67 thoughts on “What a Mess!”

      1. Or maybe it’s a Parting Party, which is a kind of romantic goodbye party.
        Or maybe a Parsing Party, for English majors.
        Or perhaps a Parving Party, but I’m not sure if that’s kosher.

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        1. I was going to suggest a Barking Party; bring your own dog and see who can bark the loudest and longest (but I was too late to make this comment before BiR gave us more info).

          Or a Snarking Party where you see who can make the snarkiest comments.

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        2. when i was 10 uncle paul and uncle casey had cabins every summer at detroit lakes somewhere
          one year there was a bunk house for the boys and me and my brother paul, cousin tom was 1 year older but special needs, cousin dan who has always been one of my favorite people and cousin matt who was 2 years younger but had such a wonderful energy that he often came up with activities for the group.
          on night matt put his butt up in the air with his elbows down on the pillow while kneeling on the bed. he demonstrated that as you shift and sway it is possible to suck air in and force a loud farting sound without the smell that normally makes the whole process so disgusting. no way we all exclaimed. try it was matts comeback and we all got on our knees elbows on the bed and figured out how to inhale air and the push it back out.
          my first and only farting party

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  1. Shooting. Off to Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. May stop at Wood Lake Nature Center on the way since I’ll have to get on 35W at 66th street due to 35 being closed north of there.

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  2. I’m getting together with a couple of friends to pack up the remnants of our recent garage sale and cart them off to thrift shops.

    Also hoping to get some paperwork together for a loan application – I’m attempting to refinance the house – and I’d like to copy and frame a photo for my aunt. It’s my grandparents’ wedding picture.

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  3. Putzing in the garden, mostly. If I get ambitious, perhaps make some salsa and/or pasta sauce. I suspect I’ll squeeze in some lounging in the sun with a good book as well.

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        1. winona minnesota is where rivertown is
          she was bir for many years as barb in robbinsdale and when she moved to winona a year ago she didnt like the sound of biw so she modified her new destination to allow here to remain bir in an unofficial way. whatever you do dont call her biw…where are you from incandescent. is there a reason you have not gone led?

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    1. If they’re quart size, I can give them to our apple guy at the farmers’ market. He also sells honey in quart jars and appreciates getting free jars. (And he will throw in a few free apples in my bag to show his appreciation.)

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      1. Let me know and I’ll be glad to pick them up. Assuming I can manage to get out of my neighborhood (see my previous rant about road construction/fewer driving lanes a few days ago).


        1. I have plenty. I’m going to be around most of the day tomorrow except for a couple of errands in the early morning so if you manage to get out and about let me know or I can bring them to BBC if you can wait that long. If you can’t no problem.


  4. My only weekend project now is playing with and holding my two new little floppy cats, Sam and Sadie. I had the hardest time deciding on names. At one point, I thought Cody and Chloe. My ex was Cody and every time I kissed the kitten with my usual; “I love you, ____”, I recoiled!
    I then chose “Sam and Sophie”. A friend told me her now dead cat was “Sadie”. BINGO 🙂 Since Ragdolls can grow to 20lbs, I was careful not to name them cutesy baby cat names.

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  5. I guess another project I could embark upon would be figuring out why the Twins are still in postseason contention, even though they did not win their division, and did not have the best record among the remaining teams. It seems that the rules have changed again. Just when I think I understand, I don’t understand.


    1. It is confusing, Linda. I’ll try to explain it; please forgive me if I tell you something you already know.

      Basically, there are two wild card teams in each league. The wild card teams have the two best records after the three division leaders of the league (or you could say, the two teams with the best records out of all the teams that are not division leaders). The two wild card teams in each league play ONE game against each other – the winner goes on to play one of the division leaders in their league (I do not know how they decide which division leader gets to play the wild card winner).

      From there, you probably know how it goes: a best-of-5 series for the division leaders + wild card winner to determine the two teams that will play the best-of-7 League Championship Series. The winner of that series goes to the World Series against the other league’s League Champions.

      That’s probably clear as mud. Here’s a link to something that will explain it better than I did: https://www.thoughtco.com/how-mlb-playoffs-work-321331

      Sometimes I wish it was the old days of just two divisions in each league. Sure was simpler, and post season play did not drag on until it’s almost winter.


        1. Just baseball. Don’t ask me about other sports. I’m always surprised when the Super Bowl comes around. “Super Bowl? You mean the football season is still going on?”

