Free-Range Kaleidoscope

Today’s post comes from Clyde.

ThomasMy last guest blog was rather drab, don’t you think? Those photos of foggy Lake Superior were nearly monochromatic.

Beer Guy

However, we did have our moments of color tucked in here and there in our ten days of family celebration and travel. Sometimes, delightfully, in unexpected places.  For instance there was Thomas, when we did not even know he was in town.  And our local ballpark beer guy, who leads the crowd in his own cheer. Yes, the ball park is so small that it has only one beer guy.


And many more.

What is your color palette? 

91 thoughts on “Free-Range Kaleidoscope”

      1. it was a big damn deal
        I tend to minimize so when I got ther and told my family I thought it would be like 2 hours my family was sirprised because hey were under the impression it was 1/2 hour and done. the nurse was surprised because she thought at least 3 hours. he doc said 4-6 and it took 8
        they go into the heart and work from the inside put and the got stuck in the 1st quadrant. doc said it went really well not just well and he was pleased
        I’m going with him. I’m pleased too
        meds are wearing off
        I’ll be my cantancourous self in no time

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        1. ablation is the term for shorting out the offending synapse circuits in the upper chambers of the heart. they kill a bunch of them so i dont have to do meds

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  1. I had a 73 Rivera
    what a car
    it came with what it came with and it was yellow
    I likely would never choose yellow but I did appreciate it
    yellow is so defining
    this wasn’t bright yellow or loud yellow it was pale LKE straw but not toward golden more toward white
    it had a muddy green vinyl roof and it was a piece of art inside and out. a pleasure to have in my life and a reason to appreciate yellow

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      1. I’ll check it out thanks
        I remember a story about some buddies who thought they would do a good deed for a friend who went into the hospital. he had said he always wanted his apartment yellow so they decided to do it for him while he was in
        they went to the store and realized how vast a world yellow encompasses
        they picked one but it was an interesting process rather than a thought based conclusion they arrived at
        I have a couple yellowish walls at my house. I stopped painting a color and started painting a feeling a couple years ago. mixing the paint on the wall. lemon with a bent toward cantaloupe in the sunny corner of the kitchen and wheat straw to a magenta in the mud room entry in the other end . my family had opinions when I was going magenta but when it was done everyone bought into the scheme and now it’s part of the deal
        someone put a scuff in it and I laughed because no paint job is easier to patch than my paint job. a sponge or paper towel or dry brush to apply the fix and no one will ever know.

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  2. I tend toward muted colors in my house, drive a silver grey car and when you look it my closet the palette tends towards black, purple, grey, some blue…there are occasional splashes of bright and the odd bit of green. It’s curious, because I like bright colors – I guess so long as they are in my garden or only in small splashes like a scarf.


  3. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    The art class I took 2 weeks ago was all about color and form. I will have to post the “rainbow” picture of my palette.

    Gorgeous pix, Clyde. But I did not think the Lake Superior pix were drab. I thought they were stunningly beautiful. Love that lake.

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  4. We are pretty muted out here, sporting burgundy and earth tones. We painted the upstairs walls “Baja Dunes” a taupey sort of color. But wait, I forgot that the guest bedroom has a bright yellow bed spread. I think I got it on sale or something.

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      1. I got to name planters styles and furniture family’s a while ago
        tended toward bib’s naming pattern with goats where you pick a theme and name within the theme
        cities descriptive terms for weather of terrain or any topic. it can be fun
        pull me over red is the one I’ve heard of


      2. I had no idea that particular amber had been pc’d. I am out of the loop.

        Used to know a lot of the Lee and Rosco gel names and numbers. I recall something nicknamed “why bother blue” used as a fill quite a bit.

        Apollo is a new one on me. Love that they have naming contests.


      3. When it comes to naming colors, the Elizabethans had it all over us. Examples: Dying Monkey, Mortal Sin, Kiss-Me-Darling, Puke, Goose-turd and Dead Spaniard (pale grayish tan).

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        1. In the era when American automakes rushed out junky little cars, one of them, I think the Pinto, came in flashy colors, which had names that were over the top, and more than one offensive. I remember the yellow color referenced the Chinese. They quickly, if I recall, changed the names.


        2. (to Ben) I knew about Dead Spaniard and Goose-turd. That was the basis of my google.
          (RE:Clyde’s comment) Yellow Peril would have been a good name for the Pinto.


