Billionaire Limericks

Whatever bad thing might happen to you today, you will not know the sting of slipping down or falling completely off the billionaire’s list.

While there are more billionaires than ever before, some have lost ground to newcomers and upstarts, which serves as a reminder that everything is relative.

And it also reminds me that there are just not enough limericks about billionaires.

A woman who’s worth a gazillion
met a man who had only three billion
“You’re too low for my taste,”
she said, “I’d be disgraced
to be seen with you at the cotillion.”

Like the Buffets, the Lowells and the Cabots,
your investments have mated like rabbits.
While the money had fun
you’ve become overrun.
And you’re dwarfed by the vault it inhabits.

You felt rich today when you awoke.
But you just lost a billion on Coke.
Now your status has lapsed
as your wealth has collapsed.
Just a millionaire. What a poor bloke!

On what list of amazing individuals should you be featured?

24 thoughts on “Billionaire Limericks”

  1. I should be on the list of people who do too much on too little sleep. Up since 5::00 am doing last minute notes to myself I pray I remember for my presentation.

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  2. There are lists of the rich and the famous
    Lists of crimes most wicked and heinous
    On which list I belong
    For a dance and a song
    I’d tell if I weren’t a complete ignoramus

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  3. Beyond any doubt, my wish would to be on a list of Dancing With the Stars! Beyond that, l’ve recently earned a rare spot on a very short list of parents who’ve completely de-cluttered and organized every closet, drawer, and cupboard in their abode! Three weeks and 25 huge bags of a lifetime’s worth of stuff GONE.

    Wait a minute – my brother made the list, too!

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      1. Sad, actually. Going through hundreds of old photos while listening to old music has been like having my life “flash before my eyes”, only in slow motion. lt’s as though l’m getting ready to leave and seeking closure through re-viewing my lifetime or something………..

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    1. Not “liking” this because of course you’ll do it again. I’m sure people learned a lot, Renee. But I understand that you’re drawing a sigh of relief now that it’s over.


  4. a list of people quite amazing
    had the group from iowas heads all raising
    let the cheerleader joke pass
    about the artificial grass
    that was installed to discourage grazing


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