“Ursine Spring” Begins

Today’s post comes from Bart, the bear who found a smart phone in the woods.

H’lo, Bart here.

Got very excited about this video where a family of bears (my people!) confuses a bunch of tourists (your people!) on a bridge at Yellowstone National Park in Montana.

This is a great moment for bears everywhere, because it can mark the beginning of a change in the way people think about us!

Some decided the bears were chasing the people.

Others saw the bears as being frightened and cornered.

But I think these bears are starting a revolution, taking it to the next level in bear-human interactions. They’re stepping it up so we can become more like the animals I really admire – Border Collies!


Border Collies rock because they can get those sheep to do just what they want them to do just by running circles around them, which believe it or not, we bears are fast enough to do.

And you can tell from the Yellowstone video that all those people with the cameras are feeling sheepish. They know they’re not where they’re supposed to be.

They WANT to be in the corral.  They DESERVE to be in the corral.

Plus, Border Collies are dignified, lovable, respected, and recognized by everyone as being super-smart. That’s my dream for bears – that we can have that kind of status.

And at least two meals a day, which sheepdogs also get as part of the deal!

Let the revolution begin!

Your trusted, capable friend,

I think Bart is hallucinating, or the wild berries have both ripened and fermented at the same moment. The Yellowstone bears are frightened and Bart is no sheepdog. But we all can dream!

What animal do you most admire?

30 thoughts on ““Ursine Spring” Begins”

      1. It’s ballet… so I’m not sure that counts.
        Q: How many Ballet dancers does it take to change a light bulb?
        A: It doesn’t matter; they won’t be in their light anyway.

        Q:Why do I always use soft shutter cuts when lighting ballet?
        A: Because they’ll trip over a sharp one.

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      2. Theatre people often work any hours the can, especially during tech week.

        Standard practice at the opera companies I worked at was a tech rehearsal until 11pm, or whenever the musicians knocked off for the day. Then you quickly grabbed whatever costumes needed to go back to the shop and drove them back to the shop and unloaded so everything would be ready to work on when the crew came in at 7:30am, and hope to goodness it all got done in time to ship back to the theatre by 5pm. Rinse and repeat a couple of times until preview.

        Happy days.


  1. Most everybody already knows I have a thing for polar bears. I love the documentaries in which people go out in those Arctic cats and the bears come up close. You can see them thinking “how do I get to the creamy insides”!


    1. We took a trip to Churchill on Hudson Bay where they have big vehicles that take people out into the tundra to see polar bears. We went out on one of those vehicles and didn’t see any polar bears because we were not there at the time of year when the bears are in that area. We did hear plenty of stories about them. Some of them become dangerous pests and are locked up in holding areas where they are kept until the bay freezes and they can go out on the ice where the live in the winter.

      I think we have all heard that climate warming will be hard on polar bears. I found a good website that covers this topic: polarbearsinternational.org


  2. I have a hard time picking the animal that tops the list of my most liked ones. I do admire Boarder Collies. I don’t know much about wolves. I do think they are amazing and, if I have to pick an animal to put at the top of my list, I would select a wolf.


  3. Like Jim, I have a hard time picking just one favorite animal. Some animals I can do without, but I can think of many more that I love. Dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, wolves, bears – I’m especially fond of the black bears, the list goes on and on. Heck, some of my favorite animals are humans!


  4. Really, PJ? You like humans that much? I’ve liked a few and have been occasionally tempted to keep one as a pet. But they are expensive to feed and many of them are unimaginably dirty. Plus they have a nasty tendency to reproduce until their numbers get out of control.

    In terms of animals I admire, the obvious candidate is flying squirrels.

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    1. Yep, Steve, I like a lot of humans. I don’t usually attempt to domesticate them and keep them as pets, however, as they do tend to be expensive to feed and maintain; and heaven only knows, I have enough trouble trying to keep my own nest clean to want to meddle in anyone else’s housekeeping. But by and large, I like humans.


      1. Well, if you do keep humans it is recommended that you neuter them. That makes them more tractable. Obedience class is a good idea, too. It used to be that you could keep a small human for about eighteen years, then release him or her. Now they say humans are likely to come back if you release them, Which is to say, as pets humans are a lot like parrots, easier to acquire than to get rid of.


  5. What? No mention of goats here?

    Just got back from Shepherd’s Harvest- bunnies, sheep, goats, llamas-and yes, border collies to keep everyone in line.

    And now I have a cat on the lap.

    The orange tabby is figuring out the doorknob. It’s only a matter of time…

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  6. Elephants and Welsh Terriers,. Also red crossbills, which are flocking to our bird feeders in, well, flocks. Bell ringers are a peculiar and fussy breed. I was hanging out with a few this morning.


  7. wow the whole weekend got away from me
    i am an otter guy. someone once asked me what animal i would like to be and otter was an absolute choice and hasnt been replaced since. the right attitude the right outlook the right approach.
    i like elephants and gorrilas and dogs and mankind all for different reasons. but if i had to pick the right animal on the planet it would be an otter.
    i saw a thing a while ago that showed a maniac guy who documented that his dog knew 3000 seperate commands and how to do them in order if you threw them at him. i know people like that that i admire but dont necessarily want to spend a lot of time with. i

    i mentioned to bir a couple of weeks ago my sunday morning ditty that i get emailed and enjoy and she responded super strong.

    i also like krista tipet and today she did a show on the lady who does the brain pickinns thing i enjoy so much.
    check it out for your spare time. its good stuff.



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