  5. I find myself drawn to all kinds of blue and blue-green shades, have a closet full of quite a spectrum of them. I love coral, would love to have shutters on the house in terra cotta… oh don’t get me started!

    My favorite car, though, was the bright yellow VW bug, which I chose to show up in the San Francisco fog.

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  6. Husband and I like color, and after numerous unsuccessful compromises on other walls, we painted our four-season porch bright yellow. It’s a bold color, and we were fearful at first that we had overdone it. As it turns out, we both still love it, after having lived it five or six years.

    One wall in our living and dining room is paprika colored, and has been that color for a very long time. We know it’s probably hopelessly out of vogue, but so are we, so who cares?

    My clothes tend to be in earth tones, except for my bright red sweatshirts, and the fancy, bright red jacket I bought for our whale watching trip a couple of years ago.

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  7. Good morning. I like colorful vegetables such as red noodle beans, tomatoes of many different colors, bright green soybeans, purple cabbage, and purple, red, or yellow peppers. The front door on our house is red. That’s good. I have lived in houses painted yellow which is my favorite color. However, I do like muted or darker colors and much of what I own is not brightly colored.

    I do enjoy fall colors. However, I am not a big fan of fall color tours. I just don’t feel the urge that some seem to feel to take a trip which is completely devoted to viewing fall colors. If my travels take me to places where I can see a good display of fall colors that is great. However, I don’t feel the need to take a trip that is strictly planned around seeing fall colors. Why do that?


    1. the same reason you plug in a good cd or go to an art museum
      the beauty of life is there to behold. if you sit in your room you miss some of it, you’re gonna get some accidentally but more if you put an x on your calendar

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  8. Grandkids are in town school shopping. Seventh grade girl has changed her colors. Used to be bright pinks bright purples. Now blues and darker purples. Maybe the current style, but she bought little of color. Mr. Tuxedo is still oranges and various grays. Orange! Did I point out he likes orange?

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  9. When I did a total remake of my home, trying to make it feel like it was mine. My intention was to make the home look like a place a man lived, but not be so dark as to be a “man cave.” I had no history choosing colors, so I had to learn a lot. I ended up going with green, brown and sand for the upstairs rooms I used the most.

    I was stumped on what to do with my bedroom. I had to change the color–that was the whole idea–although I liked the natural blue my erstwife had chosen when we painted the the bedroom in the 1970s. I like colors from nature. The color had to be appropriate for the Craftsman period of home decor. I finally chose a historic peach color called “Federal peach.” (If there was a Confederate peach, I never saw it.) Ultimately, I decided I was secure enough of my status as a straight man to sleep surrounded by peach walls.

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  10. Looking out the window, I’d have to say green. There are grapes turning purple, but they are under green leaves. I’ve been picking tomatoes early, so not much color there. The apples are red/green and pretty much stay that way.

    Was there ever such a green August?

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    1. As I contemplated my favorite colors, I have to agree with MIG. Right now, with the light coming on to fall, the greens and reds and yellows and purples are dark and sumptuous. Inside the house I tend to put neutral colors (but not white) on the walls because I have lots of paintings and pictures to add color to the rooms.

      Yes, a lovely green August.

      But what of that blue sky in midwinter? And the early greens of spring.

      How does one choose?


  11. Morning–
    Good pictures Clyde.

    My childhood bedroom was bight yellow. And I had a Yellow cartoonish lion bedspread. Evidently I was a ‘bright’ child…

    The colors in the purple hue are favorites now. And blues. And some of the teals. And of course certain combinations; yellow and purple is nice. Black and cyan is nice.


      1. I hemmed and hawed and fretted and finally decided to put a red steel tile roof on my house. Adore it. Now to paint the house an almost black green with the white window frames to contrast. But in the meantime, the green vines will have to complement the roof.

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        1. I remember hearing somewhere that blue shingles, which used to be fairly common here and now are fairly rare, are unknown in other parts of the country. I don’t know if it’s true, but it pleases me, so I’m going with it.

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  12. Our house was uniformly dark cream and other than the s&h’s room, nothing has been painted. It’s a tiny house and I don’t think different colored rooms would help. Also gives a nice background, ahould we ever get around to actually decorating.

    For the record, s&h’s room is all sky blue, including the ceiling. The night he took his first step ( by coincidence) and artist friend came to dinner then sponged in clouds with a bucket of white paint and a chunk of muslin.

