Summer Guests

First week of August, our quiet little lives will be interrupted by five visitors – Husband’s son and his fiancé, and their (combined) three girls, ages 15, 12, and 9. Though I’m pretty relaxed when having just one or two guests, I tend to get somewhat anxious with lots of company, and am trying to think ahead – prepare now so it’s a bit more manageable while they’re here. (You can also read this as: I like to be in control of things.) Since our place is just 900 sq. feet, and we would be practically on top of each other if we all tried to stay here, we’ve arranged with a friend two blocks away to sleep in her guest room – let them have the house – on the nights they are with us. (They will spend some time with other family.)

Average temps for this time of year are around 83˚ F., and we do have A/C if needed. We have enough beds, if we include futon, and bedding. I’ve deep cleaned recently, so can do a surface cleaning before A-day (A = arrival). We can stock the fridge and pantry. We have been exploring places in the area that this family might like to visit.

I’m sure there are things I could prepare ahead of time. Several of you baboons have had grandchildren – or other family members or friends – visit you, and probably have some coping mechanisms for when you have guests for more than an afternoon.

Any ideas that might help things run smoothly?

Got any visitors coming this summer or fall?

36 thoughts on “Summer Guests”

  1. my wife’s family is tough
    her folks come on occasion but stay in a hotel. and like to direct traffic when they are here
    my wife turns into a 60 year old toddler
    they are people who don’t like democratic ideas so we find little common ground

    her sister married a trump guy
    he knows better than to come around
    he is ok in his element it’s just hard to keep him in projects where his hands are busy and his mouth is quiet

    her brother is great but he has 3 kids and two are special needs he has to stay in an enviormentvhis kids are ok in,

    they came last year went to the mall of america andcsaidcitcwasctgecbest vacation theyvever had(poor kids) i guess we just let them do their things and tag along if it applies

    i would guess winona in the summer would be perfect

    water holes to jump in rocks to climb take the back roads to houston mn
    best back roads ever

    la crosse is a cool town spring green an hour away with frank lloyd wright stuff if they like that. is the beethoven festival over? up the river to lake city is beautiful too

    find a canoe or kayak and party down or just let them doc their own thing

    make you 900 sq ft base camp a breakfast meet up and a night cap rendezvous

    enjoy and just tell them they can use the stuff in your house as long as it’s cleaner when they leave than it was when they came

    easy peasy

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    1. Interesting. The last (and only) time my middle sister visited here, they spent 2+ days at MOA and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. No parks, no museums, no sightseeing, no nothing of anything I find interesting!


      1. Hans’s oldest brother and his wife has spent virtually every minute they have visited us there as well. Their American journeys have consisted of visiting older relatives in Sausalito and LA before they descend on the Twin Cities with the dual purpose of visiting us and completing their shopping.

        They have been here three times and have never expressed a desire to visit a museum, the State Capitol, or anything else. I drop them off in the morning, and pick them up when they have accomplished what they set out to do.

        Oh, I forgot the one time when they visited over Memorial Day and we brought them along to the Eddie’s annual Memorial Day picnic. That was the year of the torrential rain immediately following the meal. It was so fierce, and so sudden, that we ended up drenched, standing around singing, up to our ankles in water. That may have been what convinced them that we and all of our friends were nuts, and that the MOA seemed like a safer alternative to them?

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    2. Hmm… working on this part yet: “mall of america andcsaidcitcwasctgecbest vacation theyvever had”…

      “And Said it was the best” vacation they ever had?? Atta way tim!

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  2. My only consistent guest is Nonny, who is usually here twice a year. She is terrific to have around, so much so that I keep trying to get her to move here, but she’s having none of that!

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  3. In the 30 years we lived here, Husband’s brother and sister visited once, his father visited twice, and his step mother once. No nephews have ever visited. No step siblings visited. They are not a close family at all. They are, by and large, entitled conservatives who would never visit us unless we lived somewhere fun and interesting. It isn’t as though we live in outer Mongolia, but they believe it is boring here, and that we are not reason enough to come here. Am I bitter about this? You bet. This is not how families should behave. My parents came whenever they could.

    My best friend visited over the 4th of July. She is a dear and easy to have around. I found cooking ahead of time helped.

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      1. my sister says
        pasta is so easy there is no need to pre do it or save it
        boil water and put it in for a couple minutes
        easy prep for fresh and ther is a difference between done 30 seconds ago and renuked or stove top warmed
        now if you’re baking ziti or lasagne you have my permission , it’s better reheated

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I like to have a pot of soup and a casserole all ready to go before the company arrives, along with the makings of sandwiches for easy pick up meals.

    THe card game “Uno” is the perfect game to have around for such gatherings. Everyone of all ages can easily play, and the kids often love it. We use that game a lot when we have company. It fills some time when there is not an activity on the schedule. Old photo albums with pictures of their parents can be fun for the kids to look at as well.

    The Bald Eagle Center up the road should be entertaining for such a crew, as well.

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      1. uno is a stick it in someone’s ear game
        we play a card game called golf where strategy, memory and luck all play a role

        the winner wins instead of the loser getting stuck


        1. 2’s &jacks are free and don’t require being paired up

          so in a game where counting the numbers matters those two being free is a meaningful difference

          good game


  5. My mom and the PA sister, Ellen, made it back from Pennsylvania Tuesday afternoon. Ellen is hanging around MN for a while.
    She and a BIL had a falling out over politics so she won’t be staying over there anymore. Another sister is having health issues so while she spends time over there with her, doesn’t stay there.
    We’re remodeling bedrooms so can’t stay with us. But that all gave her the opportunity to find a really nice B&B near Mantorville that she’s enjoying. We don’t have to entertain her but I am taking her to the show I worked on and the family is trying to find a time we can all get together for dinner.

    I like the idea of using your place as the base and all going from there.

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  6. Few quests. My sister and bil come now and then with little warning. He is difficult, as I have explained before. They stay in a motel but are usually running through going home from visiting kids in Cities. Our second bed does not fit well for him and is not convenient. I have lost all that old deep connection I had with her.
    Son and his son come for a week at end of Sept. My son and daughter were once close, now it is sibling rivalry, sort of, and big contrast of character.
    My daughter and family love some pig game you buy in a box. I will check up on it.

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  7. I’m not very good at entertaining guests. Luckily, guest are few and far between here, usually oldest daughter and her fam (husband and 2 kids) once or twice a year, and youngest daughter once in a while. Youngest daughter came last month for a few days and brought a friend, who was easy to get along with and a very pleasant person. In fact, youngest daughter is coming back next week and I told her I was a little disappointed her friend wasn’t coming, too.

    My only advice is to plan the food ahead of time so at least that important part of life isn’t a hassle.

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  8. If you go up to the Eagle Center, you should also stop at Lark Toys.
    I see there’s a riding stable near Winona. With three girls to entertain, that might come in handy. There’s a car and toy museum (Elmer’s) in Fountain City and an Arms and Armor Museum (Castlerock) in Alma. Prairie Moon sculpture garden is just outside of Fountain City
    It’s good to have some options…

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  9. I haven’t had time to read all the comments, so I apologize if this has been mentioned, but I highly recommend the Lark Toy Store complex in Kellogg, MN. Should be an easy trek from Winona, I think and, depending on the temperaments of the girls, there should be something for everyone. Good luck. I’d be a frazzled mess trying to keep everyone happy while they’re here and a wet dishrag for about s week after they leave. But, i’d still be glad they came. KISS (Keep It Simple Sister). Good luck!

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