59 thoughts on “Caption Contest #1”

  1. I’ll have to be awake a little longer to be creative – in the meantime..

    PSA from Mike Pengra — The first broadcast of “Keepers By Request” is Friday, Sept. 4th at noon. We’ll repeat it Sunday, Sept. 6th at 7pm. (I keep repeating this to make sure as many folks as possible see it!)


  2. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    Her success as a lion tamer, combined with her ability to shrink danger, is unmatched. Unfortunately she is confused about wardrobe choices, confusing the American Cowgirl outfit with the circus wardrobe.

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  3. It was always satisfying to see the mice in their pen after a long, successful drive across the prairie. Not one mouse was lost, not one – though it was touch and go crossing that rain-swollen puddle. Helen knew that Demetrius was the best wrangler this side of Topeka and his preferred reward was to bask in the sun and recite a bit of iambic pentameter.

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      1. Probably should’ve said Hal Linsey, but I couldn’t think of Hal Lindsey early in the morning, so I googled “Left Behind” and came up with Tim LaHaye. I am not very conversant on my right-wing evangelists.


    1. Another of my Morning Show favorites, perhaps during Garrison’s tenure. Jim somebody sang it…a different tune and lyrics, however.


  4. Thirteen-year old Joachim Akbar Lindstrom has the blue ribbon butter carving at the 2015 State Fair with his entry entitled, “Sane cats and Western women stay out of the noon day sun.”

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        1. Good question. When they start yipping at night it sounds like a lot of them.
          We just hope they don’t gang up on us now.
          ‘They got Wile E. C’mon!’


  5. Sally is on her lunch hour, choosing to write captions and herd a cat instead of doing the last step of the DBT Certification process demanded of her.

    Someone is avoiding her work.

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