Seeing Things

We had snow and ice fog on Saturday, and it stayed  foggy all night.  We came out of church Sunday morning to find the skies had cleared leaving a  thick coating of frost on the trees. Every branch and tree needle was outlined in white.  We take the same route home from church, past the college with its trees, past a pine tree covered butte that rises sharply a couple of  blocks from our house.  I  have seen these same trees for 30 years, but the frost and brilliant blue sky illuminated them to make it seem I was noticing them for the first time. In an hour the wind came and blew it all away.

What have you been noticing lately?

28 thoughts on “Seeing Things”

  1. Outdoors – Since there is no snow here right now (!) I’ve been able to walk on sidewalks more than usual for this time of year. I notice frost on leaves and grass (and weeds), the bare vines that will hold Virginia creeper which will (eventually) choke out this shrub if allowed to grow unchecked in the warm months.

    Indoors – I used to like having everything visible on open shelves. Now I’m noticing that it adds to the visual clutter. An example would be the crate-style shelf that hold our CDs – I’d prefer to have them in some kind of (small) cabinet.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    We are noticing all the desert critters—hummingbirds, desert quail, coyotes, javelinas. In the landscape we are seeing the stark desert mountains, which are so different than the Midwest landscape which defined my early life.

    Then there is the noticing area rugs. After the new floor was installed we needed area rugs. I spent hours online shopping for the living room area rug, noticing every little quality. We finally chose one after inventorying the relatives.

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  3. I’m going to bed earlier. Going potty more frequently. Getting up earlier. Saying “What did you say?” a lot. Rubbing an ache in my right arm. Shaving my ears and nostrils. Not knowing who is featured at Super Bowl halftime.

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        1. Those halftime performers are different people? I’ve been thinking there are only three or four pop musicians these days. They have several different costumes, masks and names, but they all sound and act alike.

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        2. I see ‘The Who’ is coming around again in September. I’m tempted because they’re performing with symphony’s this time… I’m sorry; Roger and Pete, you’re just not the singers / performers you used to be. I have a poster in my office; i’m looking at it now, of Pete back in the ’80’s. I prefer to remember that concert from 1983. When he could still windmill… And Roger could still twirl a mic…

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  4. Hi Renee– the trees sure are pretty when they’re all coated like that.

    I’ve been noticing the stars lately; I love how clear and crisp the stars appear in winter. And Venus and Jupiter at about 6AM. This morning there was a jet contrail right across the middle of the sky and it was all just beautiful.

    I had a car accident back middle of December. It wasn’t serious meaning I wasn’t hurt much; just my thumb and shoulder from the airbag going off in the steering wheel. And the car was totaled but that doesn’t take much either these days.
    So even thought I tried to drive defensively before, I’m much more aware (nervous) of merging traffic and people pulling into traffic. Because that’s what happen; I saw him; he had stopped. And then he pulled out in front of me.

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  5. It is foggy here again today. the old time weather prognosticators here say if we have fog we will have snow in three days, three weeks, or three months. Pretty safe predicting, I think.

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  6. Last week I walked around the block and noticed some beautiful ice patterns on the sidewalk from where the little bit of snow had melted and then refroze into ice.

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  7. We’re sitting here in the hills of the southern west Valley, marvelling at the rain that’s falling normally for the first time in years. Some people are having trouble with mud slides, brought on by the horrific fires of last November, while others in glorious places like Point Dumé (Malibu) mourn the losses of their homes, their ashes mingling with rubble and mud. I feel fortunate sitting in my living room, watching the trees shed rain drops, fortunate not to have been in the fire zone, happy to be alive.

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    1. The phenomenon of fog hovering low over a moor in Denmark is referred to as “mosekonen brygger.” I love that expression, it’s so evocative; it means the “moorwoman is brewing.”

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  8. I’m noticing how much more daylight we have already. My houseplants in the living room are bending toward it in the afternoon, and the ones on the cooler porch that get the morning sunlight are growing vigorously. It’s pretty nippy outside, but spring is coming, folks!

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    1. I noticed this yesterday as well… it was still a little bit light when I came out of work. Now I need it light when I leave the house in the morning.

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  9. I think I probably have noticed things but unless I get nudged (like PJ mentioning the longer days), I can’t think of anything! I don’t know if I just notice so much that it hardly registers or if I’m just brain dead these days!!

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  10. OT – Tonight I’ve watched a Netflix special of “Springsteen on Broadway.” It’s wonderful. I’ve not been a huge Springsteen fan, though I recognize what an immense talent he is, but this filmed one man show is really worth watching. Here’s a quote from Indie Wire: “Springsteen on Broadway” might be the single best thing that Netflix has ever done. Which isn’t to say that it’s a better film than “Roma” or “Private Life” — or that it’s even a film, at all (it’s categorized as a “special”) — but that it epitomizes the full potential of a platform so large that it tends to crush whatever it touches.” I urge you, don’t miss it. You can thank me later.

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