New Phase of the Moon

NASA has been back in the news with the announcement that a return trip to the moon is in the works for 2024. And this means that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is back in the news with HIS announcement that he wants to bankroll 6-8 artists to go with him on a SpaceX flight affectionately named “Dear Moon”. He says that taking artists to space would allow them to “communicate their experiences to the masses in new ways”.

Of course, this project is just in the offing and we’ll have to see if it comes to fruition by 2024.

Would you want to travel to the moon? Or Mars?  Or beyond?

31 thoughts on “New Phase of the Moon”

    1. Let me explain. I recently traveled 634 miles from Michigan to Minnesota. I hurt for three days after that. Earth to Moon is 238,900 miles. That is 370 times as far. So I’d hurt for 1,110 days. I think I’ll pass on that one.

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  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Also firmly earthbound here.

    I think the influence of the very old and uninspiring TV show, “Lost in Space” is visible here. That show convinced me that space travel was/is not for me. Early on as a child I would regularly run away from my mother. That lasted until the stakes were raised from just trying to scare her to my deciding to never come back because I was just sick of her controlling behavior. That decision resulted in my getting really, really lost. It was the last time I did that. I realized my choice was to just cope with the things I did not like. Ever since then I have been reluctant to go places where I might get hopelessly lost in a dangerous place. That brings me back to “Lost in Space.”

    The Lost in Space show validated my desire to not run away or be lost again. For one thing the adults seemed to have no coping or problem-solving skills, leaving Will Robinson (I think that was his name?) one of the show’s children to do that. HIs solutions, while brilliant, were also childish.

    The set also demonstrated a real lack of resources in space. That concerned me then and concerns me now, although they did apparently have oxygen. The bare bones set design of the show must have been an accountant’s dream come true. It could not have cost much.

    There were also problems with the robot, in my eyes. Nothing more than an aluminum foil covered some base shape. Also the computerized voice seemed really dependent on Will to keep the robot operational. Hmmm. How did that work?

    So I am happily earthbound here in Minneapolis, content to view the moon from here.

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  2. We have opted to drive to Denver for my father in law’s funeral. Although it is a direct flight (on a pretty small jet) from Dickinson to Denver, we don’t want the hassle and expense of flying and renting a car and meeting the airline deadlines etc. The date of the funeral is still to be decided. I think we will find out today. The drive will take us through the Black Hills and a pretty part of eastern Wyoming. Southeast Wyoming and northeast Colorado aren’t too interesting, though.

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  3. I have been watching the PBS Apollo specials; it’s all fascinating and just so incredibly cool. I’d love to fly in a rocket or go into space. Travel to the moon? Heck yes! Travel to Mars? Well, if they figure out how to speed it up, YES! But… what do I do once there? How long do I have to stay on the moon. Would there be a chance for boredom to set in?? Just curious; they always say it’s not the destination but the journey. So this is a little of both.
    There’s also a Sunday night ‘Apollo Chronicles’ on network TV but it’s half commercials. And I see there’s another PBS show coming on the 17th. Really, how many times can we tell the same story??
    Speaking of stories and protagonists, I learned a new word the other day: “Deuteragonist”. Never heard of that before.

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        1. Well, agonist would be someone who had a reaction to Deuteronomy. It is different than an antagonist.


  4. I am at home today resting and attempting to recover from the airplane cold that attacked my respiratory system upon our return home from NYC. Devising definitions is appealing today.


  5. I think you’re right about the worry part, Renee. I’m hoping they are able to control her pain so she can get some rest. It’s such a helpless feeling to be able to do nothing. Lots of positive and healing energy heading your way, Edith.

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