Believe It Or Not!

Today’s post comes from Bill in Minneapolis

Reverend Van Slyke believed the Garden of Eden was in Trempealeau, Wisconsin. Arthur Conan Doyle and Henry Thoreau believed in fairies. A family in Winona, Minnesota believed their dead daughter was a vampire.

Most of us believe things unsupported by evidence. Me, I believe I’ll have a cup of tea.

What weird things do you sort of believe?

78 thoughts on “Believe It Or Not!”

  1. I believe I’ll have a cup of tea also…

    I believed in paradise = Park Lake. It was so when I visited grandparents as a child and when I would return for monthly summer stays as an adult. It was especially so when husband and I purchased my aunt & uncle’s cabin…next to grandparent cabins that belonged to my parents.

    I believe music can transport one to numerous locations, times and emotions…it does me.

    I believe art is transforming.

    I believe Kaffe Fika with friends is nourishing body and soul.

    I believe tea time is soothing…especially with a bit of chocolate.

    And…I believe in normal…

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      1. Barbara you’d love Park Lake…just ask cynthiaofmahtowa…it’s small, spring fed, clear some days to 10 ft.depth, rocky on our plot going out into the lake and undeveloped to our north so trees are all you see…for some – paradise.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    I believe the denizens of Trail Baboon are baboons, indeed. The picture in the header is our Dear Leader, Dale. He is blushing, thus the red face.

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  3. I believe bread rises better when the air pressure is low, that music education is necessary for a civilized society, and that margarine is really bad for us. I also believe in the Holy Trinity.

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    1. Does bread actually rise better when the air pressure is low..,& do you monitor A.P.?…..I’m gullible so could believe this, but I make bread and never pay attention to A.P…..just check it now and then…plus have in warm spot….also mix warm water, salt, sugar & plop yeast on top then let that sit for a while-when the yeast bubbles add the flour etc…..


        1. When I use butter in my Toll House recipe, the cookies tend to flatten too much and get too crispy. For some reason, margarine keeps them thicker chewy on the inside but crisp on the outside. I agree the butter flavor is better, but CCCs are all about the chocolate and the nuts.


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        1. ghost rolls off the tongue so melodically and does make it more of an outside this world handle
          in second grade when miss writer tried pushing me off holy ghost i balked. she said it made her think of spooky stuff, not me


  4. I, too, like Renee, believe in the Holy Trinity, which seems weird to many. I try to remember that when I look at what others believe and try not to think of them as weird. I do not believe in the many warpings and twistings, and narrowings of Christianity, done for the purpose of control, power, wealth, bigotry, and self-glorification. I don’t know if these misapplications of the Word, as I see it, are weird, because they are done and used for such human purposes. I bet that confused you all.

    In the larger sense I see the world as a canvas on which people paint emotions and wants and fears and needs, which is also human and justifiable when not used against others. For instance, I think the north woods in which I was raised is just the woods, but if people see in it spirituality, emotions, revival, and the like, that is not weird, and more power to them. Maybe it really is there and not our imaginations and psyches putting it there. I see many of these things in nature, but think it is me more than the woods themselves.

    But beauty I think is real, beauty is there in the woods and so many other places, especially in some people, if not most people, if we will not narrow our sense of beauty. Truth and goodness are just as real. So things like music and art education matter greatly. That which moves us to truth and beauty and goodness are the good things, whether those things are in what we observe or in our observation, does not latter. It is the seeking and finding as we can that matters. What is so wrong about this moment is that in this, I hope, brief moment truth and beauty and goodness are trampled into dust.

    Bill so rightly explained what is wrong with ranting on here. Was this a rant? If so, I apologize.

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      1. Was at surgeon before typing that. I will wear braces at night for 2-3 weeks and see what it does. Then surgery.
        Right now I have the pains no matter what. What’s a little more.


        1. the braces are interesting . i wore them for 3 weeks after the surgery and found them to be very uncumbersome.
          good luck with your quest for dexterity. meanwhile try the voice activated thingy. i believe in the voice ativated thingy

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  5. I believe in chocolate chip cookies (:-) ), the power of nature to heal the Earth, the insignificance of mankind in the grand scheme of the universe, and that in a million years, nothing we’ve done here during our time as cognizant beings will matter.

