hello out there

today’s post comes from tim

the ripples are cosmic as they ripple around

the sound of those sound waves they start to rebound

bouncing and curving like einstein thought

the echos are echoey and they echo a lot

the sicentists found sound wave from those famous black holes

three billy goats gruff cant get by sonar trolls

its been there all along but we just discovered

what einstein said while his thoughts briefly hovered

its not markedly changing that now we all know

that while we are here playing in the cold winter snow

that in a universe 47,000 light years away

they make sound that reverberate almost every day

its a bit reminiscent of the time tested conundrum

when a trees fall in the forest do we need to witness and hear some

or is it enough to know the universe works

with ghosts of the past making noise as they lurk

scientists proved beyond the shadow of doubt

that the cosmic audiologist is at last ushered out

and we can all listen now to distant sound waves

and the path that it follows and the groundwork it lays

for the realization that we are not alone

even when light  years and light years from home

we can all take solace and i think that its neat

that a sound cross the universe is like a heartbeat.



62 thoughts on “hello out there”

  1. Oooh, and I was thinking that Dale wouldn’t be able to resist gravitational waves. Nice tim!!

    I love dogs. Always have – we have “Bring Your Dog to Work” at my office. Not just on the “official” day but throughout the summer and once again last week. I don’t get any work done on these days!

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    1. i thought so too and when i mentioned it in the chat about yesterdays blog he hadnt heard about it (i think hes working) so i threw this in the hopper as is and lo and behold its here. i didnt post a question at the end so it is here with no question at the end.
      i am a guest blogger in training.
      im learning
      i have wondered about dogs at work. some of the co working spaces in town welcome dogs. are there no dog allergies to be concerned about or do we all just want those people somewhere else anyway?


      1. I see service dogs more often these days, often in places regular pet dogs are not allowed. I guess if you’re allergic it’s up to you to take some Zyrtec or keep your distance.


  2. I am extremely small compared the incomprehensibly large size of the universe. However, the relatively very tiny part of the universe I live in is in great danger due to the actions of some people who seem to think they are big and important.

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    1. i dont get earworms that often but i had one yesterday, i loved it and it applies today. if i infect you with the earworm you can thank me later. i have loved this since the first time i saw him play it form row 3 at the guthrie in 1971 or 2.


  3. Well done, Tim. What gets my attention? Small things like birds flying by, mice where they don’t belong. Not good at grasping bigger concepts like the universe…

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  4. As cim said above – late last night when I got back and was checking late night activity on the Trail, I hear a paper-rattling kind of sound coming from the kitchen. Gets my attention because I know Husband is up in bed. Hmmmm, better check that out. Seems to be coming from the trash bag under the sink. Luckily, it’s a pretty new one – sure enough, staring up at me from the bottom of the paper bag are two little beady eyes. I let him/her go – outside.

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  5. We all know the expression “I can’t wrap my mind around that.” Well, something I can’t wrap my mind around is “the universe.” Contemplating the universe is spooky and intimidating. I can’t begin to do it.

    Well, fine. I’ll not beat myself up about how limited I am. I’m content to think about smaller things. The courage a friend showed when facing a life crisis. The shocking impact of a pretty girl’s smile. The astonishment on my infant daughter’s face when she ate her first pickle.

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      1. it wouldnt be as good as the memory

        i remember my sons first ice cream in durango colorado. the expression was priceless. the reality couldnt possibly be as good as the recollection which is emotion based instead of visual.

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  6. OT The digital version of the StarTribune features a major story about my sister’s home. It leads the online version of the paper today. I think the story will run in the paper Sunday edition of the StarTribune.

    The story is fun for those of us who lived in that quirky cottage. Beyond that, though, the issue of “teardowns” is important, especially for me.

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  7. The warnings about side affects in the numerous drug commercials. And then the enclosures that come with the medications. “Fluticasone propionate is a synthetic corticosteroid having the chemical name blah blah yadda yadda yadda and the following chemical structure” I love how those molecules join together. Chemistry is sexy.

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      1. Actually, I don’t think he was. His politics and views were quite opposite of mine, and he could certainly be very abrasive, he seemed to enjoy verbal skirmishes, but from what I’ve read, he was really quite charming. He got along well with Ruth Bader Ginsberg (a fellow opera lover), and once invited Elena Kagan along on a hunting trip.

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    1. Since the right wing pols have already announced that no nominee will ever be confirmed if Obama puts one forth, I’m curious as to how any cases before the court can get rulings?? Or, will all cases bound for deadlock just languish for a year? Will they then have to be re-heard? Is there any constitutional requirement that the seat be filled regardless of the opposing party blocking every nominee?


      1. I just got an answer to my own question about how rulings in deadlock can be made: where there’s a tie, the decision defaults to the lower court ruling. This sounds really scary to me since these cases most often comprise lower courts ruling to block and turn back progress.


  8. today I was helping a group of young bluegrassers figure out how to be a band. They were working on this song. Here is Flatt Lonesome doing Lester Flatt’s “I’m gonna sleep with one eye open?.


    1. I missed what you wanted us to see at 45 seconds. But it is sweet to see gay couples in this video. I monitor TV commercials as windows on the culture. I’m beginning to see gay couples in some ads. Toyota is currently running one that has people celebrating special moments, and a gay couple is seen on their wedding day.


  9. OT: Just read the article about Crystal Bay’s (and Steve’s parents’) cottage. It has a lot about the benefits of restoration: “Often restoring an old house is no more expensive than building from scratch… ‘It just takes a lot more thought.’ ” The photos are great – congrats, CB.

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    1. I just finished reading it. Makes me sad for the loss of the arts and crafts home that the seller has given up as a lost cause for preservation. I hope Excelsior and the surrounding areas can find a balance between owners’ rights and preservation. It would be a shame to lose older homes in favor of the simply large for the sake of large.


  10. What gets my attention is the quirky, the thought provoking, chocolate…squirrel! I often have about 10 tabs open in my browser with articles and tidbits of stuff I have come across that looks intriguing – anything from recipes to try to opinion pieces to, yes, stuff about gravitational waves.

    Happy Valentines Day all!

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