Valentine Bingo

Things get a little frantic at a flower shop in mid-February. If you work in one, it’s wise to keep a sense of humor about it.

One of my co-workers drew up some Valentine Bingo scorecards to determine who gets all the most predictable and/or oddball questions and requests first.

Among the predictable ones:
“Roses cost how much?” (Yes, wholesale and retail prices go up this time of year.)
“And delivery is on top of that?” (Uh-huh. Wanna come pick them up?)
“Make it pretty…” (Well, we don’t typically try for ugly.)
“What time will that be delivered?” (It’s anybody’s guess. Wish I had a crystal ball.)
And that old favorite, “Are you busy?” (Ha ha ha ha! No! We’re not busy at all! You’re the very first person to ask me that! How very droll!)


And the less common, but still strangely inevitable ones:

“Do you have any peonies?” (Sorry, no. Too early for peonies.)
“Do you have blue roses?” (Only if you want a coat of paint on them.)
“I don’t know her last name…” (But she works at 3M and her first name is Jennifer.)
The wedding inquiry. (Um…your timing leaves something to be desired.)

When you feel as if you’re about to lose all control, you just remind yourself that it’ll all be over soon. And there’s pizza in the break room.

What’s on your bingo scorecard?

31 thoughts on “Valentine Bingo”

  1. At my mom’s facility, there is Bingo two or three times a week, and special bingo for special occasions, but I haven’t really paid attention as my mom abhors bingo. There is also a book bingo at the Winona Public Library, which I’ve considered saying Yes to, since they have some good books (this month anyway) for prizes.

    Trying to think of something clever for my scorecard…


  2. I often get calls from parents who are divorcing who want their child in therapy and who want to use the child’s therapy as a way to sway custody. Those calls figure prominently on my bingo card.

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    1. Oh, no!!! 😦

      Divorce is awful. Mine is generally considered the most respectful and affectionate divorce anyone has seen. But all divorces involve the sort of pain that makes people want to inflict retribution on the person they once vowed to love forever.


  3. Phrases on my bingo card — mainly from darling husband, Jim:
    1. It’s freezing in here (furnace set at 70 degrees in winter).
    2. It’s too hot in here (AC set at 73 degrees in summer).
    3. What’s that awful smell? (cooking healthy vegetables)
    4. Can we order pizza? (3-4 nights per week).
    5. What is there to eat? (at 9pm at night after a nice supper).
    6. When are the boys coming over again? (10 minutes after they leave).

    Sometimes, he’s so predictable — except for those times when he’s not.

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  4. When my mother was in memory care, her second husband used to participate in the bingo games held primarily for the denizens of her unit. He would crow about how often he won…

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  5. People I want to see (or events where I go to see said people, like BBC) that I haven’t seen for too long. This would be mostly people in the Twin Cities, and family out in California and Georgia. I am now lining them up in rows on my imaginary bingo card, seeing how many I can manage to see in one trip…


    1. After your move, BiR, do you miss things in “the cities?” You anticipated that you would make periodic trips after moving to Winona. Has that worked out the way you expected?

      (BTW my spell checker has not heard of Winona. It suggests that what I meant to type was “wino.”)

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      1. That could also be appropriate.

        I do miss some things, and had planned to travel up at least monthly to do clusters of things. My mom needing more help, weather, and saying Yes to numerous activities have made it harder than I thought to get “out of Dodge”. since it involves an overnight stay. I’ve been meaning to make a trip north for over a month now.
        Red Wing, however, is a good halfway point to meet a friend for lunch.

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  6. Morning all. Short interlude for me here. This reminds me so much of being in the bookstore. “I want that book that was just on the Phil Donahue Show. It was red.” (How many times I wanted to say “why, yes, that will be over here in the red book section:!)

    These days it’s “How much for a taxi to the hotel?” and “Can I get an oceanview room? and unfortunately the last week, way too many variants on “I have a current registration card. Will I be able to get back home if I go to Mexico?)

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    1. On break at the moment. Yes, that’s a random cart of roses. I took a few photos on Sunday, trying to get a feel for what it’s like in the shop when it’s overstuffed with flowers. It’s hard to get a photo that captures what it’s really like. On the 12th of February there are buckets of flowers everywhere, and many of the bouquets are already made up and wrapped in plastic and stored in coolers. You start to feel as if there’s no place to walk without bumping into carts of flowers, and no clear surface to set anything down on.

      Things are starting to look much emptier now.

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      1. I discovered another place as crowded as the flower shop. Went to pick up an order of “bundtinis” over lunch today. Suffice it to say that I was very glad that I had pre-ordered and pre-paid. It was a zoo!

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  7. That was a fun story Linda.
    My theater Bingo card would have these phrases: (and my replies)
    ‘Is that what it’s going to look like?’ (It’s not done yet.)
    ‘Are there shop hours today?’ (The schedule is on the door you walked in)
    ‘When is the show?’ (The schedule is on the door you walked in)
    Plus some general show questions:
    ‘Do I have to wear this?’ (YES!)
    ‘Do I have to be here for every performance?’ (YES!)
    Or, the bonus statement:
    ‘I have to leave early tonight’ (Smoke comes out of my ears…)

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  8. “Don’t like this.” (referring to some food)
    “No.” (In reply to almost anything)
    “This is for you.” (when giving me some original “artwork.”)
    “Hold me.”
    “I want to wave to the garbageman.”

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      1. The thrill for me, as a kid, was waving to the guys in the caboose of a passing train. We’re talking big black locomotive trains, trains that belched incredibly inky smoke and had those wonderful moaning horns. There would always be a guy or two in the caboose, and they usually would wave to us as they rolled by.


    1. Also:

      “________ did it.” (Fill in name of other twin.)
      “________ took or wrecked my train/car/truck/duplo construction.” (Again, fill in name of other twin.)

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  9. Therapist’s BINGO Card:

    You must be soooooo patient
    Don’t you get tired of listening to peoples’ problems?
    Dr. Stratton (NOT A PhD, I am MSW)
    My husband is terrible but I don’t want to leave him.

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  10. The phone rings. Bingo squares could be:
    – ____’s office, confirming your _____ appointment tomorrow. (Yep.)
    – St. Anne’s – your mother would like to know if you’re coming to visit today? (I leave this information on a calendar on her desk.)
    – Heart Association (I finally called them back and clicked on “remove”
    – Mortgage lender (We don’t have a mortgage)
    – Unknown Caller (if it’s important they’ll leave a message – they never do.)
    – Democratic Party or some relation (not so much since the election)
    – someone we’d like to talk to (this is rare)

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