A Few Limericks in the Mars Light

Who can blame impatient fans of extraterrestrial life for so closely watching the photos sent back by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover? There’s got to be some kind of critter up there! It’s simply a matter of time before it wanders in front of our camera.

It’s this sort of anticipation that gave us the momentarily famous Mars-rat-(shaped rock).

And it’s the very same level of breathlessness that brings us the latest frenzy over a mysterious light in the distance on one of the Rover’s photographs.

NASA was quick to debunk the alluring spark as a momentary effect that can be easily explained by anyone who understands the physics of sunlight. But for the rest of us who know nothing about the physics of sunlight, the flash is most easily explained as a desperate attempt by alien life forms to get our attention by sending up a flare!

Just as puzzling is why this disagreement over supposed evidence of Martian light technology made me want to write limericks.

On a planet that’s barren and flinty
Shone a light inexplicably glinty
But the experts said “Pooh!”
To the rumors – “Untrue!”
“It’s the lens of our camera that’s linty.”

Martian motion detectors don’t glow,
unless triggered. This much we all know.
Out on Jupiter’s moons,
they’re set off by raccoons
But the wildlife on Mars is too slow.

A mysterious Red Planet beacon
has the UFO translators freakin’.
It means “We’re over here.”
Or else, “Don’t come too near.”
Based on which dialect they are speakin’.

We will creep like a moth to the light
towards an alien campfire at night.
If we see them, in mobs,
roasting Earthling kabobs
we’ll retreat at a minimal height.

What kind of signal would draw you in?

28 thoughts on “A Few Limericks in the Mars Light”

  1. I know what drives me away: bright lights, loud or high-pitched sounds, being touched, almost all “chemical” smells and artificial scents. So I am drawn to the opposite. Some fibromyalgia experts suggest when your sensitivity is high to go in a dark quiet room and teaching your family to leave you alone. Sandy is well trained.
    Two people (massage therapist and a nurse) have identified me as having fm by watching me in chaotic situations such as church potlucks go into a corner or as far away from others as I can or just getting out.


  2. Hmm, interesting question, Dale. First thing I thought of is the right perfume on the right woman. Next, any signal that has a rhythm. The more complex, the better. The polyrhythms of an Afro-Cuban jazz band come to mind. I suppose the odor of fresh out of the oven bakery goodies like doughnuts and cookies would signal my salivary glands to go into overdrive.

    Chris in Owatonna


  3. The smell of freshly baked bread would do it for me. In fact, a lot of aromas emanating from a pot simmering on the stove would do the trick as well. The fragrance of a Russian olive tree in bloom would also be effective.

    OT – The format is goofy again this morning.


  4. Love the limericks. I do think it IS a valid question – why does a stray light on Mars make you want to write limericks, Dale?

    I am a curious person, but I usually stay within the bounds of safety with my curiousity. I do not go down in the basement in the dark with just a candle when I hear a noise, I do not open the door and go outside if I’ve heard anything out of the ordinary. And when my old house got robbed (or is it burgled, I can never remember), the minute I realized something was amiss, I was back out the front door and called the cops from the neighbors’ house.

    Long way to say that I’m not sure I would go toward the light….


  5. Chances are that I’d miss any subtle aural or visual signal. Like Clyde, I’d avoid bright lights, especially if they were flashing or pulsing.


  6. In speaking thus I am taking a risk,
    But the light on Mars is not a new twist.
    Everyone can about this quit tweeting.
    It’s just another Tea Party meeting.
    Mars is the home of Bachman and Quist.

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  7. i couldnt find the trail today
    without dale i have no clue what to say
    an opinion on life
    or about that other guys wife
    oh its mars based ill get started ok?

    a signal to draw me? lets see…
    i have morning signals call out for some tea
    and at night it is sleep
    that calls from the deep
    and at 3 am its time to pee

    the signals of life can be found
    if the search turns out to be profound
    when i looked deep inside
    i discovered that i’d
    been happy just lounging around

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      1. Well, obviously we have no clue what kind of signal to emit to draw in the Baboons. What the equivalent to “here kitty, kitty, kitty” for baboons?

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    1. Back to “normal” thanks to VS, who alerted me that something was amiss through e-mail. On a normal day I’m not able to turn my attention to the blog until around 4pm. Thanks VS!


      1. Verrilee Sherrilee sent out a signal
        No blog on a day sinks worse than a pig smell
        We need to get dale to that word press convention
        Or put him in the blog writers house of detention
        I did finally find it I wonder if mig will


  8. I am currently being drawn in by the sights in my new neighborhood. We have only been here for a few days so everything is new to me. I enjoy walking up and down the streets checking out houses and yards near my new home. I am finding a very interesting collection of housing styles and many different kinds of lawn treatments in this part of South Minneapolis. I think I am going to enjoy living here.

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  9. Hi everybody. Music has a strong tendency to draw me in. It doesn’t just attract me – it makes me want to participate. It’s hard for me to just sit and listen to music. I like to be part of it.

    All of that is false, or untrue anyway, if the music is too loud. Some kinds of music are enjoyable for a song or two but quickly work the other way on me and make me want to leave for more peaceful surroundings.

    My sympathies to Renee and her family on the loss of her mother. Peaceful, musical thoughts to all of you.


  10. OK, I found the link to baboondocks. I also found a whole bunch of birthday wishes from some very thoughtful people. Thank you so much! I’m kind of speechless…

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