Ice Cream for Breakfast

Today’s post comes from Barbara in Rivertown.

A friend has forwarded to me the information that (get ready) February 18 is “Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast” day. According to one story,  E.I.C.F.B. originated to increase awareness about childhood cancer, and to commemorate the short life of a little girl named Malia Grace, who lived from February 18, 2001 to Dec 7, 2010.  “First celebrated by a group of close friends to commemorate her life and creativity, Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day went on to become a day to honor all the children who have or are battling childhood cancer.  It exploded onto the scene, with thousands of people from all over the world taking part and spreading the message to thousands more.”

Happily, this year February 18 falls on a Sunday, when many of us have more time to hang out with our family, our pets, etc., and indulge.

I also came upon a different site:    This article relates that a mother named Florence started the trend to cope with the boredom experienced by her six children. The next year her kids remembered, and it got to be a tradition. And “thanks to Florence’s grandchildren, who have traveled extensively — Ice Cream for Breakfast Day has been celebrated in countries all over the world, from Germany, to Nepal, to as far as Namibia.”

Whichever story you relate to, enjoy! As the t-shirt says, “Life is short. Eat dessert first.”

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

What else should we have for breakfast that doesn’t usually come to mind?

81 thoughts on “Ice Cream for Breakfast”

  1. For two summers I worked as a sales associate in a fly fishing shop near Wisconsin’s Brule River. For reasons a bit complicated to explain, the best breakfast for that time and place was a cool bottle of locally brewed beer. Well, we were all young once. Or most of us were.

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  2. Husband eats very big breakfasts, and believes it is his duty to use up the leftovers in the fridge. His breakfasts get a little odd as a result. I love vanilla ice cream, especially with cashews or fresh strawberries or raspberries. sprinkled on top. Coffee ice cream is a favorite.

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      1. Me too, but I leave the sugar out because I just cannot say no to too much sugar once I start. I am drinking really strong coffee with cream at this very moment, and wishing I had sense when it comes to the sugar part.


    1. I love cold leftovers from dinner, especially pasta and baked potatoes. I sometimes baked potatoes to leave in he fridge for that purpose. My mother made too many mashed potatoes so she could fry them for breakfast.

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  3. During tomato season, when you can get vine-ripened tomatoes, BLTs for breakfast. With a milkshake made with coffee ice cream. (Trader Joe’s coffee ice cream makes a good milkshake.)

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Favorite ice cream flavor–Blue Bunny Butter Pecan with Hot Fudge. I won’t ever eat that for breakfast though, because I find sugary stuff for breakfast puts me on an insulin cycle (eat, energy, crash, eat, energy, crash) all day. I eat anything “protein-y” for breakfast. And oatmeal, that complex carb of the gods.

    One of my breakfast faves is a burrito of sorts: a tortilla, a slice of cheese, fried egg, slice of tomato, and 1/4 avocado. Wrap that up in the warm tortilla and munch onward. Too good for words.

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    1. I know what you mean about sugary stuff for breakfast, Jacque. It might not be the same for me, but I know that pancakes or waffles with syrup for breakfast gives me a headache almost every single time. If they are made with 100% whole wheat flour, it’s better but I have to be sure to eat some protein with it. Daughter likes to make waffles and pancakes for breakfast and I think she is insulted if I refuse them but she usually makes them with white flour and even with real, very dark maple syrup, it makes me feel headachey and drag-y all day. And I don’t seem able to eat them without the syrup.


      1. WHY would you eat them without the syrup? That is the good part. But then I am a sugar junkie.

        I usually order or make sausage with mine (for the protein) and then I am OK–no insulin cycle. But I don’t eat pancakes and sausage very often, and when I make them at home I eat oatmeal pancakes which evens out all the sugar.

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      2. Nursing home was hard on my father because they did not serve dessert with breakfast. He ate huge quantities of rich foods right up to the end but never had any fat on him. Why is I not inherit that from him?