    So stumble along through life the best we can, Babooners. I believe that we owe it to ourselves to live our lives the best way we know how based on what we’ve learned from our past.

    Chris in Owatonna

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    1. i saw annie hall the other dayy and made my family watch the opening where young woody is at the shrink with his mother and she is upset because he has decided to stop everything he is doing because the universe is expanding and it will all be for naught. that and the story about the restaurant portions being so small and expensive and the groucho marx quote.
      go watch it/

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  6. I halfway expected that the responses today would tend more toward UFOs and cryptozoology, but Baboons are demonstrably more sincere and heartfelt than that.
    I believe in mystery. I revel in the unexplained and inexplicable. Anomaly suggests that we don’t know as much as we think we do about the universe we live in and that some of what we think we know is incomplete or wrong. To me that feels like an ever-renewing field of opportunity to chase greater understanding, no matter where it leads. I believe that everything is potentially explicable, but no matter how complex and subtle we perceive our existence to be, it’s infinitely more so. The unknown just keeps unfolding; I’m comfortable with that.

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  7. i believe in alternative medicine and homeopathy. i call it voo doo medicine. i plugged into it back in the 90’s when i had to plea with my pediatricians to shop prescribing antibiotics for every visit. my kids jhave not been seriously sick since and i am getting pretty good at perscribing remidies for stuff as it comes up
    i believe in superstious stuff like friday the 13th and not walking under a ladder
    i believe in god and the concept of srititually continuing on through the end of time even though i have my suspicions
    i believe we find in the woods comes from within us not form the woods but that if thats what it takes to get us to connect with the beauty form within us take a walk in the woods.
    i believe in mans search for meaning and the power of positive thinking. i believe the electronic ditty in your pocket is robbing you of the ability to find time to dream and to cultivate thoughts around how to live life to the fullest.
    i believe mozart etc had such broad catalouges in a short lifetime is because of the difference in distractions they focused on. i need to believe i can get back to focus. i am easily distracted and while i enjoy it it robs me of many things.
    and i believe in ufo’s

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    1. i dont remember when or where i heard it bill but i thought it was viroqua that was the garden of eden. you obviously researched this and came up with trempealeau in your search but i smile on the rare occasion i get to viroqua.

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  8. My brain knows how an airplane takes off; I understand lift and thrust. But every single time I fly, my heart is SURE that the tail of the plane is going to scrap the runway as the plane tilts up into the air!

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  9. Well, I believe in antibiotics, since they basically saved my life last summer. And I believe in vaccinations. But maybe that doesn’t fit the definition of weird.

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  10. I believe we (humans) have a soul, and there may be some sort of reincarnation – I don’t pretend to know how it works.

    I believe we are not the only “intelligent” beings in the Universe, and are not the only beings with souls. I have a friend who has “seen” a deva, for instance, but out of the corner of her eye.

    I believe we are here on earth in part to help each other survive being here. I believe finding a community of like minded people is part of that.

    I believe we may have had all kind of skills in past eons, that have been lost as we gained more knowledge.

    I think we may well have a guide or “angel” who hangs out with us If/when we get quiet enough to notice. I have experienced something in this realm.

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    1. I caught wind of it somewhere and had looked up the details a while back, so I knew it was out there. If you click on the title of the article and then scroll down to the bottom right, you can read more about the incident.

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  11. Apparently I believe a person’s reach should exceed his/er grasp. I am trashing out my carving stuff. Three big plastic bins in the garage. Number of things I had bandsawed into form ready to be carved: 256.


    1. why dont you offer it to an art teacher who gets the carving itch

      ill bet if you said this ones a troll with a crook in his hand and that ones a dog with his head on his paws orcwhatever they are as you visualized them people would love them


  12. There is something else I believe in, but I don’t know if there are words for it. It always happens when I am outdoors, often when I am shooting pictures, but not always. Beauty, mystery, colors, patterns: all combine to give me what could be called a “high,” and I don’t mean a drug-induced high (don’t do drugs, kids). Sometimes, it happens on what I call a “golden day,” when the air is crisp and the sun is shining and there’s an indefinable lightness that lifts my soul. But I can think of at least two times in the past year that it’s happened when it’s been very gray and drippy and I’ve just been surrounded by so much beauty…oh man, this sounds like such drivel. If you’ve ever read Emily of New Moon and read about her “flash,” this may be something akin to that.

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