Escape Artists

Photo Credit: Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Baboons were making the news again yesterday – escaping from a facility in San Antonio.

Per CNN, “Four baboons, having clearly read too much dystopian fiction, escaped a biomedical research lab in San Antonio by climbing a 55-gallon barrel and jumping out of their enclosure.  The institute says the three baboons and their turncloak co-conspirator are all “doing well.”  The blue barrels they used to escape, however, have been removed from the enclosure and will be evaluated. Perhaps they enriched too much.”

What would you like for a little enrichment?



23 thoughts on “Escape Artists”

  1. Well, I have eggs and cream, those typical enrichers. I could use warm sun, warmer temperatures, and no winds. Oh, to have the windows open again!

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  2. I shoveled off the loading dock here at the college and I’ve PUT THE SNOW SHOVELS AWAY!

    Completely OT: heard this on the radio this morning and enjoyed it:

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    1. Now you’ve done it, Ben. Put the snow shovels away and that forecast for sunny and 60 this weekend will change to SNOW.


  3. I’m kind of thinking a whole new set of fresh spices would be good enrichment at my house. Lots of my spices sit too long and then I feel like I should toss them and buy new ones before I cook with them. But cleaned out jars with all brand new spices sounds fabulous right now.

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  4. I am planning to make a Flourless Chocolate Torte for a birthday brunch we are going to on Sunday… very rich, and yummy.

    OT: We are finally aback online, and I till enrich myself tomorrow by reading what I’ve missed on the Trail the past couple of days.


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