Moon Makers

We’re back in space today, now that I’ve discovered NASA’s audacious plan to give the moon a moon,, which is actually a clever way to practice doing things that will be necessary for the later, longer, much-promised trip to Mars.

But we must always be mindful of the tendency of our great plans to create unintended consequences. My concern with any moon-related adventure is the potential negative effect it could have on an important global resource – our canon of Tin Pan Alley moon songs.

Really, these things are not to be messed with.

Fly me past the moon
So I can fetch the moon a moon
Picked up from an asteroid
as if in a cartoon.

We’ll call it the “Moon of Moon”.
I love to say “moon moon moon moon”.

Any rock will do,
we’re only practicing for Mars.
Rehearsing like teenagers,
who dream of driving cars.

It’s time to be on our way
I want to be plucking boulders

What a gift to give –
a friend to orbit, evermore.
So our moon won’t have to be
as moonless as before.

Let’s make this moon dream come true.
I want to say I’ve mooned you!

When has it been a big production to give a small gift?

33 thoughts on “Moon Makers”

  1. Every time one of the kids brought home a priceless treasure from art class a big production was required. Lots of ooohs and aaahs. The challenge of finding just the right place to display the work. “Sweetee, we either need a larger refrigerator or a decision must be made on which picture goes into storage.” I’m looking right now at what could be loosely described as a hand-shaped, pottery ash tray. I have never smoked but it’s been a great place to put my keys.

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    1. I still have an elementary school ashtray I made that my mother kept – a gold colored, triangle-shaped lump of a thing that looks like an inside-out asteroid. She loved it because I made it, and I love it because she saved it.

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      1. i have a piece of art from the past that reminds me of almost every family member (thanks for pointing it out i will need to get the missing pieces in place for tara and olivia) they do a great job of connecting a thing to a relationship.
        when i was a kid i had a bottle collection. each bottel reminded me f a person or a moment and it was an instant word association game. i do it with rocks too. instant transport to a place and time by looking at a rock on a shelf. italy china canadian rockies the redwoods… world travel in a visual scan. the mind is a wonderful thing

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  2. Son orchestrated a big scenario to propose to his now wife. They were eating in a very crowded Italian restaurant in downtown Fargo when he got on his knee, whipped out a ring, and proposed. The waitress standing nearby started to cry and a couple dining at the next table bought them the most expensive bottle of champagne in the restaurant.

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  3. For our 25th wedding anniversary, Husband had a ring made that was much like my lost engagement ring.. someone at his work knew a jeweler in the skyway who did a great job. We don’t usually spend money on gifts for each other, so this was a complete surprise to me. Wow, that was 10 years ago already!

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  4. I’ve created a “Life Story” for each of my sons; one when he had a surprise man-shower and the other when he turned 50. I wrote about every escapade I could recall from their childhoods, copied relevant photos, and had my oldest grandson draw illustrations of most of the one-page stories. I plan to do the same for Mary when she turns 50 next fall. A whole lot of heart and soul went into these gifts as well as time.

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  5. When we were first married, husband offered me his mother’s diamond ring. It was an elaborate and old-fashioned ring that I knew I would never wear, so I politely declined. I told him that I appreciated the gesture but that I’d never wear it.

    That year for Christmas he handed me small box. In it was a hand-carved wooden whale that he had carved himself. It was lovely, but I’ll admit I wondered what I was supposed to do with it, and apparently my confusion showed. He told me to take a closer look, and that’s when I discovered the fin on top of the whale could be removed to reveal a small cavity. The cavity held a plain white gold band in which each of the diamonds from his mother’s ring had been imbedded – eternity-ring style. It was the intention to add diamonds once the number of years of our marriage exceeded the nine diamonds from his mother’s ring – somehow that has never happened. Still, it’s the nicest gift I’ve ever received from him.

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        1. The ring from my wedding was the ring of my husband’s deceased mother. As I hope to live a long time, I imagine this new ring will eventually go to a grandchild.


  6. i used to take great pride in the ability to put together a presentable trap to catch santa every year. we would string up the camers and the string and the video production to catch him every year. the excitement in seeing how great this was going to be and the anticipation of the filmed event on christmas morning was a highlight. santa got away every year but we almost always got a shot of his sleeve or the back of his head as the unforseen malfunction of the equiptment left us with a mere trace of the hoped for result. it was great fun
    the phone calls form the disney theme parks with goofy and mickey talking to the kids was good too. i cant do the mickey falsetto anymore but i still have goofy down pretty good.
    the conversations were priceless.

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      1. that was a different call. when they called me it ws for money but when they called the children it was to light the imaginary pathway to the trip that we were about to embark on to see the magic castle the jungle crusie ship the pirates ship the through the geodesic dome of history the roller coaster the muppets and indiana jones. they were wonderful trips mickey and goofy knew all about everything we did and everywhere we went. they asked about the peanut butter sandwhiches we brought and the fireworks at night, they knew about the trip down to florida and the rollerblading in the parking lot before dinner. they were good friends who would call 3 or 4 times a year just to say hello. my kids would tell their friend s that mickey and goofy called again last night and the wonder in the eyes was something to behold as they recounted the conversations. it was fun ,thye cock their head a smile a bit when they recall and realize what musy have been going on now that they are older and the calls have stopped. maybe when they have children the calls will come agian. its kind of like the bell in the polar express. you have to be able to hear it.dont you

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    1. Miss S for several years running had a wintertime correspondence with Ivan the Elf – one year the correspondence kept up well into Spring leading to questions about Ivan’s knowledge or relation to the Easter Bunny. Ivan is/was a correspondence elf at the North Pole. Over the years we discovered he had siblings, pets, his best friend worked in toy making, they enjoyed snowball fights, no one worked for the 3 days after Christmas Eve and he was promoted twice (once because I couldn’t remember his job title from the prior year). Notes and treasures and bits of artwork would be left for Ivan and he (I) in return would leave notes shaped like snowflakes, like Christmas trees, sometimes little treats, the odd Christmas present under the tree from Ivan…only one note to Ivan this year. Sniff.

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    the moon that is pictured this blog was a moon yesterday , today it reminds me of a story from a wonderful newsletter i get called brainpickings. the story is from a book that helps children understand hard stuff like death. my fathers arms are a boat says his dads arms are like the moon and look like a boat. (scroll down and its the second feature story)
    its a newsletter worth signing up for. amazing stuff


        1. you find something that leads to something else. for people who are organized enough to have a file of things to bookmark in a findable place it is a great resource. im more like bir where i get in ther and start with the first one that links to 3 or 4 places and then leads me to ann lamott where i get lost for an hour and then back. the compiler of the brain pickings website says she spends a lot of time putting it together and i believe it. i used to be amazed by charlie rose and how prepared he was to discuss stuff with his guests on his 3 hour talk show in the middle of the night years ago. today he is excellent but not allowed to laser focus in depth the way he did 15 or 20 years ago. he made a moment to remember out of so many interviews itused to blow me away.


  8. speaking of making something big out of something that sounded reasonable, thanks again dale for leading this blog of the misbegotten. it is a rewarding stop every day. how you do it is beyond imaginable and dont ever stop.
    have you got guest blog week coming up soon? gus? your dad? beach time? i think ben steve edith and pj are ready. linda can do a tax return blog, bir has one on joel and one on her mom, hech dale take two weeks.


    theater latteda extended into the woods until april 4. go and see it if you can. very nice moments abound

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    1. I saw it this afternoon, and it’s an amazing performance. One of the best theater productions I have seen in a very long time – and that’s saying something. Very creative set, excellent performances and wonderful music and storyline. Do yourself a favor, go see it.


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