Taking My Show On The Road

The following is an excerpt from an article in our local paper, The Dickinson Press, for September 17, 2019, written by reporter Josiah Cuellar.

“An 18-wheeler loaded with a massive, four-ton potato, on its annual tour of the country, stopped by The Hub at West Dakota Oils which was having their grand reopening Tuesday, Sept. 17.  The Big Idaho Potato crew filled up and welcomed the public to get photos and ask questions to the truck driver, Melissa Bradford, and the “Tater Twins,” Kaylee Wells and Jessica Coulthard.  “No two potatoes look alike, neither do the Tater Twins,” Wells said.  “It’s just a really fun campaign,” Coulthard added. The annual tour began in 2012, and the popularity of it keeps bringing the colossal spud back. “They built the potato truck to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Idaho Potato Commission,” Coulthard said,  “It was originally supposed to be one-year tour, but it got so popular they just kept it going.”  While every trip in the giant, potato-shaped truck is unique, this year’s tour is extra special because it features the first all-female group. “We are the first all-female team that they had on tour,” Wells said. “We get to show other women that you can do anything that you put your mind to, that you can succeed in a man’s world; you can do whatever you want.””

Ok. I think this is pretty silly and weirdly wonderful.  No matter what happens in the next few weeks in Washington, I think it is important to remember that this is what makes us a great nation.

What would you like to load up on a big truck and take on tour? Where would you take it?

42 thoughts on “Taking My Show On The Road”

      1. Yes, the giant potato truck and the entire tour idea, especially with an all-female crew. 🙂 Just struck me as funny/silly/so typically American, and hard to believe, yet seeing is believing.



  1. If yesterday’s comments are any indication, we should take a giant block of (really good cheddar) cheese, several baboons could alternate talking about the wonders of the dairy industry, but esp. cheese. Whoever signs up gets to plan the itinerary.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I am taking my knee on the road to the Dr,’s office this morning for my first check up—no semi involved, though. More later.

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    1. The knee got a good first report–the dressing is gone and the stitches removed. The nurse measured flexibility bending and straight for future reference. So far the progress is good.

      “But it hurts,” she whined.

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      1. Congratulations! Progress indeed!

        I’m Impressed-
        You had a knee replaced and they have you walking right away? No scooter? No cast? Just up and walking?


        1. They had me up and walking the day of the surgery. I am done with the walker and now walking with the cane. The rehab today was really painful. Now the PT is going for knee flexion. I am just wiped.

          No cast, no scooter. Apparently they have discovered that immediate movement and aggressive PT reduces scar tissue and increases quick recovery. Did I mention that it hurts?

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  3. Each December there is a Holiday Train that comes through Winona, Wabasha, et al. – part of the Canadian Pacific Railway Holiday Train that has stops through the US first half of December –

    “At each stop on the Holiday Train’s schedule, the beautifully decorated and lighted train pulls up and one side of a box car opens to reveal a music stage with the band ready to entertain the crowds who flock to see it each year and also bring along food to donate to local food banks. All Holiday Train stops in the US will also feature Canadian country music artist Kelly Prescott.”

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  4. The lighting company ‘ETC’ has a hardcore dedicated group of fans. ETC has swag for sale at their store including the usual shirts and hats, but also water bottles, USB sticks, backpacks and now they’ve started offereing pillows shaped like a Source Four light fixture.
    I thought it was kinda dumb, but people are going crazy for them.

    They could make a 2 ton pillow, load it on a semi, and drive that around the country.
    Heck, they make a ‘mini’ souce four (I have 2!) why not make a giant source four?? It would be huge!!

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  5. Potatoes, as you know, are planted using chunks of previous potatoes, each with an eye, but in order to develop a new variety of potato you have to secure seeds from a potato plant. For some reason, seed balls are uncommon. Like apple seeds, potato seeds apparently don’t yield true to the parent but produce crossed varieties, most of which are inferior to the parent. Luther Burbank as a teenager was trying to cross potato varieties and found a seed ball. I’ll let him tell the rest of the story…

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      1. I’ve been trying to figure out what you mean by “how….?”
        How do they smell? How do you prevent the smell?



        1. How would you make an Air B and B out of a potato? How would you deal with the odor? Wouldn’t the ceiling collapse? How could you stay there? How could you want to? Eeeeewwww. The thought is so disgusting.

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        2. It’s not a real potato! It’s a man (or woman) made one constructed of wire mesh, plywood and sprayed with cement.


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