Windmill Tattoo

Today’s post comes from marketing wiz and idea generator Spin Williams, who is always at The Meeting That Never Ends.

Today is a great day to be alive!

Why? Innovation and technology!

I’m constantly amazed at the exciting new technical possibilities that just keep on emerging in a never-ending stream of inspiration – like sweat pouring from the brow of a long-distance runner.

No, literally!

There’s a new bit of research out there that demonstrates how to generate a small amount of electric current from the lactate in the sweat of people who are exercising strenuously.

This caused quite a bit of excitement at The Meeting That Never Ends, because we’re always looking to capitalize on the next big thing, and also we sit around a lot.

But that would change pretty quickly if technology created systems and techniques that could turn every person on the planet into a bio-battery. The researchers used special enzyme imprinted on a temporary tattoo to create a reaction that delivers the charge. The amount of electricity produced is very small right now, but wait a few years.

I mean literally – don’t do anything right now!

Save your strength for later, when it will pay. Imagine it – your sweat could provide the fuel to run your phone, or your watch. Or, you could sell your current to the electric utility by plugging your tattoo into a socket.


And here’s the best part – there is a kind of lazy man’s justice in the way this works. The more out of shape you are, the more electricity your exercise creates! That means there will be lots of efficiency-enthralled guys like me who will be doing the same numeric calculation in the name of trying to stay just broken down enough to be a top producer of juice. Young people – figure this into your future.

The day is coming when your armpits will do the very same work as nuclear reactors!

I love the future. If I could patent the whole thing, I would!

Your energetic optimist,

To become a bio-power plant, you’ll have to get a tattoo.
What does yours look like?

27 thoughts on “Windmill Tattoo”

  1. Hmmm. If sweat is the newest bio-fuel, maybe there is hope for cross country moms to get designated parking spots after all :).

    I’m really not keen on a tattoo (although I find other people’s interesting).

    I’m thinking there might beca future in figuring out how to make the plastic on the back of a smartphone able to just directly pick up the charge when strapped on your sweaty self.


  2. I always wonder what body art I would want to carry with me throughout the remainder of time on a canvas of fading sagging nature that would be proudly displayed for all to see.
    Then again if the idea is to harness the sweat the areas most productive would be armpits belly just below my belly button and maybe my back and once I get cooking the top of my head. The potential works for each location feel like they should be very different.
    I’m thinking an optical illusion of rib cages and six packs would be a kick but I tend toward paying homage to the great art of history . The scream by Edward munch below the belly button feels perfect Luncheon in the grass on my back I haven’t quite gott starry starry night in the armpits worked out but I’m getting there and on top of my head I see the touching finger from the ceiling of the sistine chapel.
    Do you think haystacks on the insides of my thighs is too tacky ?


    1. I’m thinking Mondrian for motorcycle gas tanks is cool but how about my butt cheeks?
      I can’t picture pollock dekooning or Kline but maybe frank marc.
      Any volunteers for pollock.
      Also script: first thing let’s kill all the lawyers
      The pump don’t work cause the vandals took the handles
      What is essential is invisable to the eye….. The canvas is filling up
      I have a placemat from a favorite restraunt in banff of drawings and quotes intertwined. I can see how once started this could become


      1. The Jackson Pollack thing might work for you. Or you could just lay face down, flat on your garage floor and give your children and fellow ‘boons some permanent markers and let us create our own Pollack for you.


  3. Good morning. I would ask my daughter, the artist, to come up with a design for my tattoo. I think she would come up with something unique and interesting. It would have to be something very good because I don’t like most of the tattoos I see. I could put up with a special one.


  4. Would one of the tats I already have qualify? If not, that’d be fine–like any other tattoo fan, I’m never not thinking about the next one. My armbands are 20 years old and need to be reworked, so that’s a possibility. If it needed to be a big one…a few years ago I was at Pride and saw a woman with a magnificent tattoo of an abstract Tree Goddess on her leg (I can’t find a similar image, but if you merged Abby Willowroot’s Spiral Goddess statue into an oak tree, that’d more or less be it). I’d have my tattooist Kore Grate do a version of that on me. In fact, I’ve been thinking about having Kore do a version of that on me, come my next renter’s rebate.


  5. I think I could go with a big tree, like CG’s oak. I’ve seen an image somewhere that would work. I could have used our big tree out back (box elder) for a model, but now it’s lost so many limbs it looks like something alien.


  6. Perhaps a big field of black eyed Susans – hard to have a bad day with black eyed Susans around. Where I’d put it…um…that is a conundrum. It’d be nice to have it somewhere where I could see it, so if I am having a bad day, I could stare at the stretching flowers. On the other hand, the best places to capture perspiration may not be where I can see them easily. Sigh.


  7. Rise and flinch from the needles Baboons!

    No tattoo for me — the pre-port chemo experience years ago led to a permanent aversion to sitting still to get jabbed.

    Wince. flinch. Shudder.


    1. I would tell you that tattooing isn’t like being jabbed at all–as the needles just go very quickly into the skin and not the muscle, it feels like getting etched, like glass–but I doubt very much it’d make a difference.


      1. That is what I have understood from people who have had it done. Some of the tattoos are beautiful. Your comment makes a difference in that it is good to know. I think I am just not up for it.


  8. So several years ago I was sitting in an Art Open Studio working on my project, whatever it was at the time, when a newer participate with no verbal filter started talking about her problem-child adult son with no impulse control. She said he had showed her his newest tat located about, oh, 3 inches beneath his navel.

    It said “Lucky You.”

    This was way Too Much Information. From his mother. Who said she saw it herself. I was Rendered Speechless.


  9. Well, I’m kinda furry…so, either my tattoo would have to be something that would look good with fuzz or be on top of my head or my face.

    If it was a temporary tattoo, I guess that’d be ok. And if it were there to generate power, I’d probably get something like Reddy Kilowatt.

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  10. Morning all. My choice will seem pretty standard to many folks, as it will be Chinese characters. For those of you who know the Teenager though, you’ll know that it’s her name. I might have to have a pretty multi-colored flower along with it.

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  11. I would want mine hidden, and since I always wear sleeves, I suppose I could have one on my uper arm. I don’t think I could do a windmill, but perhaps a flower. Maybe the symbol from some Asian language for energy? I think the population of those with tatoos has mushroomed out here since the oil boom, Maybe a small oil derrick would be an appropriate tatoo? As the technology improved, perhaps the size of the necessary tatoos would shrink, and they could be done in miniature.

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  12. Maybe mine would be the Number of the Beast, because that would scare all the fundamentalists and convince them that the apocalypse was upon us. Not that they really need any rational reason to believe that.

    Or possibly a scancode that someone could scan with their fancy-schmancy smartphone. The scancode would take them to the Trail Baboon blog.

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    1. i am so superstious tha the 666 is a sign to run for me. 13 i ca deal with 666 no
      i just poassed 66 666 mesages on my gmail the other day. i could see it comin


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