Say It Ain’t “Snow”

I moved to Minnesota in 1974 and at the end of my first Minnesota winter, it snowed 11″ on April  8.  At Carlton we celebrated by having a snow sculpture contest on The Bald Spot.  So I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked that it’s snowing right now.  But really?

What trend are you just finished with?


20 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t “Snow””

  1. A friend (Carleton classmate as a matter of fact) sent me this reference yesterday:

    The article says, “discovery of liquid water on the surface of the region commonly referred to as Minnesota. The discovery has come as a surprise to the space exploration organization, which has listed the state of Minnesota as “unsuitable for any and all biotic life” since mid-November.”

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        1. It is a funny thing, but my mother was born, raised and educated in Minnesota, and Ihave never heard her use the word “hot dish”, always casserole. I have no idea why (and imagine she would not know either if I asked her-this is not the sort of thing that interests her).

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I am fleeing for Iowa later today. I am visiting and assisting my mother this weekend, and participating in a Stratton Cousin Reunion which is always fun.

    I have hardly been replying this week, due to a busy schedule and bronchitis (which seems to be resolving now), and now I am running for the border where it will be rainy but blizzardless. At least I hope it will be.

    LJB, your rosemary is thriving and looks great.

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  3. I’m over the trend of wearing long underwear so that I don’t freeze.

    I’m over the trend of winter-photography-in-April.

    I’m over the trend of waiting to hear back from shops about selling my photography.

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  4. The trend that I’d like to be done with is Muddy Paws. It doesn’t matter how hard I try or how many old towels I have on the back porch, my kitchen floor looks like the dirt floor of a dug-out cabin right now. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to be done with this trend anytime soon.

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    1. Worse than the dogs muddy feet is the muddy path down to the chicken coop. It was almost dry two weeks ago… then they track the mud onto the eggs.

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        1. Once they get through the door into the pen, they have straw and bedding and you’d think they’d figure it out. I swear, they must hop and skip from the mud right to the egg boxes.

          Oh, except for the ones that have decided underneath, against the wall in the back corner is the place to be.

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  5. Side comment. It was a picture like the picture in the heading that got me to Carleton in the first place. I knew I wanted to go to school in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Visited the Carlton campus in summer and saw a picture similar to the header when I was there and that made my decision for me. I didn’t even apply anywhere else.


  6. – I’m finished for this season with my turtlenecks trend. I don’t care – if I need something like that it will just have to be a scarf.

    – I’m finished with trying out something new each time I visit my mom – she feels more secure and happy if we have something familiar in our visits.

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  7. OT – Thought all baboons would want to know this. Peter Ostroushko had a heart attack late in 2017 and had to have heart surgery. While he was recovering from the surgery, he had a stroke in his doctor’s office. Here’s a link to GoFundMe effort to raise money for his medical bills:


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