Digital Nuptials

A Japanese man made the news this week when he married a holographic version of an anime character.   He had a formal wedding ceremony with invited guests, white tux and a reception afterwards.  The hologram is capable of simple greetings and can also turn the lights on and off.  People online are referring to the groom as “digi-sexual” and saying it’s a new trend in people relating to their artificial intelligence devices in addition to their human interactions.

The young man actually makes a compelling argument for how he feels when he interacts with the hologram and that it’s made a difference in his life. Hard to argue with that, although I’m not sure I’d want a relationship in which I completely control every variable. But it’s his life and his marriage isn’t a legally binding contract, so if he meets another holographic anime character that he likes better, he can move on fairly easily.

Imagine your current spouse/relationship (if you have one) doesn’t exist. What cartoon character would YOU choose to marry?

34 thoughts on “Digital Nuptials”

  1. Two quick comments:

    “I’m not sure I’d want a relationship in which I completely control every variable.” Think about that. If one person controls everything, it isn’t a relationship, is it?

    I don’t understand this, but the Japanese seem bizarrely inclined to create faux pets and faux human partners and faux toy friends. Worse, after creating ersatz creatures the Japanese want to bond with them. Why? I find this deeply creepy.

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  2. Sully from Monsters Inc. He’s fuzzy and blue and has a heart of gold. Also is willing to speak up for what’s right, fighting the system for good. And did I mention fuzzy?

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I am with Steve on this one—deeply creepy. I cannot even think of a character with such appeal. I am inventorying the cartoon characters of my childhood (all “banned and forbidden” by my mother as unnecessary because cartoons interfered with getting the work done). We watched them only when mom was away from the house.

    Yosemite Sam— too much like my Uncle Bob
    Heckle and Jekyll—birdlike
    Foghorn Leghorn—just such a chicken
    Bugs Bunny—clearly hyperactive and too prone to disasters
    Elmer Fudd—into dangerous gunplay and obsessed with Bugs
    Popeye—maybe, but he is into Oliveoyl, so kind of hopeless
    Dudley DooRight. Hmmm. Maybe
    Really the only option though is Secret Squirrel. Otherwise mom might find out.

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  4. Prince Philip. Handsome, good voice, nice dancer, good touch with animals and the fair folk and willing, if needed, to fight a fire breathing dragon for me. Oh, and a good kisser.

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    1. Really, though, he lacks depth. For years now he has had only two functions in life— overpowering the witch and dragon, and kissing. He just never moves beyond that. No growth or maturity ever. But his horse is loyal.


  5. after reading Jackie‘s list of became apparent to me that all relevant cartoon characters are male
    Minnie mouse and whoever Donald duck girlfriend is our simply minor characters with a little personality
    Snow white Cinderella and sleeping beauty are done in cartoon form but in reality they are storybook characters

    all other cartoon characters are male huckleberry hound underdog Tom Tom terrific and his mighty dog man credit al kabong yogi Sylvester the cat tweety bird goofy Pluto

    help me think of a female
    The only feminine cartoon characters Pepe le pew


    1. My dear, Pepe la Pew is not only male but a cartoon poster-child of male harrassment!

      How about Betty Boop, or She-Ra or Kim Possible or even Betty and Wilma from The Flintstones. Or my favorite, Helen Parr (Elastigirl).

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  6. If I were seeking a long-term relationship, I’d go for Belle (of Beauty and the Beast). If I were being practical, Cinderella would do. But I have to confess, I once met the living carnation of Betty Boop and I was so taken with her I almost made a fool of myself.

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      1. I hadn’t seen this before today, but I was thinking of Puss In Boots from the first Shrek movie and looked on YouTube for a clip of him. Went down a bit of a rabbit hole. I didn’t know there was such a Puss In Boots archive available. Try searching “Puss In Boots Dance Fight” on YouTube.


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