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  5. I would eat ice cream for breakfast. Perhaps a rich, mellow flavor like chocolate chocolate chip or Beth-Ann’s Mini Donut flavor (if Kemp’s would be so kind as to bring it back). Two favorites from local places are Milkjam’s “Black” flavor (super dark chocolate) and something that I got once in Madison (Sebastian Joe’s has sometimes had it) “Chocolate Coyote” which has cinnamon and a bit of chili pepper in a rich chocolate base. Mmmmmm….

    As for odd things for breakfast. Maybe it’s more that I like not-quite-standard things in my normal breakfast foods like peanut butter (and lingonberry preserves if I have them) on waffles or pancakes or mixing a bit of (unsweetened) applesauce into my oatmeal. At Christmas time I will gladly eat leftover rice pudding for breakfast (but it must be leftovers – it doesn’t feel right to just make the stuff to eat for breakfast), ditto pumpkin pie for breakfast after Thanksgiving…

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  6. Ditto on the leftover rice pudding for breakfast. Yum!

    When traveling internationally (mostly with tours), our hotels offer a buffet breakfast. There is almost always the typical stuff – an omelet station, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, pastries, etc. But there are also cold cuts & cheeses, raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, salad fixings, etc. None of which appeals to me for breakfast. I’ll put together a sack lunch with those items. And I almost never touch the “local” breakfast stuff – much of it is too scary looking for me!

    As to ice cream (which I would eat for breakfast if I wasn’t trying to eat healthy) – my long time favorite has been vanilla. But I also love Chocolate Chip, Cherry Garcia, and Butter Brickle (hard to find these days). I won’t touch anything that remotely tastes like coffee -ick! And I’m not fond of any flavor that includes lots of nuts. Picky, picky, picky!!

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  7. My dad was big on cold leftovers from last night’s dinner for breakfast. Pizza, spaghetti, the odd pork chop that somehow got overlooked by the three males in the household. I’m pretty traditional, though. Cereal, oatmeal, coffee. I’ve been trying eggs and meat for breakfast, but it always seems like far too much work at 6:30 am.

    Favorite ice cream is a fluid situation–depends on my mood. It’ll have to contain chocolate in some form or another, but Haagen Daz’s Mango Sorbet is a killer as is Talenti’s Sea Salt & Caramel gelato. Sometimes good ol’ Breyer’s Vanilla drizzled with hot fudge is my must have.

    Chris in O-town

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  8. Morning all. Unfortunately this year on eat ice cream for breakfast day I am saving up calories for my big Chinese New Year dinner I’m having a few people over but I usually overindulge I admit it. I think my favorite indulgent breakfast which unfortunately I hardly ever have any more is cold pizza with Coke in the morning.

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    1. Puts me in mind of a breakfast we had at a B & B in Badachro, Scotland. Eggs, toast, sliced tomatoes and Arbroath Smokies. We ate on little tea tables with their two dogs sitting opposite and eyeing every bite.

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  9. Pancakes in cream with sugar on top was a treat for Cleo and I in our childhood. We have never found anyone else who had it. Lots of cream in our childhood.


  10. But not to Nambia with a good cup of covfefe?

    I like variety in my food, and not just for breakfast! A lot of what I normally have for breakfast a lot of people wouldn’t think of as breakfast food. Sounds like I’d get along fine with Renee’s husband in that department.

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  11. Forgot to say my favorite kind of ice cream. A lot of it depends on my mood, but one of my all time favorites is Izzy’s Mexican Chocolate Fiesta. Chocolate with cinnamon and orange in just the perfect amounts.

    Of course the dark chocolate ice cream from Portland Malt Shop in Duluth, which must be eaten while sitting by Lake Superior, cannot be beat. It’s one of those perfect eating experiences.

