I Wish I Could Be Sadder About It…..

Thanks to YA’s boyfriend being sick, I had a near-perfect week!

Based on the minimal information YA was sharing (or was given most probably), Boyfriend had strep but waited until late Saturday to go to the MinuteClinic and was in no mood for company or companionship the entire weekend. And this is the first Saturday of YA’s summer work schedule, which means her Saturday morning is clear.  She was up early and rarin’ to go!

We made a quick stop at the library, a stop at the hardware store (where there was a dog to pet), time at the gym, some shopping at the co-op. While we were shopping she decided she wanted to make a particular recipe so we bought her ingredients as well.  She said she wanted to do cooking first before yardwork, so we spent a nice hour in the kitchen.  I made corn chowder in my instant pot and a fried halloumi salad; she made a black bean, corn, mango salsa in lettuce cups.  Then yardwork – some together but some separate – me in the front, her in the back.  She even made a little fire in the fire pit which we enjoyed for a bit.  Then we walked up to dinner at The Malt Shop, during which she actually put her phone away.

Then on Sunday, she did some homework while I had time in my studio, then we spent a few hours doing the Open Streets on Lyndale festival. She suggested we walk instead of bike so we could pet dogs more easily.  This was a great suggestion – we lost count of how many dogs we had petted around the 50 mark!  Mini donuts, animal petting zoo, shave ice and some of the prettiest dark purple miniature irises I’ve ever seen.  She had more homework so I spent a little more time in my studio.

Really the only semi-rough patch in the whole weekend was when I had to not be negative when she died her hair purple on Saturday night! And even then, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined it would be.

When was the last time you benefited from someone else’s bad times?



27 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Be Sadder About It…..”

        1. Sort of. I think of schadenfreude as taking pleasure in another’s misfortune even though it doesn’t benefit you personally. If, during his speech at the state dinner in London, Trump had accidentally wet his pants, I would experience schadenfreude.

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  1. Not at all! I find this question really fascinating. And I know I’ve gotten opportunities because someone else got sick or had issues or something. Who doesn’t want to swoop in and save the day??
    I just can’t come up with any memories at the moment.

    Slightly OT, with my current leg situation, A few people have suggested I would be slowing down and finding others to do my work. And that is really pissing me off! I want to say to them “F**K No!”.
    I really enjoy my life and where I’m at and what I do.
    I was run down, yes, but I attribute that mostly to the cold I’d been fighting. (Or maybe there was something underlying it I was fighting) but the ‘work’ that I do, that was all manageable. Nothing different this year than any other year. And yes, sometimes I have too many projects going (who doesn’t?) But often it’s just for a day or two. I just need to get through “This” and then I can deal with “That”. Right? Help me justify that people.

    So to all those naysayers, I say ‘Stand Back and watch!’
    Tis but a flesh wound!

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  2. Well, if you change “times” to “luck” – I benefitted the previous weekend when I won at a card game…

    I got to talk recently with our friend W, who has Parkinson’s – he continues to amaze me at times with insights and an attitude that “surely all is unfolding as it should”. I am learning a lot from him if I choose to listen.

    Sounds like a delightful weekend, VS – it’s really nice that there are so many things the two of you enjoy doing together!

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  3. There are not many lighting designers down here in Rochester. And there is a surprising amount of theater down here.

    Last fall, the woman who is the technical director and lighting designer at one of the theaters got a concussion. Her third in fact. She’s had a hard time recovering. So I lit a show last fall that was kind of tough to fit into my schedule but I was glad to help her out.
    And then a stagehand from the civic center “retired” from his real stagehand job and starting doing lighting at many other places. And he’s been covering for the first lady and lighting all her shows.
    He laughs about being ‘Retired’. Guess he only really retired from being a stagehand.
    But it was sure lucky he did WHEN he did and is able to cover all these shows. And he was covering for me last week at my school.

    We all try and train new people but the college kids move away. It’s an ongoing struggle.
    I have a new young man learning the tech stuff and I know he’ll be here at least another year.

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  4. OT: here’s an update on our family’s move. My last day in Michigan will be June 17. As of the 18th, I’ll be a Minnesotan again. We think I’ve got an apartment lined up in a building near West 7th in Saint Paul. For a few days before and after the move I will not be connected to the internet. My daughter’s family will be in a tall apartment building near the Ford Bridge.

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      1. That’s sweet of you, Jacque. I can’t think of parties now. There are too many things to do to make this happen. You might think that having moved twice in recent years would make another move easy. Nope.

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  5. That is exactly how I feel about my current eye situation. I have been battling colds, a virus or two, and this allergy thing now. I think it is related to work stress in March and April that is more managable. Slowing down is not an option. I just need to rest a little so I can plunge in again.

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  6. I can’t think of anything for the original question. However I can think of some benefits for my current bad times however. The main one is cancer has forced me to get my life in order. That includes things like getting a will made (yes, yes, I know I should have done that long ago), arranging to donate my (dead) body to Mayo, and making a list called ICOD (in case of death) instructions and contacts), teaching youngest daughter how to take care of my digital images, making a health care directive, making the yard and garden upkeep simpler to upkeep, etc etc.

    But, really, I would rather not have my life in order and be healthy. Even if I was several pounds overweight before and am not now.

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    1. Oh, one more benefit: I got (had) to buy new clothes since I lost weight and am enjoying wearing clothes that aren’t as ragged as my old ones.

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  7. This winter son#1 broke his elbow (on the ice, of course). It got a bit complicated with surgery, doctor suggesting a brace not needed followed by a PT who said he should have had one, not being able to drive, his daughter having pneumonia, black mold discovered in their “new” house, etc.
    The “joy” I gleaned was similar to VS’s. He couldn’t drive for a while and needed to get to PT and other appointments. I enjoyed the time alone with him (though it was just driving to Methodist, etc.)

    A bit of background because I have been off the Trail so long – my firstborn was living in California and I couldn’t imagine his returning to Minnesota. He and his wife were connected to the film/TV world and what is there here? They had two delightful children – Wolfgang (Wolfie), now 4 1/2 and Hazel, now 2.
    About 2 years ago, they started to discuss moving to Minnesota. I tried to squelch my delight until it became real. They moved to a rental in St Louis Park and got non-TV/Film jobs.Then, in April they bought a house 5 MINUTES from me.
    So I am fully immersed in grandmotherhood. Wolfie called me the other day with his dad’s phone and said, “Nonni, can you come play?”
    It doesn’t get better.
    (the two grandchildren also explain why the only time I can talk with my son one-on-one is in the car, alone!

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  8. I took my retirement money out of the stock market when 45 was inaugurated. The move proved to be at least premature, maybe altogether wrong. But anytime the stock market is going down, I feel a bit happy about it. I know it’s hurting other people, but I still can’t help feeling that way. If there were a significant drop, he wouldn’t be able to brag about it anymore.

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    1. I know how you feel, Linda. I left most of mine in, but feel torn because I know full well that my gains are a sick indicator that the market is driven by confidence in the evil policies of the current administration.


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