short and sweet

today’s post comes from tim

clyde made a suggedtion the other day we do a 50 word guest blog offering

i blew past it because he also mentioned he was going to stop writing on his everything is south of here site and i recoiled

(please continue clyde)
so lets try in the same way haiku limits and defines i propose ee prepare 2017 posts of no more than 50 words (title excluded)

jerzy kozinski used to edit snd edit until no unneccessary was allowed to remain

based on that rule 1/2 this post goes along with 7/8 of whst i have to ssy in general

ready set blog

38 thoughts on “short and sweet”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    I had several in mind that were longer. Oh no! I suppose we could do serial blogs, posting 50 words at a time until I say all I wanted to. Kind of a blog storm ala DT, who scares me more every day.

    I also had several in mind, but I was struggling with how to write it.


  2. Sorry, tim, but I’m not attracted to the short tweet suggestion. I’ll just do what I can, working in my own way.

    Sorry to be absent yesterday. A winter storm took down power lines and the cable lines. Workmen couldn’t get up the mountain to fix us for over a day. Service is back now, but erratic.

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      1. Jacque: we were predicted to get a light snow. That’s enough to shut down this town. Instead we got 12 inches of gorgeous but wet and heavy snow. Weather guys reported that we got a “thundersnow.” There was a thunderstorm high in the air, but all the rain falling through cold air turned to slushy snow with HUGE flakes.

        My home is near the top of a small mountain. We lost electricity for about eight hours. When it came back on it was clear that the cable lines had gone down too, and repair crews couldn’t get to us to fix them for over a day. They close the road to this place when it snows. So I had over a day of no internet, no email, no TV, no WiFi radio and no telephone (since my phone runs through the computer). It was sad to know my Minnesota friend wouldn’t get her letter and wouldn’t know why. My daughter had no way to contact me to check on me.


        1. I’m glad you made it through that, Steve. If I ever have an extended time with no electricity here, I’m sunk. The furnace and the stove are gas, but they both won’t start without electricity. And the landline phone is over the internet.

          But at least the toilet doesn’t need electricity or the internet to work.


  3. I think having a Short and Sweet category when no one has anything prepared is a good idea, but too restrictive for every blog. After the New Year I hit the wall for ideas, and Short and Sweet is great for filling in those periods.

    The last several days I have felt so terrorized by the PEOTUS that all creativity has flown out the window.

    Tuesday we drove North through the mountains, a la “Arizona Highways” magazine. That may inspire a post.

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    1. I had lunch with a really active Christian HS friend yesterday and she’s completely believing that Trump’s ascendance marks the beginning of the resurgence of America. Let’s only hope this takes hold before a nuclear war.

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  4. i didnt mean to restrict it but i did notice that this was the first blog in a week and everyone who says this is too restrictive must have a different reason to not enter a guest blog
    if you have a longer one do it. if you dont 50 words and stop is not a huge undertaking is all i was thinking
    so if everyone inserts a 50 worder and a non 50 worder a month we will have a back up of daily guest blogs.

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    1. It’s probably true that most of us torture ourselves a little more than we need to about how long and how fabulous any of our blog posts have to be. I know that I always worry if I don’t have a good picture or if I can’t come up with a really good question. So maybe tim’s idea doesn’t need to be a stricture, just a reminder that sometimes if we have a fun commentary on something, we don’t have to write a novella…..

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  5. I have a few ideas… it’s just the “get it done” problem for me. Maybe if I make a list and then put it on the list it will stand a better chance of getting done this weekend. I haven’t had a list since mid-December and I will admit I don’t get as much done w/o a list. But it’s been very relaxing!

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  6. I think it’s a great idea. Sometimes having an idea like this can give me the impetus I need to get something done. VS nailed it above – it’s a reminder that we don’t have to write a novella, we can just throw a quick comment up there, find a copyright-free image on google, and boom, we have something to discuss for a few days. We don’t have to actually count the words (unless you want to) and we certainly know that none of us are going to get upset if someone goes over the 50-word count. It’s like a (fun) assignment that helps us think of things we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

    Are you guys okay with a few photo-heavy, few word blog posts?

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      1. That’s the problem. I can come up with photos, but not always words. Or I can come up with words, but then have no idea what question to ask at the end. Maybe I need to have a co-author.

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        1. Or just put up a photo without words and see what thoughts the picture elicits from the group, however indirect those thoughts might be.

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  7. Inspired by tim’s post and ensuing discussion, I just posted a — bit/lot more than 50 words — piece for review…inspired by not feeling I had to write a finished piece of perfect grammar and/or prose and/or a novella. Thanks y’all!

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  8. My reason for suggesting shorter posts was for what everyone just said. We work too hard I think on the blogs, which end up going their own way.
    I have in fact added a couple more stories to my site, at the request of two people. These were all first written a year or more ago, when I could do longer typing. Now I just edit. Here is the link to the last one.
    This story, among other things, is about the Finish-Americans of Northeaster Minnesota.I will do a short blog about them.

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