    S&h has no interest in any other paint job in there.

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      1. When we moved to North Mankato 18 years ago, the assessment of the house listed each of two of the bedrooms as $1000 defects. Teenage girls lived in them. One had stars painted on the rough textured ceiling, a bright pink wall and a two mauve walls, paint slopped onto the old oak trim. The other had blue blotches on the ceiling, which we thought maybe were supposed to be clouds. Chunks of the old plaster were missing from the walls from nails drive in. The walls were purplish gray.


        1. Clyde-I grew up in parsonages. The walls of my room were only painted when the church council thought they needed to be and then it had to be a “color that will cover” with a single coat of paint.

          I got to choose exactly once.

          Funnily enough, my room is still beige, but I treasure that sky blue room with the clouds (and later the glow in the dark stick on stars concealed by the clouds), even the ceiling (because the only “correct” color for a ceiling is white) and am glad my boy loves it too.

          Steve-I love that you got to make your house your own, and a fine and lovely job you made of it.

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        1. It was also, the windows needed replacing. Forgot that. They also reduced the value by $1000 for 15 feet of rotten fence it took me an hour to pull out and haul away. It all came out of the agreed upon price, so I was money ahead. The house inspection was where it came up, wasn’t it, not the appraisal. The stars on the ceiling were a pain to remove. I had to remove the adhesive and spray paint, so I sprayed the whole ceiling, which takes much prep. Getting the paint off the woodwork was picky numbing work.


  13. The first time I saw the St Paul bungalow we ended up buying, I broke out laughing. “Pink? It’s pink? Well, that’s the first thing we will change!” After we bought it I realized that the pink stucco was streaked with blues, yellows and other colors. Then I learned the primary virtue of a stucco home: you never need to paint it. Predictably, I fell in love with my pink home.

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  14. Purple, purple and more purple. With green – love that combination.

    Years ago, I went on the Mpls St Paul Home tour where homeowners (sometimes sponsored by contractors) open their homes to show off remodeling projects.
    There was an attic re-do that created a master suite. On every surface and angle there was a different color, 27 in all (or was it 31?). It sounds ridiculous but I LOVED it. A big part of it was the contrast and harmony of the colors.
    I later found that the contractor involved would do color consultations (without any associated construction). I had him “do” three rooms for me – at least 4 colors in each room. He suggested I have a wainscoting height piece of molding added in the bathroom to provide another delineation for an additional color.
    When he heard about my loving his multiple-color suite, he picked about 7 colors for my bedroom and drew rough lines on the walls to indicate location of each.
    After that one was painted, it did look stupid (too much for the small room) so I had it painted again with just a couple of them plus a trim color.

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  15. A woman I dated in my years had a vibrant sense of color. She lived in a huge old Victorian home in an elegant and secluded area of Saint Paul, When she got in a mood–which was often–the cure was to repaint her home. The living room would go from watermelon to plum. The dining room that was buttermilk on my last visit became scarlet the next time I saw. Surprisingly, she brought this off well. She would only touch one brand of paint, which made her a profit center for Sherwin Williams in that part of town.


  16. OT, sort of. Husband commented at some point not too long ago that he thought I should wear more colorful clothes. I’ve just obliged and ordered some clothes from Gudrun Sjödén. I’m likely to be more colorful next time you see me, or at least my clothes will be.

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  17. OT – A FB friend of mine just posted her list for things to do today. Thought you’d all enjoy it:
    Make ice cream
    Kill gopher
    Pick beans
    Seems like a days’ work to me.

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  18. Another OT – from Mike P…

    The first broadcast of “Keepers By Request” is Friday, Sept. 4th at noon. We’ll repeat it Sunday, Sept. 6th at 7pm.

    I will repeat this up until next Friday!!

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    1. I love the next version with Nana Mouskouri and Donovan, too. I don’t hear her often enough. Thank you, HiN. Oh, and the next one is Nana and Joan! Lovely way to start the day.


  19. I like so many colors. Nature has so many colors to offer – scarlet and russet leaves, purple crocuses and white snow, spruce green and sky blue lakes, red sage flowers and golden brown-eyed susans, just to name a few – how could I not like lots of colors? I don’t tend to wear bright colors because gosh someone might actually notice me then, but I like color outdoors and in my home. Not that I have it the way I want it, but I like the color I have and would like more.

    I’m not going for this color in my house:

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