Worst Love Song Ever

It appears there is nothing in the news this weekend except Ebola.

The name of the virus itself is actually quite lovely to the ear. But actual conditions on the ground in West Africa have robbed it of whatever beauty it may have had.

Even so, certain voices can’t stop saying it. Why? Because with an election less than two weeks away, a single threatening word that suggests disorganization, incompetence and panic is like music to some ears.

Under different circumstances, perhaps there would have been a lovesick song dedicated to our girl … Ebola.

The most riveting name I ever heard:
Ebola, Ebola, Ebola, Ebola …
A  campaign that can work in a single word!
Ebola, Ebola, Ebola, Ebola …
The midterms will hinge on Ebola!
Although it’s hard to catch
I’m sure I’ve got a batch
in me.
On Fox News they’re crying Ebola!
Just listen that spiel
they hardly can conceal 
their glee!
Say it loud and the children scatter.
Say it soft – it’s electoral patter.
They’ll never stop saying Ebola!


What single word gets your attention?

51 thoughts on “Worst Love Song Ever”

  1. Good morning. The best single word that grabs my attention at this early hour is the word squirrel. We have an extremely active group of squirrels here in South Minneapolis. It is good that I had a fairly big crop of tomatoes because a significant portion of them were eaten by the squirrels.

    I had to build cages to protect the young strawberry plants I put in the ground because the squirrels kept digging them up and leaving them laying on top of the ground. Other new plantings were protected by laying chicken wire on top of the planted area to keep the squirrels from digging in those area. They like to dig in soil that has been worked up to make a seed bed. They don’t seem to be interested in eating the planted seeds. Apparently they just think it is great fun to dig holes and make a mess in freshly planted areas.

    I actually like having squirrels in my yard as long as they don’t do too much damage. In the past I put some food out for them. However, I have stopped putting food out for them because I don’t want to do anything to attract more of the garden destroying squirrels found in my neighborhood.


  2. Following Jim’s lead I will say the word my ears are perked for at this time is the word FROST! My poor efforts in the garden with tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are already toast and today I hope to get that cleaned up, but the raspberries and other cold hardy things are fine (the parsley is gorgeous, should clip and freeze a bunch of that today).

    It looks to be a lovely day and I really hope to spend as much of it as possible in my poor, neglected yard.


      1. Nope. Just whack it up snd freeze. I should have done that with basil when it was plentiful.

        As with racing, so it goes with gardening…. next year!!!!!!

        Last weekend at the farmer’s market for many vendors so stocked up on cheese and cider. Also got a bunch if peppers. Too late for eggplant :(.


  3. Morning all (although it’s afternoon where I am – PJ guessed already – Barcelona).

    Dog, puppy, kitty, cat, chocolate…. I will perk up for these. In fact, just left the Chocolate Museo!

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  4. Apples. We got a bunch at a pick your own place (our own apple tree took the year off) and I have a book called Apples: a Country Garden Cookbook with some marvelous looking recipes that I want to try out this weekend. Will post one of them if it turns out well.

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  5. My attention-getter today is the word “clutter”. For the first time in weeks, I have a free weekend to deal with clutter. I am starting in the basement and will work my way upstairs. Husband’s attention was captured by “hummus” and I believe he is partaking as I type. I may have to join him.

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      1. Bir, here’s how you do it. Once you have the video on your screen on You Tube, click below the video where it says “share”. A box will appear with a short code in it. Copy that code and paste it in your message.
        That’s what I did in your earlier comment, which is why the video appears there now.


    1. feels like a sideways oxymoron.
      theres a customer and they want service. lets form a department and discuss if we want to be involved in that. we will put you on hold for a minute. press 1 if thats ok with you press 2 if you want to be put in a line to wait while we talk to people we dont want to deal with before we get to you press 3 if you have any question and press 4 if you want to be told that you pressed the wrong button. if you press a button you go back to the end of the line. if you stay on the line we will transfer you to somewhere else where you can wait until someone will put you in great mood when they finally get o you and ask the phone number and name and social security number only to tell you that information is not registering correctly. and asking if you want to go to the website to handle it yourself. do you speak chinese? indonesian? indie or bengali? do accents bother you? let me put you on hold for a minute…..

