area.


  3. There once was a shrink from Dakota,
    a transplant from dear Minnesota.
    She yearned for the quiet,
    far from urban riot,
    and moved west fill the State’s quota.

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  4. We could also try finishing Dale’s beginnings:
    III. An ill-defined creature from Ceres
    Had appendages he called his “dearies”.
    They were all rather cute,
    but fell out of his suit …
    How to get them back in he now worries.

    (well, it almost rhymes.

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  5. My husband hails from Sheboygan,
    where he played with his toy horse and toy gun.
    He now lives in Dakota.
    and visits the Lakota,
    and spends time under the hot Plains sun.

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  6. A man who came from the North Shore,
    Away to the south he once tore.
    The weather forecast,
    Made him shout “Aghast,”
    And dig out the clothes he once wore.

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  7. A man who lived in Two Harbors,
    Used to live with wonderful narbors.
    Often on the lake
    They had fake clambake.
    Which was worth all of their larbors.

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  8. Long ago I moved to Mankato,
    Where I cut many a dado.
    But my hands have some flaws
    So I gave up my saws,
    I maybe should but some playdo.


  9. I live in the county of Blue Earth,
    Which is hard to use in a verse.
    I’ll move to Koochiching
    Which has much more zing.
    But my rhymes are getting much worse.

    I live in a county called Blue Earth,
    Too German to carry much mirth.
    I have a new schema,
    To move back to Wadena,
    Which is the place of my birth.


  10. I was not an Iron Ranger.
    But lived in Castle Danger.
    Settled by Ole and Lena,
    Who came for pastures greener
    What, I say, could be stranger.


  11. Grew I up on Jake’s Hill.
    A name without an thrill.
    Now Grandview Heights
    For real estate might,
    Much to banker’s delight.


    1. A redo:
      He came here from flat Illinois
      With his humor witty and coy.
      The end we did dread
      of Dale and Jim Ed.
      On his blog he still brings us joy.

      He once lived in upstate New York,
      Til his father in Illinois took work.
      Things outer space
      Put a smile on his face

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  12. he is the resident limerickarian
    from mankato his chin its a hairy one
    he rhymes like a poet
    weve all come to know it
    his poems are robust they are merry ones

    he writes of two harbors up north
    from whence he has sicne to us come forth
    his daughters a preacher
    a religious type teacher
    whose lisping parisioners believe yes of courth

    me im long ago from the city of fargo
    my appendages witn me in the car go
    we go out for a ride
    cause when we stay in side
    we watch lauren bacall in key largo

    the copenhagen snoose capitol of the world
    you just spit into the wind and it swirls
    and it takes tobacco juice
    and the residue snoose
    and splatters all over the girls

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  13. i was born in eastern north dakota
    but i left before i could grow ta
    much of a person at all
    just twenty one inches tall
    moved across state lines to minnesota


  14. dales limericks are incomplete
    as his trail mates we could be discrete
    and finish the ribald beginning
    suggesting intertererstrail sinning
    or is he implying that they have extra feet?


  15. I have no poetry, but feel I need to point out the the news story on NPR stated that Ceres is about the size of Texas (my math brain wants to know how they figured that-surface area?).

    The possibilities are intriguing.


      1. Yes, I am clear on the formula forthe surface area of a sphere.

        I’m judt thinking that if you unflatten Texas, we are not talking about that big a sphere.

        If the area of Texas is about 270, 000 sq miles, the diameter is under 1000 miles. Earth is about 8x the size of Ceres by diameter……..

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  16. There once was a gal from St. Louis,
    But living there made her quite shrewish.
    As soon as she finished high school
    She moved north — more cool,
    And in winter she now tries not to turn bluish.

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    1. when space planet stuffs what were bloggin
      i suspect as soon as i log in
      it will be something else soon
      the man in the moon
      or what we should drink our egg nog in


    1. linda your rhymes are ok
      and although you may have stuff to say
      just be careful bout steve
      even though he did leave
      he checks back almost every dang day


  17. I live where the Alberta Clipper
    comes out of the north, like a zipper.
    Tomorrow the snow
    and the wind they will blow,
    and we will all feel like frozen kippers.

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  18. OT but necessary for my mental health given the weather forecast and Daughter’s departure for college. Husband ordered seeds yesterday:

    Millionaire Eggplant
    Tyee Spinach
    Miletta Savoy Cabbage
    Napolitano Mammoth-Leafed Basil
    Siam Queen Thai Basil
    Thai Dragon Hot Peppers
    Mulato Isleno Poblano Peppers
    San Marzano II Plum Tomatoes
    Brandy Boy Hybrid Tomatoes
    Argentata Swiss Chard
    Hot Portugal Peppers
    Black Hungarian Peppers
    Speckled Vermont Cranberry Pole Beans
    Hidatsa Shield Pole Beans
    White Half-Runner Beans
    Blue Lake Bush Beans
    Boro Hybrid Beet
    Dick’S Pick Hybrid Butternut Squash
    Green Arrow Pea
    Nelson Hybrid Carrot
    Cactus Flowered Zinnia Mix
    Burpeeana Giants Zinnia Mix

    It reads like a poem to me.

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    1. I have been trying to write an important letter, but my mind keeps trying to find the limerick rhythm.

      We once rented in Prospect Park.
      Living there was quite a lark.
      Fun streets to walk,
      For many a talk.
      Only two short years left their mark.

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      1. they opened the witches hat to the public this summer and I tried to get my clan rolling early but we got there about noon and the line to go up was around the block and we spent an hour or so waiting and the people watching was great, the neighborhood streets are very cool we didn’t grab the first parking spot and the second was a winding 1/4 mile away that made for a fun sunday walk..


    2. san marzanos , brandy boys and swiss chard
      go in starter pots with soil that’s not hard
      with squash and some carrots
      the front lawn wont be bare it
      will become quite a bountiful yard

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  19. We start the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cabbages, and zinnias indoors in February and March.. The rest are sown directly into the garden. The grow lights are ready and the cow pots are waiting.

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