Powerful Possessions

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As many of you know, I have twin grandsons (I also have two other grandchildren but they live several hours away so I don’t see them as often). I will refer to these 3-year-old boys as Twin One and Twin Two in order to protect their privacy.

These glasses you see in the photo are powerful glasses. While they may not have lenses, they can still enhance a certain little boy’s vision.

Twin One uses these glasses when he watches TV (things like Daniel Tiger) because, as he says, “They help me see better.” And the other day, he said, as he headed upstairs after dark,“These glasses help me see in the dark!”

Twin Two sometimes wears these glasses but he does not seem to gain the same benefits from them as Twin One.

Do you have any funny or interesting stories about people using their imagination?

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  1. Love this story….& photo. Youngsters can be so wonderfully imaginative. Twin One is an excellent example.

    I’ve had coffee and been up for a couple of hours so should be able to think…but my brain is not functioning on that level as yet. However I had to write a note as I so enjoyed this share!

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  2. Morning all. What kids come up with this fascinating – and I always wonder where they come up with stuff. When I was in 3rd and 4th grade the house we lived in had a detached garage with a second story. It was mainly used by my folks as storage but it was a fabulous Playhouse. Over that one summer it was a school house, a jail, and army barracks, a church and a beauty salon!

    Great photo ljb

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  3. i think you did a great job of masking their identities.
    i imagine they will be popping up in blogs to come as time goes by.
    when someone like lbj’s twins is introduced to your life there is a mental image that pops into your brain kind of like the people you hear on the radio. i dont ever know what the image i hold in my imagination but when i see the person i can say “nope , thats not it”
    twin 1 is not what i had in my brain.
    i dont know how i had him pictured differently but there is a little vision that never got fully formed and i didnt even realize it until i saw his picture and saw that he was not the twin 1 in my brain.
    my imagination is one of my favorite things. i used to write stories in my spare time in 1st grade. miss majerius pulled me aside and told me that she thought i was spending too much time writing these stories and maybe i should be spending time elsewhere. when i asked her like where. she didnt have agood answer. we had a deal that i would only be allowed to write extra credit stories after i had all my school work doen so when the assignment for math or spelling or science would be written on the board. i immeadiatley began trying to figure ut howe long it would be before i would be done and able to write and hhne… what i would write about.
    ho ho he ho is the guy i remeber best.
    i had an unexpected free time and grabbed a piece of paper and decided to tell a story that would come to me as i wrote.my charachters name? ho ho he ho. i think he was chinese but he didnt live in china. he had interests kind of like mine and he was my age. it always comes back to me when i hear a songwriter tell his story in a song about a character.
    paul simon does it all the time

    i always feel like i can do a broadway musical if i sit down and start cranking out the tunes. the story gets formulated as i am driving down the road or walking down the trail on a sunny day. i have a recording app on my phone that is full of the tune of the moment. i suppose i should go back and gather all the tunes together. thats what i recorded them for.

    from now on when i think of ljbs twin 1 and twin 2 i will think of the eyes in this picture. i imagine the we grow and change but i will lock them in to this view. my imagination has been affected and can not be reversed.

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    1. Twin 2, of course, looks very similar to Twin 1. Twin 1 is the same one that suggested to me before I left for book club yesterday that the next book we choose should be one about dinosaurs.


        1. Alas, we decided to not go with a dinosaur book. Which is okay, since Twin 1 will not be at the next book club.

          I wrote down Christopher the Good PIg and Plainsong but the book I found on the library website was titled The Good Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood by Sy Montgomery. Plainsong is by Kent Haruf. Twin 1 will probably approve of the pig book.


  4. I recall hearing Martin Short interviewed on Fresh Air years ago. He said as a child he had his own variety TV show, with a make-believe stage and props and guests and skits that he acted out. Terry Gross asked him if his variety show had a sponsor, and without missing a beat he said “The good people at Kraft.” I loved that.

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  5. When daighter was little, she would try to sneak out of her room at night and join us in the living room. She would close her eyes while she sidled into the living room, as she thought that if she couldn’t see us, we couldn’t see her.

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  6. When my cousin was young (maybe 7 or 8?) she kept a piece of string safety pinned to her bed sheet. It was long enough to reach the floor and it’s purpose was to help her get out of bed if she should wake up one morning and find that she had become very small overnight. She not only had a great imagination, but good problem solving and emergency preparedness skills.

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  7. Someone imagined healthcare would be a simple matter of repeal and replace. They also imagined building a wall between Mexico and the United States would be easy. These are but two items among dozens of others this person with the vivid imagination persuade millions of other people to believe. Amazing

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    1. Yeah, but those are money-colored glasses and someone thought those worked in DC. Turns out money-colored glasses only work in a tower inn NYC.

