The Walking Boom

Today’s post comes from idea maker and marketing guru Spin Williams, who is always in residence at the Meeting That Never Ends.

You heard it here first – walking is coming back!

We were delighted to read the results of this  latest study by some Swedish people  about how good it is for your mind and body when you get up from your desk and go out for a thirty minute walk at lunchtime.

This was another case of the Swedes verifying common sense healthy things that really make a difference in your life – they’re so predictable! Maybe that’s because they already do these things – so taking the walk is one kind of workout and then bragging about it is a separate and equally strenuous exercise in self congratulations – it’s Doubly Aerobic!

Here at the Meeting That Never Ends, we endorse the concept but we’re far too busy to take a lunchtime walk. We stay at our desks – otherwise how would we ever catch up on the tasks we’re supposed to be doing over the lunch hour? Time is money! Maybe those Scandinavian countries can afford a government-mandated break for thin crisp breads and organic cheeses, but in America, we work!

The study says a walk will improve your mood an clear your mind, as if that’s a good thing.

What they don’t realize is this – the American workplace thrives on bitterness and resentment fed by physical inactivity. We became a world power through focused decision-making by a long string of cloudy-minded, angry jerks who would have come up with something so much more civilized and European if they’d only stood up for a while and moved around! That’s why we’re number one – a heady cocktail of spite and willful ignorance!

But all of us at the meeting agreed – there’s no resisting the power of group-think. That’s why we decided to try to get out in front of this walking-at-lunch trend.

The best new product idea to come out of the meeting is a strap-on human feedbag with a built-in pedometer, so you can count your steps and count your calories at the same time! Test name – Active Buffet! We’ll take this to market at about the same time Apple comes out with its new iWatch!

No time to waste. Grasp opportunity!

Yours in marketing,

Where’s your favorite place to take a walk?


46 thoughts on “The Walking Boom”

  1. Itasca State Park
    I’ve hiked Glacier Park; Walked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon; Even walked long sections the Grand Tour but there has been nothing better than walking the trails of Itasca. So many good times with the kids. Leaves both on and off the trees. Identifying flora and fauna. Never a problem with the other visitors. Someday my ashes will be walked to the Headwaters. It’s in the will.

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  2. We loved hiking the rolling windswept hills of the Missouri Breaks, not far from Renee, and we thrilled to the walking shores of the Missouri River on Sioux reservations. I’ve walked the length of the Superior Hiking Trail, where one frequently gets to gaze out from ridgeline overlooks. In Yellowstone Park we hiked deep into the interior of the park through flowery meadows that bordered pristine trout streams.

    In the Twin Cities my favorite walking was through that semi-wild country between Minnehaha Park and Fort Snelling. The official name for it is the Minnehaha Off-Leash dog park. It has a mix of rocky bluffs, sandy beaches and river floodplain . . . and even a little waterfall. There is a place in that park that the Sioux regarded as the center of the world. The park is crisscrossed by delightful dogs of every sort, and the people walking with the dogs are smart and a bit eccentric. I have seen eagles, fox, beavers and wild turkeys there.

    All of this is in my past. When I walk now, I look so bad doing it that people keep offering to help me. But I have wonderful memories.

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  3. I’m not a big walker so it would be ingenuous of me to say I have a favorite place. I’m guessing that many of today’s posts will be about beautiful vistas, mountains and valleys, but what I’ve really enjoyed is walking in some of the cities I’ve visited: Barcelona, London, Hong Kong, Rome, Queenstown to name a few. I love seeing the buildings and the people and learning about the history of a place.

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  4. Good morning. We are really enjoyed all the options we have for taking walks in our neighborhood. Minnehaha Creek, Minnehaha Park, and the Mississippi River are all within easy walking distance of our house. I’ve enjoyed walking on trails in many different parks and scenic areas. However, t think the collection of walking trails near my home is my favorite place to walk because they are not far from my front door.

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  5. Wait, walking was out of style? Missed that one.

    We are champion walkers and I attribute part of my son’s distance running ability to the long walks we have been taking since he was able to put his feet on the ground (somewhere, there is a picture of him touching his feet in the Mississippi where Minnehaha Creek joins it at about age 8 months (ok, I mostly carried him in the sling that time, but he has been walking that ever since).

    We are equally fond of the walk to the Mississippi via the pond boardwalk at Crosby Farm Nature Park.

    Then there is the hike up Randolph Street that we took almost daily when he was too squirrely to sit in school. We would hike up to J&S Bean Factory telling each other stories- each segment ending with a mental math problem and featuring the Space Pigs (Indiana Piggy, Secret Agent Oinkers, James Pig and Noah Pig) the ever crafty Space Worms.

    There is a lovely nature trail/boardwalk along the shore in Big Bay State Park on the Island, but we have only done that once, but we live in hope.

    Both my mother and my aunt have a serious walking habit that they credit their cancer survivorship (so far) to.

    We haven’t been walking as much lately because of scheduling pressure. Need to work that out before the gimpy knees do me in.

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  6. Count me as another fan of Minnehaha Creek. I love that I have a slice of wilderness (or at least slightly-less-urbanness) a block from my house. There are stretches where the path winds further away from the houses and road (and near me, a stretch where you are in a bit of a ravine, even further tucked away from cars and houses) where it becomes easy to imagine the creek and its surroundings as it was before there were houses and city along its path. Lake Harriet has its own appeal, but for a stroll, I’ll take the creek.