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      1. they figured out that if they have a single wild card game for the right to make it to the playoffs they would every year keep 4,5,6, more teams in the race
        with both american and national leagues involved that ends up being 10 cities that care and watch and cheer that wouldnt otherwise.
        these september games can be depressing. 500 people with the outfield homeplate and first and third base lines peppered with a guy drinking beer and shouting cracks and someone else telling the pitcher what to do
        the poor ball players need to act like they care

        now if the twins get cranked up for tuesday (and they rwested all the pitchers and rock stars so they’d be ready) then they go to the next round where we are capable of pulling 3 out of 5 and going to the final round

        fun to watch.
        they shipped all the dead weight out 2 months ago and instead of rolling over and dying they started winning like crazy


      2. The nice thing about having just two divisions per league was that it was always a best of seven contest, and seven games gives the best team a pretty fair chance to rise to the top. The drawback to that system was that a team that wasn’t very good could get to the playoffs just by being the best team in a bad division.

        Adding the wild card was, I thought, a good thing. It meant there was a chance for a team with an outstanding record to still get in the playoffs even though they were in a division with a juggernaut team like the Yankees. The drawback there was that it became best of five, which is not as good a statistical sample on which to judge a team as the seven games were.

        Putting a second wild card team in and having a one-game playoff seems to me to just defeat the whole purpose of having the wild card in the first place. The wild card was supposed to insure that the best teams made it to the Series. Now there’s this flukey system where a team with a fairly mediocre record can leapfrog over a team that has really earned it, by having a single good game. When did they start having TWO wild card teamster league? Seems like a bad idea to me.


        1. since it is a fluke deal. if you make it a one game play off and include 2 fluke teams it works well

          the teams in the yankees redsox division always gets screwed. they could win anywhere else but the money those two put out make it a long shot. the dogers cubs and braves all have way more money than other teams.
          this year the redsox win the division but the yankees 300 million bought them 2nd place . the twins angles and 3 or 4 others position for the right to paly in yankee stadium 1 game.
          be good for 3 hours and we can anvance
          it makes the unfairness in baseball almost tolerable
          baseball is the only totally unfair system in prosports. twins budget along with kansas city pittsburgh will neverhave enough money to compete.

          basketball football hockey any other sport makes it an even playing field. if one team pays more the others are compensated. the tv and broadcast money is divided equally.
          baseball is the good old boys . the haves and have nots
          new york gets 100 million plus ans does los angeles minnesota gets 5
          players get endorsements form local companies minnesota 100 thousand nyc 5 million
          it crazy
          lets have a coin flip instead of the 1 game playoff. we can win this then cleveland who is on fire right now we need 3 wins. its possible
          then on to the finals before the world series
          i know how to equalize it but no one asks


  6. my weekend plans are to heal up.
    i am sick as a dog
    w anted to go to a buddies down around debuque on the motorcycle but it sounds horrible. i have that barking phlegm cough that makes it feel like i did 100 sit ups. i have spread sheets to do for the chinese guys

    when did you start working for that company? as soon as they threatened to fire me…
    im working it out but i hate being an employee

    i also have another iron in the fire but i have to be careful too thin is not good for my bandwidth. i am learning

    vikes tomorrow

    maybe artisan bread. soneone told me to check ancient grains and i intend to do that.
    i need to run out to my warehouse to get an item or two sold on ebay that i need to get boxed up but maybe i will wait til monday


  7. OT – I wrote what turned into a rant on this subject, regarding my mom’s move to assisted living. It got over-long and I may convert it to blog submission if I can make it less whiney. In the meantime, I don’t remember/know when/where the next BBC is scheduled, and what books are on tap. Can someone give me a nudge. I may have asked this before and missed the reply. Sorry.

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  8. Here’s one more weekend project I did: I’ve had some greeting cards printed of some of my photos. Today I’ve been folding them and inserting them with the envelope into plastic sleeves. Exciting stuff.

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      1. Just locally at this point. Originally I was going to have them at a local coffee shop for a couple months, while I had framed prints on the walls there (that’s why I had the cards printed), but that has been called off, due to the coffee shop closing, so I will see what I can do on my own. A friend offered to have some at her table at a small holiday boutique in November and I’ll do that. I’ll make an announcement soon on my photography facebook page, and I’m not sure what else. Just dipping my toes in the water at this point.

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  9. My week end project currently is usually trying to cook up all what I have gotten(overbought because they look SOOO good) at the Farmer’s Market. Currently at a crisis point as freezer is full. My potatoes are sprouting so they are on the counter to be made into German potato salad. Told spouse this will be a carb heavy week. Fortunately other weekend project was starting to put flower garden to bed so at least some exercise. (9000 steps just in the garden!).

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