Too Hot to Shop?

Wowser! Over lunch I decided to run a couple of errands so I wouldn’t have to do them after work.  (I hate doing errands on a Friday after work – I just want to get home!)  And, of course, the heat and humidity is in the “you’ve got to be kidding me” range.   As I walked through the doors at Joann’s, the first big display is all about fall.  Pumpkins, dried vine wreaths, autumn wall hangings, the works.  Nothing specific to Halloween that I saw, but I was making a beeline to the fabric section.  I’m guessing that if I’d wandered past the initial display I would have seen stuff for little ghosts and ghouls.  It was so incongruous to me that they are selling items for the fall when it’s mid-July and 94° outside.  If I weren’t already overheated from Mother Nature, it would make my temperature go up!

I’m not sure why this drives me so crazy, but when retail jumps the gun on holidays and seasons, I just dig in a little more. I just want to celebrate the season I’m in, thank you very much- no need to start stocking up on pumpkin-themed items just yet.  And of course I’ve ranted here before about the Hallmark Channel running Christmas movies for weeks at a time during the summer months.  I adore holiday movies (well maybe not all the Hallmark ones) but they definitely have their place in my world.  And that place begins the day after Thanksgiving and not before.

So I guess I’ll just have to stubbornly keep ignoring the fall displays and the holiday movies until I’m ready. Sorry retail America.

What gets your temperature heated up?  What do you do to cool off?

44 thoughts on “Too Hot to Shop?”

  1. I got cooled off, and drenched, when I went to our little local West Side Farmers’ Market this morning. Now that I’m back home, the rain has eased up, and after I dry out I may head back over there. Staying put for now with a cup of tea and a slice of the fresh baguette I picked up while I was there.

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      1. Oh you woman of little imagination. I had my slice of pumpernickel for breakfast before I ventured out; an open faced potato, cucumber, radish and dill with a dab of mayo. The baguette is just a special treat as my reward for venturing out when any fool could see that it was only a matter of time before the deluge.

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        1. I was thinking of you and your pumpernickel this morning when I was having some tomato basil foccacia with chow chow for breakfast#

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        2. im with the holiday station food crowd. it drives me nuts. i made em stop at taco bell. the spicy potato taco for a buck is my kind of breakfast. two or those and a cup of my tea and im good. last night i tried microwave quesadilla with fake sausage. it hit the spot. this traveling with heathens is for the birds. ill take the foodies any time.

          how quickly do you have to finish the pumpernickel before hans gets home?

          finished mt rushmore last night it was delightful enen though they are redoing anything having to do with the north by northwest era. all thats left is a patio with wonderful pair of fireplaces they used to cook dinner on for the workers. the sign at the monument names the workers form 1917 – 1940 and there is a list of only about 100 people total. incredible

          cray hores is a work in progress thats so slow i dont even care any more. how the hell do you not get the money together to do cray horse? its the coolest thing ever and the shacks and mickey mouse presentation matchehs the snails pace they proceed at in we dont have enough money to proceed postings when you go in. it is so counter productive to do it this way its unbelievable. ownership shoud be replaces and let one of the fundraising ditties can send chunks of cray horse bling for a 10 dollar contributin uuntil 500 million is raised. complete cray horse partio with stones cut to your request ? 1000 per 100 sq ft’ fire pit? 350 bucks.
          certificatre of authenticity? included with free admission to the exhibit for life. with ony $10 a year for parking.

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        3. Guess that entrepreneurial brain of yours never takes a day off. Also assuming that crays hores is what the rest of us refer to as Crazy Horse? Have a splendid trip, those heathen travel companions notwithstanding.

          As to the pumpernickel, no worries, it’s almost all gone; maybe three more slices to go.

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        4. For supper we had gnocchi with fresh basil pesto minutes from the garden, beets, also from the garden and for dessert a bit of ice cream with raspberries, from, you guessed it, the garden. From now through October I just love eating.

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        5. Do you make your own gnocchi, Jacque? It’s sounds like a wonderful, fresh meal. You just can’t go wrong with fresh this time of year.


      2. I do not make my own gnocchi. (I am sure Renee and Chris do). I use the frozen gnocchi from Broders, or Pauli meats in Eveleth. In a pinch I will use the pre-packaged stuff from Byerlys which I do not like as much. However, the basil and garlic were so fresh and pungent last night it covered the poor quality gnocchi.

        Next weekend we go to Eveleth to visit our friends there, so we will load up on sausages and gnocchi from Paulis.

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        1. Husband says he saw the recipe in one of our recipe binders recently, so now I won’t worry and wonder.


        2. If anyone is interested, search Lost Italian Gnocchi recipe. It is the one I use and was published in the Grand Forks Herald.


  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Shopping is not something I enjoy anyway, so it would only rile me up, leaving me overheated. Right now to cool off I am sitting here on the porch watching the rainstorm and enjoying the cool breeze. There are some spectacular lightening bolts flashing, as well. I unplugged my computer to reduce exposure to surges, they are so close.

    Yesterday I sat in a meeting in at DHS in St. Paul that heated up a number of people who were present, launching one person into a verbal diatribe towards another. These are therapists, mind you. Emotional regulation was in short supply. One of the parties is litigious and scares everyone with threats and actual litigation. That person has successfully tied up several others in court For Years. The mere presence of that individual in the meeting heated up the room. The DHS deputy director shut the exchange down and cooled off the room. It was dazzling. She is now my hero.

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      1. She just looked at them (made a cutoff hand motion) and said “we are not going there. Next comment.”

        It was so heated that I was surprised that they took it from her, especially the one person. But they just stopped.