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  12. #notasweettooth that’s me, so those American pancakes, essentially little sponges designed to absorb as much butter and syrup as possible, are not my cup of tea. I just don’t think of pancakes of any kind, including the crepe-like Danish pancakes, as breakfast fare.

    No, give me something savory like Huevos Rancheros, or the Israeli Shakshuka, something with a kick to it, and I’m happy. The occasional well made eggs Benedict are a treat that I enjoy. Give me a few slices of good bread, or a roll or two, fresh unsalted butter, an assortment of cold cuts, and some aged cheese, and I’m happy. Freshly squeezed OJ and a little fruit on the side, and you won’t hear a peep out of me, except to ask for a refill of my coffee.

    But, mostly I have a slice of good toast with avocado, hard boiled sliced egg and some freshly grown sprouts on top along with a good cup of coffee.

    The strangest thing I’ve ever had for breakfast was in China. Generally the hotels where we stayed had buffets of breakfast foods that appeal to Westerners, but there’d also be an assortment of foods that appealed to the Chinese. I sampled some of the Chinese stuff, and one morning found myself chewing on something that I couldn’t readily identify. Turned out to be deep fried chicken feet! Didn’t taste bad, just a strange sensation of chewing on something that didn’t seem to break down.

    As far as ice cream goes,I prefer sorbet, something not quite so rich.

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  13. i am so not an ice cream for breakfast guy. i am not an ice cream anytime guy
    there is a forzen yougert that i can sort of eat in a pinch but the necessity of eating ice cream for breakfast hasnt hit me yet. i am fruit for breakfast guy. i love fruit for breakfast.
    when i am in those wonderful buffet lines at the places that give you moere wonderful food than you coiuld imagine i fill up on watermelon and cantelope. raspberries black berries blue berries pineapple a littel granola a dash of orange or tomato juice and a tofu noodle thing if offered.
    i made potatoes for bereakfast for years and realized it was too heavy.
    i ate peanut english muffin and realized i had to switch. botrh bread and peanut were to difficult to digest.
    i can do two eggs and a soy sausage and be good. i love the burrito but need to make it a lite one. avacado and tomato easy on the cheese or skip it altogether. taco bvell 7 layer burrito is wonderful with rice and guac.
    when i ate ice cream it was chocolate chocolate chip with a side of real peanut butter and a large spoon. half peanut half ice cream. it was a challange to make the ice cream last 3 sittings but then my body turned and ice cream actually hurts. really? … i should try that again… yep really. stop now… end of ice cream.
    my meals these days seem to be like creative pallettes. i am on a funny diet right now that is excluding everything to find out what kicks my butt by reintroducing the possible suspects one at a time to nail the little sob’s
    i get fruit veggiees rice and thats about it. i do beans because i need bulk but i should not if i were really wanting to do it right. so i start with onions and add something like peppers or mushroooms along with the spice direction of the moment. some garlic and then the decision to go carrot and beans or broccoli and cauliflower. i have been ricing calaiflower lately and it is a good bulk adder that is a way to add a shapable food stuff to add bulk to a casserole sort of thing i seem to end up with a lot of.
    eat dessert first? thsat would be fruit. unless i am in italy then it is tiramissou and cannolli, they use different ingredients than we do and it doesnt work the same way on my body. go figure..


  14. wow i find my spell checkless brain to be in full force today. sorry gang. i even left the butter in peanut butter out 3 out of 4 times.
    watching the olympics while i am blogging is not very effective.
    i am enjoying the olympics still
    skeleton is cool

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  15. I sometimes have ice cream for breakfast, especially after Thanksgiving. A slice of vanilla ice cream on a slice of mock mince pie is perfect. Apple crisp with ice cream is also an excellent breakfast.

    i also like rice in the morning. It’s not real rice pudding, the baked kind, just rice cooked in milk with sugar and cinnamon. It’s one of those meals they used to make on the farm during the Depression, not expensive but filling.

