How Come I’m Getting This?

We are finally getting a new refrigerator. Turns out Excel Energy has a rebate for getting a new one, and will come and pick up our old one as long as it’s still operational. (We’ll see if it’s quieter than the one that I yell at.)

So in making our decision, I first went online to gauge how many cubic feet our Frigidaire is (18). The next day I noticed a refrigerator ad when I got on the internet. I don’t ordinarily pay ANY mind to what ads are there, but the fridge ones caught me, and I’ve started paying attention. Here are some examples of what shows up:

  • solar panels
  • Lincoln Continental
  • Hulu
  • John Deere
  • Walgreens Rewards
  • (refrig)
  • Sears (refrig)

and ironically enough, a box that says:

  • Click Here to Start Blocking Ads

And then of course there are the Suggested Posts on Facebook…

  • Viking River Cruises
  • a home safety equipment place with Grippers for bathtub
  • Toyota USA
  • etee (apparently an alternative to plastic wrap)

to name a few.

For some of them, I can imagine how they came to be part of my internet experience, but Lincoln Continental? Do any of you bloggers know the ins and outs of this?

What kind of ads show up on YOUR computer threads?

35 thoughts on “How Come I’m Getting This?”

  1. Morning all!

    I get a lot of clothing ads, which is funny because I don’t buy that many clothes. I wear the things that I have until they disintegrate. But I am signed up for Zulilly (despite only opening maybe one email a week (they send one every day), so maybe that’s why. This week however, I’m getting hammock ads, because I bought a new hammock a few days ago.

    What I want to know is this: if the computer is smart enough to know what I’m looking at, why isn’t it smart enough to know when I’ve made a purchase and no longer need to see ads related to that purchase?


    1. I’ve had the same question, vs. My guess is that computers are allowed to share browsing info but not purchase info. When I look at something on Amazon I know I’ve opened a stream of targeted ads, but even when I purchase something on Amazon they seem to be unaware of it. I take some small comfort from this.

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      1. My experience too. You’d think that after you bought something, the almighty algorithm would figure out you don’t need to shop for that car/boat/vacation home/cheese straightener/K-Tel greatest hits of the 20s-30s-40s-50s-60s-70s-80s-90s-00s-10s anymore. Duh.

        Chris in Owatonna


  2. Yeah, it’s weird; it’s like they’re inside your head. They must track every web site you look at, every research you do on products,etc. They probably know your demographics, income, zip code, and everything else. I imagine the biggest market for Lincoln Continentals are over 50 folks so that’s why you see those ads.

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  3. Unfortunately today’s blog has made me hyper aware of the pop-up ads on my computer. So why in heaven’s name am I seeing a pop-up ad for a speedboat and another pop-up ad for Demi Lovato’s gym wear?

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  4. I only shop online for things out of the mainstream of commerce. But I do do research BiR and then things appear. My last five items purchased from Amazon were a fountain pen, ink cartridges, and a bottle of ink. Then six weeks later just this week another fountain pen and more cartridges, Such things do not excite the interent sales machine.

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    1. The things I tend to buy are so hard to categorize, like obscure out-of-print books or filters for my humidifier that I think the internet marketers just throw random ads at me, hoping something will stick. I just checked to see who Google thinks I am. They’ve figured out I’m over 65, but they still haven’t pinpointed a gender for me.


      1. Netflix is supposed to be a genius at recommending movies based on your watching history. Almost everything they recommend is wrong. Again, I don’t watch in their categories.

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        1. I agree that Netflix has a clumsy way of categorizing movies that ensures they don’t understand my taste. One example: they think I like movies with a strong female lead. That’s silly. What they would never guess is that my taste runs strongly to movies that are well written, a category they have never considered.

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  5. I posted this late last night:
    “Grasp this one: Mr. Tuxedo had braces put on today. They gave him a blue tooth enabled electric tooth brush. Guess what it does.”
    Answer tracks his brushing history, and as he is brushing it tells him where he has not brushed adequately. It has a cradle for the iphone, so as he brushes it shows a map of his mouth and where to do more.
    tim said last night it would play music, but the iphone does that. It feeds him fun facts, some about teeth but not all. He is a factaholic.
    What tech can do.

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  6. Excel here is seeming to do a blitz campaign about energy reduction, such as all the working to install LED lights. In addition to emails and letters, we got a phone call with the women offering rebates and inspections of AC and heating. I asked her to read to me our address. She but was confused but read it. After a pause i asked her what the APT in our address meant. Apartment she said. Do you realize we do not personally have an AC and furnace. She apologized but said she was supposed to call everybody on the targeted list.

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  7. After years of working on computers you learn how some actions online trigger other actions. I enjoy cars, so I click on car reviews and discussions. The internet computers think I’m a car shopper and inundate me with car ads. Well, that’s okay. I enjoy seeing how fine guitars are crafted. The internet thinks I’m about to buy a very expensive guitar. Well, that’s okay, although I’m sorry to disappoint so many folks.

    My internet browser is Google’s Chrome. It has the reputation of being a tattletale that reveals all my browsing tastes. But it has an incognito mode. If I want to do some stealth browsing, and I often do, I can slip into the incognito mode like Harry Potter donning that invisibility cloak. I think this mode differs from the normal one by squelching the exchange of cookies.


  8. If you look at a product in Amazon, it will say that people who bought this item also bought these items. But many of the items in that last are the same product as the one you are looking at. It says if you look at a Dell laptop, it says people also bought HP laptop.


    1. Often, when I buy something online, I am given the opportunity to send out a message to all my friends on various platforms announcing that I just bought that item. Who would do that?

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    1. That was hysterical. I love when he was at the top of the pyramid and just stood up there for a while. And I love how everybody was urging him on and every time he got a burst of speed there be some cheers.


  9. Since I work part time at a flower shop, I’m always looking at various flower sites. Checking the Teleflora site for pictures of what customers want to order, searching flower shops in certain zip codes to send orders to, looking for pictures of particular flowers or types of vases. Of course, this browsing pattern follows me wherever I go, and the net intelligence Powers That Be figure I must really, really, want to order flowers, and lots of them,and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Of course. there are worse things you could e hounded by. Pictures of flowers are kind of uplifting.


  10. I neglected to mention two kinds of ads that I get a lot, because I have tried to order these items for my mom – hearing aid batteries, and shoes. You can imagine… I guess I would be getting the shoe ones anyway, as that may be the only thing I browse for on the internet besides books.


  11. I really dislike days I am too busy to be on the trail. I get annoying ads about arthritis and eczema meds. I don’t have eczema or arthritis. How strange!


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