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  7. Rise and Take a Hike Baboons!

    Like MIG, I did not know walking went out of vogue. I have been walking for years–my neighborhood, local dog parks, European cities, Lakes Calhoun and Harriet for pure entertainment and wonderful views of the human condition, Minnehaha Creek, Historic District of Savannah Georgia, and the mountain paths of Phoenix. All of these locations are satisfying and beautiful. When I developed Sacro-Iliac Joint pain and Sciatica a few years ago, the pain limited my walking outside, especially on hard cement surfaces. It is better now, but I still have to limit hard surface walking.

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  8. Superior Hiking Trail, cascade Falls, gooseberry, Sleeping Giant, Mn Point, Madeline Island, TH breakwater, some parks and trails here especially Red Jacket trail, state parks along Mississippi bluffs, etc.
    But my walking days are over.


  9. There are two kinds of places I love to walk – anywhere woodsy (Steve, I know that area down by Minnehaha-Ft. Snelling), especially if it has a creek in it as Anna mentioned. And I love to walk along the seashore, preferably barefoot when you can feel the power of the sea with each wave.


  10. If our terrier could type, she would report that anywhere she gets strolled is her favorite place. We have a butte about 3 blocks from our house, and she loves to walk there on the path around the top. Oh, the sniffs and smells! She had a lovely stroll yesterday, as it was 61 degrees and this is husband’s week off from the reservation. The dog still has this wonderful dancing gait, even though she is almost 13.

    I love to hike in Teddy Roosevelt National Park. I haven’t had the energy or gumption to try the Maah Daah Hey trail there, which is 97 miles long and goes from the North Unit to the South Unit of the park. The terrain is very rough and people bike it or ride horses. I believe they have a bike race every year.

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    1. Have hiked both units of TR Park. Both are good, south I found better. It would be up at my top visit places to walk, there and Savannah GA for two. I walked the buttes above Rhame ND a few times.


  11. My favorite place to walk used to be along the shore of Lake Superior in Canal Park in Duluth. I say ‘used to’ because the shore was a breakwater of massive boulders. I used to jump from rock to rock. It was sharp, pointy, slippery, and dangerous. How I never broke an ankle or dashed my brains out defies laws of nature. Now it’s gravel/sand beach with the Lakewalk paved and boarded sidewalk. Bathtub Safety Officer Rafferty would be ~marginally~ placated by the renovations but I prefer ‘rock-hopping’ along the shoreline.

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  12. Daisy and I take a daily walk on Raspberry Island. I enjoy it because I can let her run free without fear of her taking off. Another favorite place to hike is Lebanon Hills (also a great place to hunt for mushrooms, tim).

    One of my favorite features of the Twin Cities is the abundance of “wild” places in this urban setting. The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden is one of my favorite destinations in the spring. Though I don’t go there often, the Arboretum is a wonderful place for a leisurely stroll.

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  13. Afternoon–

    My feet and knees give me problems walking too far. And for some reason I was never a fan of walking anyway.
    But I spent a lot of time walking the pastures to bring the cows home or checking fences or walking home from the school bus. Uphill, both ways!

    Those are still favorite places to walk; the valley behind the barn where I walked as a thunderstorm came in and the valley filled and literally rumbled with thunder.
    There’s a spot down along Silver Creek where the limestone cliff has fallen into the creek.
    There’s our far East line that I don’t get to very often and gives me new perspective on our property.
    There’s the hill above the barn; might be the highest point in our property. I rest the tractor there frequently.

    I have a narrow POV, I know.

    OT: we have a new puppy on hold. Will pick up the end of February.
    I may have forgotten how much work and training puppies take…

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  14. i dont walk any more ust because it takes and hour and i dont have it.
    i love walking and enjoy the state fair and the people watching where ever i go. i used to plug in vacations all over my calendar with trips to great hiking locations but life goes off in various directions… yellowstome came to mind. my favorite place is celestine lake up on top of the canadian rockies northern end. but i like just avbout anywhere there are either nature elements ofr people. my new deal is to go to the health club and do 15 minutes on the eliptical before and 15 after my workout. the eliptical i chose ( they have 3 or 4 different makers is chosen because of the video hikes to cool places i can do while i am putting in my 15 minutes. i am frustrated currently because the walk i am taking is of zion park in utah and the path keeps starting over like gorundhog day. it is supposed to continue on from where i left off but maybe i have to go further to get to the point where it automatically advances me, the part im on is beautiful but i was so close to the top i thought i would be ther enext time and instead is started me over agian. techno hiking is not for me but it willl have to do for the moment. disney, all the sproting venues wher emy kids were located for all those years. now my time is pretty much my own but the circumstances keep me nose to the grindstone for the moment. winona and lanesboro in southern, north shore and leech lake in the north.
    montana, colorado utah, arizona, the smokies, hawaiis beaches, anywheres beaches. someone asked once do you prefer oceand or mountains and all i could say was yes. people scenery sounds visions warmth adventure coziness. heck im open and i did forward the article to my co worker and my kids to encourage them all to get out and walk to decompress. its important.


  15. I walk to the farmers’ market in downtown St. Paul pretty regularly. There is some beautiful scenery crossing the river. I suppose that’s my favorite destination walk. When I’m walking just to walk, I usually go along the river bluff up to Cherokee Park and back. I’ve been to many of the parks mentioned above and they’re lovely. Can’t get to them as often as I’d like, though.

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