Name That Carrot

Husband is now able to put some weight on his right foot, by using one crutch and his walking cast. Yesterday he was able to do some garden harvest; he came up with some lovely carrots and potatoes, and of course thousands of cherry tomatoes.

In past years we have unearthed some wonderful carrots – here is one we called Carrot Man from 2014…

And today I can’t resist taking a couple of pictures of one special (set of) carrot. I had a caption ready for it/them, but thought it would be fun to let the baboons come up with a caption

Do you have a special vegetable memory in your past?

Name That Carrot.

30 thoughts on “Name That Carrot”

  1. carrot man is priceless
    header carrot set name “at the bus stop”

    vegetable memories… i’ve had a few
    but then again to few to mention
    i bit and then i chewed
    there was a pause and then some tension

    the flavor burst upon my tounge
    and as i drove along the highway
    i remembered how that taste hung
    i chewed it my way

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  2. Our garden carrots last year looked like octopi, with multiple legs all hooked together. Husband thinks they looked like aliens.

    The header carrot today looks an x chromosome. With that in mind, we could name it either Watson or Crick.

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  3. The first thing that came to my mind with ‘Header Carott’…was lovers=thinking of the Rodin sculpture which actually is named “The Kiss”…

    Carrot Man is a hilarious!


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