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    2. Ahhh….I doubt that is imagination but rather ignorance on a grand scale mixed with lack of common sense, inability to think & reason…other than an ‘IQ’ for self absorption and promotion…..a GRAND imbecile!

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  8. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    I prefer rose-colored glasses myself.

    My superpowers as a kid came out around my father and grandfather. So it was people not things that provided that. I also had a stick horse, a red cowboy hat and six shooters in a red holster. Those gave me Annie Oakley super powers. Anything you can do I can do better.

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  9. One of my twin brothers was interested in hypnosis when he was a teen. Dad found him laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Dad asked what he was doing. Tom said, “Trying to make the ceiling disappear.” Dad told him to knock it off because he didn’t want him to get stuck that way.

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        1. Any Annie Hall scholars here? There is a bit in it about the powers of imagination.

          Guy goes into the psychiatrist’s office and says, “My brother’s crazy. He thinks he is a chicken!” The doc says, “Well, why don’t you fix him?” And the guy says, “We considered that, but we really need the eggs.”

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    1. It reminds me of the joke where a guy walks into a psychiatrist’s office and says, hey doc, my brother’s crazy! He thinks he’s a chicken. The doc responds, why don’t you turn him in? The guy answers, I would but I need the eggs.


  10. When I taught day care there were daily stories of imagination with every kid. But off the top of my head today the one I remember is the boys with long ropes or sticks that they carried around in front of their crotches.

    Personally in my imagination most of my life I saw a horse running alongside the car whenever we went somewhere. (when I wasn’t imagining myself as that horse…my childhood friends still tease me about that and my ability to “neigh” like a horse.)

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    1. Another cousin of mine (sister of the one with the string on her bed) still does that horse running alongside the car thing when she’s on a road trip. I never knew of anyone else who did/does that! When anyone asks her about the horse’s name, she says it’s a horse with no name.

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    2. My oldest sister liked horses so much that she would make us play “horse show.” We were the horses and we would go around in a circle doing the different gaits as she called them out. “Walk. Canter. Trot.Gallop.” Since I wasn’t into horses, this was not my favorite game.

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  11. Years ago I participated in a week-end-long retreat on all kinds of new age spiritual practices. At one point I found myself in a group on self-hypnosis.

    We were about twenty people, sitting in a circle on the floor, facing each other. Legs flexed and ankles crossed in front of us, hands resting on our knees, eyes closed. The group leader instructed us to concentrate on our breath. Deep breaths in and directing the long exhales toward our hands. We’d be blowing our breath into our hands causing them to become light and float like balloons. Ever the skeptic, I was struggling to give the exercise a chance to work while simultaneously thinking, this will never work. I was convinced that there were going to be some in the group who claimed that it worked for them, but I knew there was no way this was going to work for me. But I kept breathing and exhaling into my hands. After a long while – I have no idea how long – much to my surprise I felt my hands floating in the air in front of me. Never say never.

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    1. A friend had a similar experience. Indians from a Sioux tribe along the Missouri River invited him to a sweat lodge ceremony. His skepticism only increased when he learned this would happen in a cheap little home, not an authentic lodge. But he went along with it. The highlight of the ceremony was supposed to come when an eagle visited. My friend swears that the eagle did appear.

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      1. Don’t know how you could possibly have a sweat lodge ceremony in an ordinary little house. I’ve attended a couple of sweat lodges on the property of Dick Bancroft in Sunfish Lake, and all that smoke, steam, and heat would ruin an ordinary house in no time. Also, in neither of my sweats were eagles featured, they were rituals centered around cleansing, healing and prayer. Do you trust the veracity of your friend’s story?


  12. marie larkin is amazing at giving guided visualizations
    the lady who she reads takes you amazing places in your subconscious
    i’ll think of her name in a minute

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  13. OT – For some reason WP wouldn’t let me post this when I tried a different opening, so I’m trying again. The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared movie is available on Netflix streaming service.

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  14. Great question, ljb. My little sister’s imaginary brother Alexander had to have a seat at the table (DON’T sit oh him!) and in the car. I wish I could remember more of that.

    During our Colorado summers we kids had access to the football grandstand, which became our Castle, and we took turns ruling the place. And there were tall pines nearby with plenty of room under them for forts… I still can’t go by a pine tree in someone’s yard without imagining how good that one would be for a “house” or fort.

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  15. The only imaginary friends I’ve had were real people who turned out not to be real friends.To the best of my knowledge, that has happened only once. I have discovered, reasonably late in life, that friendships I had thought would last forever, don’t necessarily, and that people I have I never felt close to may, in fact, become close.

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