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Dear Dr. Babooner,

Last night I went to a job interview and boy, was I surprised.  There were about sixteen other people there – and all of them were candidates for the very same job I wanted!

I’ve never done well in mass interviews under hot lights. I’m much more comfortable when all the attention is on me, and last night was no exception.

There were “gotcha” questions galore and the job seekers were spreading the nonsense pretty thick, using non-sequiturs to give non-detailed non-answers.

I, of course, told the complete and totally true truth every time a question came my way. But overall I was kind of embarrassed to be there.  And I think some of the others were feeling embarrassed too.  At least I saw embarrassment in their eyes whenever they looked in my direction.

And all of this was for a position that they’re not going to fill until more than a year from now.  Like I can wait that long to have paying work! Even though I’m incredibly, unbelievably rich, I’ve got a whole lot invested in the idea that I work really hard and anyone with half a brain would hire me in an instant.

But will anyone hire me 13 1/2 months from now? Hard to know.

Still, I really, really, really want this job.

Dr. Babooner, should I keep trying to win over the hiring committee, or cut and run?

On the border fence about it,

I told DT he (she?) should stop worrying his pretty little head over what might happen and keep chasing the job. Speak out loudly and often, I say. Don’t hold anything back – tell us every thought you have, every time you have one, as soon as it occurs to you. Really, why would you live any other way?

But that’s just ONE opinion. What do YOU think, Dr. Babooner?

40 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Babooner”

  1. I think DT should figure out the cost of building the border fence before deciding to sit on it, especially since I’m pretty sure he thinks the rest of us should pay for it.

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    1. That reminds me – the lawn service guy ran into our gate with his equipment, and one of the wooden fence slats fell off. He leaned the broken piece up against the house and left a note saying he was sorry, but it wasn’t terribly serious damage and in the long run it was “… nothing a hammer won’t fix.”
      But I put a hammer out there and left it alone with the fence for three days – and got nothing!

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  2. I think that DT could win over a certain part of the hiring committee if s/he offered to use some of his/her fabulous wealth to boost the economy. Think of it: if DT promised every eligible voter in the US $50 (or maybe $100), then each of us could go out and buy a few imported goods before our borders are shut tight, leading to a Hunger Games-like dystop….er…utopia. Some may claim that would be bribery or buying votes, but those are the same folks who fret about gerrymandering and voter suppression. Silly people, they still think we might live in a democracy.

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  3. Rise and Advise Baboons!

    MIG is correct–You look refreshed and alert Dr. B! This must be a new picture taken this summer.

    Dear DT,

    I really think you should stay in this job interview process and keep talking–louder and louder. After all, your last blab did wonders for another job-seeker, Carly Fiorina. The DTs seem to spread from your mouth to the next person you attack. My dad would have said that you have diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.

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  4. Partially OT: I am not naturally interested in science. Imagine my surprise when last night’s PBS Nova show moved me almost to tears. The show was about the astonishing process of discovering a new species of early human with bones found in a South African cave called Rising Star. Anyone who could conceivably take interest in such a show should tap into the PBS archives to watch that show. It is just a terrific story.

    Watching it last night, I was especially moved by the discussion of what is actually distinctive about humans. It is not our brains (other animals have big brains). It is not the use of tools (other critters make and use tools). It is not language (even crows have language). What divides us from all other animals is our radically advanced ability to cooperate. Think about that for a minute. Consider what value our culture is currently assigning to cooperation. Reflect a bit on which individuals in the news are notable for being cooperative . . . or not.

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    1. I hardly ever watch NOVA (or any tv these days) but I did watch it last night. I agree with HVS, it was excellent…though I did fall asleep before it was over so I will have to catch it online or on the repeat channel.


  5. I have to say that I was underwhelmed by the claim put forward in DT’s interview that the requisite foreign policy knowledge and experience would be at your command the instant you were hired.

    First question:do you hire people solely on their assurances they could do the job if hired, even if they cannot do it now?

    Second question: if you can learn it in a day, why not take a day off of interviewing, learn it, and actually bring something really impressive to the next interview? In my business we call this “working on your portfolio”.

    Not everyone is impressed by a lot of hand-waving and bragging.

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  6. Good morning. DT, You situation is one that is almost beyond my comprehension. You appeared to on one of the biggest and most misdirected ego trips that I have ever seen. Most of the people seeking the kind of job you are going for are at least pretending that they have good intentions although that is not always clear. In your case, you seem to only want to inflate your ego and you will say anything that you can think of to get attention and win support from thoughtless people who have no idea that you don’t really have their best interests in mind. I hope that some day you will wake up and see that you are just a big idiot.

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  7. I’m sorry I missed all the excitement last night. As with any job it seems, the person who gets it is usually the most connected, does the best job interview and makes the best sales pitch. In this particular job, it rarely goes to someone who actually is the best person for the position.


  8. Dear DT:
    Yes, you should pursue the job you seek. It is important to dream. But I must warn you of an unpleasant reality: There is another group of job seekers who were not part of the mass interview you experienced. One of those is particularly well qualified for the position and will likely be hired. But look on the bright side. No one will be able to tell you, “Your fired.” For now try not to despair or complain too much. Maybe latter you can…
    Make America Grape Again. More Whine.

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