Bunker Concert

Happy Thanksgiving, Baboons!

To soothe you and provide some parting affirmations for the turkeys (treasure each moment as a gift!), here’s Bob Franke singing his signature Thanksgiving song more than 200 feet underground in a cold war bunker ordered built by Stalin – Bunker 42 in Moscow.

Where do you like to sing?

29 thoughts on “Bunker Concert”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Baboons!
    I can’t carry a tune even if it has handles. Seriously I still struggle with “Happy Birthday” so to avoid embarrassment I only sing in solitude.
    The exception is on Thanksgiving when we go caroling between dinner and dessert. I may be hopeless with tunes but I know all the words. When our kids were little I was tolerated as a singer because I knew all the words to the great Thanksgiving classics like “My Turkey Tis of Thee.” Now that the kids can sing a, even in harmony, they shake their heads at my attempts. Not to worry even bad singers get pie in the end!

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  2. MORNING ALL!!!! Although I am in the choir with Lisa, I do not have a great voice, although I can hit that high A (if I’m standing up) so I do have some value in the first soprano section. All of my singing outside the choir is in the car. If it’s winter and I have all the windows rolled up, then I sing loudly. Summertime not so much!

    Everybody have a glorious and safe day!!!

    (And even though Dale didn’t ask the usual “what are you thankful for” question, I’m going to answer it anyway. Very very thankful to have found the Trail and the wonderful baboon friends on it!)

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  3. Love singing in the car, hoping to get back to choir.

    I do sing out the back door for the kitties to come in for meals (and they are NOT thankful it is too cold to be out).

    I’m thankful we are staying cozily home instead of driving to Iowa where we would be challenged to graciously avoid the turkey we do not eat.

    Thankful for a warm home, bills paid, work to do and good health.

    Also thankful for good and understanding friends both “live” and “virtual”.

    Rats! Just heard PD James has died. Thankful for her work.

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  4. I have a great singing voice but NO ability to hit the right notes. Me singing a tune is essentially like me waterboarding it, and there is no excuse for that. You know how it is now illegal to smoke even outdoors in some areas because you wouldn’t want to inflict second hand smoke on innocent folks? That’s like me singing. I’ll only do it where I am a thousand percent sure I am not going to kill anything except the melody.

    Happy Thanksgiving all you gorgeous, kind-hearted baboons! I hope I am among your friends, mig, but I can’t for the life of me figure out if I’m live or virtual.

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      1. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
        The twitters and snapchats of virtual fortune
        Or to take arms against a sea of pininterests
        And by opposing end them.

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    1. Since you are now in Portlandia, you have joined the ranks of the “virtual”. People I consider friends but could not readily tell you about their current hairstyle ;).


  5. I sing for Isabel, one of the household felines. I discovered when she was very young that something about the spectacle of me trying to hit the high notes fascinates her. If I put on some Joni Mitchell from the 70’s and sing along, she’ll come jump in my lap and peer at me searchingly.

    The other cats pay no attention when I sing.

    For all my baboonish friends, here’s a link to a post from three years ago on Thanksgiving Day. I like to revisit this one – it’s an excellent guest post by Clyde and features Krista’s lovely Thanksgiving song, Beth-Ann’s cranberry salsa recipe, and contributions from all the usual suspects. Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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    1. Sage stuffing is just out of the oven. The paper Mayflower is done and the Pilgrim and Indian cutouts are glued onto their craft sticks. Gingerbread whoopee pies are filled… guess we’re ready to go. Heading to Andover – everybody have a safe day!

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  6. I don’t sing much anymore, it’s painful to listen to, even to my ears, but I hum a lot.

    Thankful to be spending Thanksgiving at home with a couple of old friends, just the four of us. Today well be mindful of all that we have to be grateful for, still. and try not to dwell on what we have lost. Our friend was diagnosed two years ago with FTD and his decline has been rapid and devastating. At 67 he’s mostly nonverbal now, having lost his words. We’re grateful that some of the negative personality changes that often occur with this disease have yet to manifest themselves in Ken. Hope they never do. Franke’s song seems particularly poignant contemplating Ken’s situation. Thanks for posting it, Dale.


  7. I can carry a tune, but don’t really promise much beyond that. I sing at church where I can sing fairly loudly and still won’t be heard on my own. I sing in the car, I sing to my daughter (who is delightfully forgiving), and I sing to the dog (who sings along sometimes and makes me sound that much better). I mostly subscribe to the Bill Staines’ theory that all God’s critters got a place in the choir…and I’m a critter, so I can sing. Just maybe not loudly all the time. 🙂

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  8. Good morning. I do very little singing. Although I love music, I have no skill as a singer. There was one time when I did participate in karaoke. That didn’t turn out well.