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  3. I am happy to report that the white supremacist across the street took down his Confederate flag. That has helped improve my mood.

    He has a very friendly lab cross named “Sarge” who keeps escaping from his yard and wants to play with me. I keep bringing Sarge back home, and last weekend we had to put Sarge in our fenced back yard since he and his wife had gone shopping. They said they are grateful we are so kind to their dog .

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    1. Good for you. Maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Do you think he took it down because he knows or suspects it’s offensive to you, Renee?


  4. and maybe if you could find a couple kids in a wind wanted ad the flag could come done again in a predetermined wind event that you could order up.
    $10 to a closed mouth accomplice could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
    round up the usual suspects

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  5. i have rules at my house that are ongoing rules tha most everyone abides by. there are special circumstances but the y better be real instances of need not just a whoops
    never under any circumstances bring um my sister, my ex wife or my mothers family. all result in cancer
    keep discussions to a minimum. they are spirited and should not be forbidden but my mom wants to turn every discussion into a rant and its exhausting.
    cool down
    podcasts about items i care about. ted talks on being tim ferris lots of good stuff. like car talk this maericam life, and others i can dial up like leave it to beaver or andy of mayberry to take me to my happy place. movies. harvey is the 6′ 3″ rabbit form my favorite movie and he is on display out back at wall drug. my family does not travel well. lots of rolling of eyes and maybe the windows down with no ac is adding to the volatility but asking for pictures with harvey of me, my wife my daughter my wife and me my daughter and me my wife and my daughter alone make the smiles appear if only for a second. 40 hours of rolling wheels since wednesday at 430 am leaves my partners in travel less than perfect as far as happy smiling entities go. me on the other hand. i am the perfect example of travel guru with medatative chants, earphones and a bag of cherries almost gone to keep my mojo working

    and a hot bathe every morning before the troops arise with my email and browser ready to let me retreat into the black hole of internet interest and business.
    if there were 6 of me wed all be behind

    ot thinking of clyde;
    i should do a guest blog on the wonders of micro dosing so actually never mind. i will discuss it there.

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        1. Well, of course you’re assuming I’m right, and I might not be. But we do know that tim uses homeopathic medicines, and what could be more micro doses than that?

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  6. I too get incensed at the early seasonal stuff in stores. I think most people are, so why do the do it? You can’t tell me there’s a real market for it yet!

    Rampant greed for power or money – every time I read another story about this I become speechless – can’t put into words the injustice I feel.

    I am also regularly speechless at 45’s shenanigans, but also at the idiots who are with him, and how easy it is to pull the wool over their eyes – the things that people WANT to believe…

    To cool off, it’s best to go outside and take a walk, which is once again possible, and looks like it will be for the next couple of weeks!

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    1. I just listened to Preet Bararha’s podcast in which he interviewed the conservative columnist, George Will, who thinks #45 is boring. Actually he may be right. It is the same old outrage over and over. BiR, I think he is able to con his gullible voters by telling them what they want to hear and they don’t seem to notice that they are the ones he takes advantage of. It is a slight of hand. He gets them upset about something then rips them off.

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  7. Evening Kids— I have been getting heated up about the bad drivers lately. It just seems to be getting worse. They get in the turn lane, but then for some inexplicable reason, have to swing back out into your lane when making the turn! DRives me crazy. Or not turning headlights on when it’s raining. What is wrong with you people?

    Loud music cools me off.

    Here at home we have no AC but lots of fans. But days like yesterday… I sweat just standing still. In the shade.
    I picked kohlrabi from the garden. Stood in the kitchen cutting it up and sweating. Cripes.

    This mornings storms took down a few trees and branch’s on the township road coming into our place. I called my friend John, he’s another township supervisor, and we started cutting them up. Then the next round of storms came through and we didn’t think standing out there was the best place to be. Plus he needed a new chainsaw blade anyway. We took a break. A couple hours later we finished clearing the road. Did some stuff at home and then the power went off. A nice calm afternoon and the power goes off?? What the what!
    That was 4:00. We went to town for pizza. But now it’s 9:20 and still no power. I do have a big generator and since I hadn’t had to use it for several years I hooked that to the tractor and we have lights and water and keeping food cold. And thank you it’s not yesterdays weather. I’d be much more miserable.
    Another hour or so and I’ll turn off the tractor and we’ll all go to bed.

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    1. Here is hoping your power is restored. I do admire you self-reliant folks with their own generators. The refrigerator and freezer are always the challenge. We had an 8 hour outage earlier this summer, and things were starting to soften by the time the power was back.

      This morning I am again enjoying this fresh and lovely morning on the porch. After breakfast I will spray myself with bug repellent and go weed. Again. It is hard to keep up this year. I tried it without repellent Tuesday evening for a few minutes. I am still scratching at the bug bites I gathered. One of them has been spectacularly swollen and itchy.

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      1. Yes, weed while the ground is soft and moist! Our smoke alarm started beeping at 5:30, so I ended up getting up and going outside early early with a cup of tea, then did a bunch of weeding – finally found the basie!


    2. Got power back about 11PM. The co-op website was saying crews were about done for the night and if you were still out, prepare to be out overnight.
      We all got ready for bed and I turned off the generator about 10:45.
      And 15 minutes later the power came back.

      Thanks to all the electric line workers and crews clearing trees and whomever I missed. We appreciate it!

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  8. Heard the local ice cream truck today. Among the songs it played, after “When the Saints Go Marching In”, were “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, “Deck the Halls”, and “O Tannenbaum”, segueing into “La Cucaracha”. Let’s all sing along with Christmas carols in July! With ice cream!

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