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      1. Cleve, and too true. But this is face to face with the, I mean THE ONE AND ONLY USPS. I had the hold my mail last week. Went in yesterday to pick it up. They are in the process of selling the post office, no buyer yet, but somehow held mail is somewhere else, in ransom, or escrow. I have to go back Monday, either morning or afternoon, she was not sure, and fill out a card. They will retrieve my mail from Siberia, and I pick it up Tuesday, either morning or afternoon, she was not sure which. Neither rain nor sleet nor hail shall deter . . . unless we are selling our post office.
        They have no plans for a new PO, by the way.


        1. po office is a poster child for a failed mission. if you ever had a business with the setup and culture that the post office has it would be time to close the door. the closing of post offices and giving it to private comanies is an abomination. the people they hire are an atrosity. fed ex and ups and email will take over. the post office is lost.


  6. Morning all! Heading home this morning. The good news of the day is that Europe turned over last night from Daylight Savings. Since we in the US don’t turn over until next week that means that I get TWO extra hours this fall!

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    1. Vs, my erstwife had one year in which she never got a birthday. She got on an airplane a day before her birthday, so it had not come yet. When she got off the plane it was a day after the birthday. Does this mean she is a year younger than her birthdate indicates?

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    2. so you turn back your watch an hour before you turn it back 5 hrs in stead of 6. so you only have a 29 hour day instead of a 30 hour day. enjoy the extra time.


  7. VS mentioned my word earlier: chocolate. Other good options: cheese or wine. Cheese especially.

    Sorry I missed tim’s guest post. Harder for me to keep up with the blog on weekdays lately. Sigh.


    1. you better be handleing your responsibility at work better than here on the blog anna, i am very disappointed that you didnt tell us what you want to be for halloween.


      1. I want to be a relaxed, well rested parent, capable of remembering anything for more than 30 minutes at a time. Failing that – maybe me, at 5 (a witch in a snowsuit).


  8. Yesterday I could not think of a word that meant much more to me than all the other words. If I perk up to any one word, it would be “Liam.” And I’m attentive to “Molly,” my daughter, too. I know that grandparents typically dote on grandchildren. In this case, though, I have solid reasons to believe my only grandson is a refreshingly original, complex and fascinating kid. Everyone who meets him agrees on that.

    Speaking of my daughter, she has a sensational job at one of the most respected companies in Oregon. But she might be about to get an offer for a new job. Why would she change? Her work week would go from five days to four; she would be encouraged to do much of her work from home; her salary (already very good) would be doubled. Even if this comes to nothing, I’m happy that she is getting such a nice offer. That can’t be bad for a person who is often critical of herself.

    It is amazingly windy here.

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  9. Yardwork.

    To yard work,
    It’s certainly time to do yard work.
    And suddenly we rake,
    and chop down weeds to take a-way…
    To yard work,
    I’ll never stop finding more yard work,
    There’s goldenrod and phlox,
    And bellflowers to purge to-day.
    “To yard work”,
    Say it loud and the squirrels go running.
    Say it soft and they sneak back, so cunning.
    To yard work, I’ll never stop finding more yard work.

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  10. Some basil!
    I just found a dead patch of basil.
    And suddenly all other yard work is a memory.
    It’s shriveled
    but somehow it still smells of summer…
    And what else might be there
    That I’d forgotten, totally?
    Ah, lavender!
    It is actually still now blooming,
    The oregano’s needing some grooming,
    This basil has started me thinking of next year.

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  11. i made a pasta ala whateverthehellwasaround and my daughrter who stopped over was confused ecause it tasted like pesto but wasnt very green. i told her its hard to hide basil and that combined with an alfredo base but laced with parmasean and garlic and wallnuts (pine nuts are soooo expensive) made it a good snarf.
    my earl gray always comes to mind when i smell lavender. smells are the biggest trriggers in the world.
    wanna make me think ofd something? give me a smell to start and the conversation can go from there.


  12. My word for today: Buttercup.

    Bought cauliflower and squash at the farmers market and had both for dinner with a nice zinfandel. The squash was either a butternut or buttercup. I get them mixed up. But I think it was a buttercup, the kind of squat dark green one.

    For me, the word Buttercup always triggers an earworm of Elvis singing “All Shook Up.”.

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