Regulatory Hats

I have mentioned before that I serve on a regulatory board in my state.  One of my fellow board members often speaks about wearing our “regulatory hats” and making sure we don’t confuse our clinical sensibilities  with our regulatory duties.  My mind is not regulated, and when she says this I often wonder what a Regulatory Hat looks like. This is what I want my regulatory hat to look like:

This is a hat worn by Lord Nelson.  I think it is swell, and would command a lot of respect.  You could wear it front to back or side to side, depending on your mood. I may order one tomorrow.

What headgear suits you?  What hat expresses your personality? What hats do you wear?


25 thoughts on “Regulatory Hats”

  1. A yellow hardhat covered with stickers from dozens of job sites and safety orientation sessions. I’ll be wearing it canvassing for Aftab Pureval, Ohio First Congressional District. It’s a tough go as this is one of the many gerrymandered districts in Ohio.

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  2. Metaphoric hats, have worn too many.
    Real hats, I always wear a billed cap. I have many to choose from. Bill keeps light out of my eyes, well, to some extent. I have light hair which is hard to keep in place. Cap holds it there. Yesterday supervisor of transportation at Vine drove me to MRI. I was not wearing my cap. He almost did not recognize me. Said he did not realize I have all white hat.
    I have a blog in mind about one of my billed caps.

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    1. Building maintenance man almost always wears a cap. He looks very different with it off because he is bald on top, which I do not expect. And his head is quite round, which the cap disguises.


  3. I dislike wearing hats in general, but wear one in midsummer while golfing during midday to keep the sun off my scalp (Even though it looks like I have a full head of hair, it’s thinning so much I actually got sunburned one day!) I wear a stocking cap in winter when it’s cold enough.

    Metaphorically speaking, we all wear many different hats. I suppose I have the usual ones–husband, money manager, writer, son, sibling, friend, etc. But I sure wish someone would come up with a really cool-looking thinking cap. 😉 I might actually wear that.

    Chris in O-town

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  4. My ‘everyday’ seed corn cap got fairly dirty recently. (Working too hard I guess). Too dirty to wear in polite company, so had to find an alternate “everyday” hat. Same seed corn company, different hat…
    Unless I know I’ll be getting dirty, then I can go back to the first hat.

    Yesterday I put on my ‘Write-snotty-email-replies’ hat… and my ‘set construction’ hat.

    Kelly, and lot of other people, got stuck in Rochester about 5 PM yesterday as they shut down Hwy 52 for the President to get into town. Took her 45 minutes to get out.
    I stayed away.

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  5. I just want to wear a tiara — and enjoy all the other cool stuff that comes with being a princess. 🙂

    There’s always People magazines in our lunchroom at work for some reason. So I’ll scan them real quick to see the new Princesses’ outfits and hats on their many outings and pictures.

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  6. Currently my favorite hat is an Umbrella Hat (see
    that I wear to the Farmers Market to protest the fact that they have no shade there since they relocated. Other than that, I guess it would be my straw gardening hat.

    OT: We just got back today from road trip to Southeast USA. Time constraints prevented me from keeping up with the Trail… looks like I missed some good ones – I have a lot of reading to do!


  7. I am more of a ear muff and scarf kind of gal. For many years I had an Indiana Jones fedora that I wore around for fun, but it got chewed by a dog quite a while back. I do have a few knitted hats but that’s about it. I own a few baseball cap type hats but never wear them.

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  8. I don’t much like wearing hats in the wintertime because of their tendency to foment static electricity. Like VS I prefer ear muffs. I do have a couple of straw hats I like to wear in warm weather.

    Here is a video of Leave Your Hat On in which, interestingly, no hat ever makes an appearance.

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