    Favorite ice cream usually has chocolate in it. Toasted almond fudge, chocolate peanut butter chunk, mint chip, mocha, or just chocolate.

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  16. My 93-year-old mother would gladly eat ice cream for every meal (not just at every meal; for every meal). She is quite adamant that she doesn’t like to eat anything anymore and gets feisty when anyone suggests that she should eat more of this or less of that. She actually does pack away a good bit of food, but only in the form of snacks; nutrient-rich crunchy Cheetos are a great favorite. She is now fond of pointing out that she has lived this long and has earned the right to eat or not eat whatever she wants. Hard to argue with that.

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    1. Do you make your own skyr, renee? That sounds like a wonderful breakfast to me. Instead of the cinnamon sugar on the English muffin, I bet it would be good with some of my zesty honey with ginger.


  17. My dad loved oatmeal, and when he lived with us we made oatmeal for him with milk instead of water, with poached apricots in the oatmeal. He really liked that.

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    1. At the Day by Day Cafe on W. 7th St. in St. Paul, one my favorite things on the menu is a Pig’s Eye Porridge – steel cut oats and wild rice, with a side of hazelnuts, brown sugar, and raisins. It’s a very satisfying meal.

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  18. One afternoon I felt so good I decided that God was trying to tell me what I really, really, really should eat for breakfast. The voice of my interior monologue spoke up and said something like, “OK, let’s get scientific now. We start with the undeniable fact I feel as good as I ever have. Now I just have to remember what I ate this morning. Whatever it was, it was the right thing. The way I feel now is proof of that. Science. I just need to think about how I got to where I am now.”

    And then I remembered. I’d done an errand, an errand that took me near a bakery. I’d had three raised doughnuts with fudgey chocolate topping. That’s what I should have every day. Science.

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    1. Just read an article on FB that stated that research shows that eating cake for breakfast is good for the brain and the waistline!

      It cited a study at Syracuse University in New York that had 968 participants between the ages of 23 and 98. The study followed the dietary habits of the participants, and those habits were not changed in order to take part in the study.

      They learned that chocolate has a positive effect on cognitive performance and, if you eat it regularly, it can improve your memory and abstract thinking. But you had to eat it before 9 AM.

      Your body converts food and energy more efficiently in the morning, so that piece of cake is less likely to end up on the waistline. When you eat chocolate cake later in the day, the body is more likely to save it as fat reserves.

      Why is chocolate so beneficial to the health? One of the reasons is because it contains flavonoids that are found in plant-based foods. They are available in high quantities in the cocoa beans.

      Guess what else has flavonoids? Red wine! Perhaps chocolate cake and a glass of red wine is the new breakfast of champions?

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      1. Potbelly? It’s a sandwich chain. Their schtick is to harken back to the potbelly stove. There is or used to be one in a strip mall south of Soupthdale. In the same one as Dick Blick if I remember right.

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  19. Ten or more in Twin Cities including Uptown. It just came here. We have hit them up there. My wife loves them. Does not get sick.


  20. A few short thoughts on breakfast.

    The name of the meal contains a hint about its popularity. It is the meal that breaks one’s fast. For most of us, it’s been a long time since we tucked in behind a plate of anything.

    I’ve seen quite a few restaurants build identity and attract customers by specializing in breakfast. The restaurant business is challenging, but if I had to bet my family’s fortunes on a restaurant I’d make it famous for breakfast and maybe shut it down after 2 PM.

    No other meal is so identified with powerful, delicious smells. I think vegetarians might be delighted by the smell of waffles and maple syrup or other things like that. As a carnivore I grin when I enter a small space where coffee is making and on the stove there are skillets of bacon and eggs and maybe hash browns. My nose starts the day as happy as it knows how to be.

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  21. Some of my favorites for ice cream are Cinnamon, which I find only around Christmas, and Haagen Dazs Maple Walnut, but I don’t know if they have it anymore. Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey… Almost anything with walnuts or pecans.


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