Hitching Post, 2016

Yes, things have changed a bit since the day when all the parking they needed at the General Store was someplace to tie up the horses after a long day’s ride.

But maybe we’re headed back down that trail a piece.

Spotted on Silver Lake Road – a motorized scooter abandoned in a snowbank,  connected by cable to an MTC bus stop sign.


I have a hunch, but what do you think is going on here?

33 thoughts on “Hitching Post, 2016”

  1. Hmm. I’m thinking someone has a charming faith in human nature and the strength of a cable in the face of a bolt cutter.

    My sense of humor and cleaverness is seriously impsired this morning.


  2. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    Ooh, I love a small mystery like this. It appears a 13 year-old went to a bus stop and rode off on the bus to somewhere, planning to return. There are just so many questions, though.

    Where is this? What road, what town, what bus line?


  3. the clue is the freshly plowed snow and the scooter with no fenders. the road slop was getting too much glop on the drivers back so he parked it in order to ride the bus to the final destination being happy to return at days end to ride home when road conditions were improved.


  4. Given how deep that back wheel is covered in snow, I think this is someone who filled a backpack with the bare necessities (clean undies, toothbrush, a good book, Visa card for purchases, maybe a granola bar or two), rode his or her trusty steed to the bus stop and hopped on with the intent of going all the way to the airport (or train station), heading someplace warmer for the winter having had Just Too Much of January. Perhaps they held out some hope that the scooter would still be there come spring, but mostly wanted to make sure some punk kid wouldn’t ride off on it and hurt themselves. They will come home to a scooter in need of some TLC, a few dead plants, and possibly a cranky cat if they forgot to ask the neighbor to feed it.

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  5. This is the work of an extreme idealist who finally realized their plan to replace a car with a small motorized scooter to reduce their carbon foot print was not going to work. They were hoping that somehow they could ride along the edge of that busy road. They were nearly run over by several cars when they realized their plan was not working. Fortunately they were near that bus stop when they decided their plan was too risky and abandoned the plan by getting on a bus leaving the scooter behind.

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  6. I can tell this is a photo from Minnesota, not Oregon. In Oregon thieves snicker at cables meant to protect bikes. Petty crime is far more pervasive here than in the Twin Cities. If you buy an expensive bike it might be stolen before you’ve had it one day.

    There was a recent media flurry when a stolen bike fitted by cops with a radio device was traced to a guy widely known as The Kingpin. (For scholars of Dickens, this man is a modern Fagin.) He was filmed dismantling the bait bike less than an hour after it was stolen. This man is locally famous. He told a TV reporter: “If you are dumb enough to put a $2,500 bike on the back of your car, I’m dumb enough to take it.”


  7. I think that tim’s first theory makes sense even if the idea of riding a motorized scooter on Silver Lake Road, and under those road conditions, doesn’t. Then again, since when did a theory have to make sense to be aired on the Trail? Unfortunately, my creative juices are not flowing this morning, so no wacky scenario comes to mind.

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  8. One of my favorite Book of Nonsense Verse was, illustrated by Wallace Tripp. The poem I’m thinking of (and the title of said book) goes:

    “As I was standing in the street,
    as quiet as could be,
    A great big ugly man came up
    and tied his horse to me.”

    Here’s the link – I wish it would show the cover picture.


  9. how about the guy went to his morning activity in minnesota optimistic fashion figuring how bad could an inch of show be and when it turned out to be bad enough to make the sidewalks he had taken in the morning a bad plan a he decided to plan b and come back on thursday to get his scooter which would be sitting in a puddle as the balmy 37 degree weather melted away all evidence of tundra from our earlier 48 hour bout with ol man winter.
    wimpy winter of 16

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  10. A person who was planning to take that scooter along on a bus trip was told that there wasn’t room for it. The person thought that buses which allow bikes on them or let people stow bikes in racks on the front of them should have a place to put his scooter.


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