    I think the sound of my voice, when singing, is okay. However, I always seem to have trouble following melodies correctly. I usually have my own version of the melody and not a good version. Thus, there isn’t any place where I am likely to do any singing except at a birthday party where I am willing to join in on singing Happy Birthday.


  9. There’s nothing l’d wish more for than to sing. People who have lovely singing voices can do it anywhere, all day long, and anytime. l’d so love this! lt’s free, it’s liberating, and l’m guessing enjoyable for anyone hearing it.

    lt’s said that the three surest paths to joy are singing, dancing, and laughing. l consider playing an instrument well to be in the same category as singing. When engaged in any one of these activities, you simply can’t be anywhere but in the present moment or feeling down.

    l guess for me, dancing encompasses the joy as l can’t sing worth a damn, and my formerly robust belly-laughing was literally cut out of me from the major surgery four years ago. lt seems that cutting the diaphragm in half depletes the force of air needed to laugh (l’ve learned how to fake laugh, though). This also robbed me of being able to yawn. Oh but the dancing!!!

    l recall the first time l was aware that my singing was horrible. lt was in my brother’s apartment. l had on earphones while listening to Judy Collins sing “l’ve looked at life from both sides now……”. l sang my heart out with the earphones blaring her voice. When l took them off, my family was laughing their heads off. l don’t blame them because l obviously sang off key, but l’ve never sung since.

    Happy T Day everyone!!!

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  10. I love to sing any and everywhere. My favorite thing is the opportunity to sing harmony to whatever it is: folk, sacred, classical, commercial, etc.

    My sister revealed that she wasn’t a fan of my harmonizing so I try not to do it in her presence. Now that I’m aware, I try to limit it when I’m with others other than at a singalong.

    So I guess a favorite time is often when I’m alone so I can let ‘er rip. But singing with tuneful and enthusiastic people is the greatest pleasure.

    Renee’s song from three years ago mentioned temps in the 50s. Not so much this year. But it is beautiful and sunny.

    Happy TG to all! I am thankful in anticipation of the birth of my first grandchild (son) in about 3 weeks.

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  11. i sing automatically in stairwells. at macphail a couple of years ago i was jumping between loors and there was a kid practicving violin in there. the reverb is wonderful. the old record company in nashville had the tunnel in the underground parking garage wher they owuld play the recording of sinatra and the like to give them the full rich tone. i sometimes check to see if there are other people around but have recently decided they can suffer my enjoyment if they are there. stairwells are a must. i also do behid steering wheels. in the shower, in the hot tub, mowing the lawn, thinking out losd. its good thrrapy. i heve recently gone back to the guitar scene with a couple of pickers that gather around the twin cities for the sake of playing pure and simple. i am thinking about starting one up for a capella singing. it is such a joy to do.
    i read over lindas repost of clydes post form 3 years ago and it is wonderful. makes you thankful for the times when bib and joanne were around but especially thankful to dale for allowing us to keep this group together. it is special.


  12. With apologies to Theodore Geisel –

    I would sing in a boat!
    And I would sing with a goat…
    And I will sing in the rain.
    And in the dark. And on a train.
    And in a car. And in a tree.
    It is to fun to sing, you see!

    So I will sing in a box.
    And I will sing with a fox.
    And I will sing in a house.
    And I will sing with a mouse.
    And I will sing here and there.
    Say! I will sing ANYWHERE!

    Oddly enough, the one place I never sing is in the shower.

    A belated Happy T-day to you all.

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  13. I sing loud and in tune and that is all there is to say about it. I sing when I am alone or in choir. I will be singing at the New Town A A and NA New Years Eve party with husband and the Indian Gospel and rock and roll band.i am sure that will merit a post and I will make sure someone takes our picture so can show you all what we look like. Exhausted and stuffed to the gills right now.

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  14. Hope all you Baboons are having a quiet restful night after lovely Thanksgiving Days.

    I sing quietly to myself. Or in the tractor. Sometimes complete with head bobbing and air drumming.

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  15. Back home after the big dinner. Turkey mashed potatoes gravy parsnips scalloped corn sweet potatoes stuffing four different kinds of cranberry sauce refrigerator pickles fruit salad parmesan rolls pumpkin pie with whipped cream mock mince pie with ice cream hot mulled punch wine and coffee. It was all delicious, and to answer a recent question, yes, I am a messy eater, at least on holidays.

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