With all the channels that I have access to, I usually just scroll through the tv guide; I only have a few channels actually memorized. I don’t suppose it will surprise you that Food Network and The Cooking Channel are two of those channels?

There are quite a few shows on those two channels that I don’t watch. Any kind of competition in which one of the contestants gets thrown off at the end – I won’t watch that.  It’s just mean.  I don’t have too much trouble with contests where at the end they just announce one winner, as long as there isn’t too much trash talk, but no throwing people out!.  (And please.. nobody needs to tell me how different “The Great British Bake Off” show is and how I’ll like it – I’ve heard it all before.)

My favorite kinds of shows feature different dishes from places around the world, shows like “Bizarre Foods”, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, “Unique Sweets”, etc. I’ll even watch Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives” in a pinch, although he’s not my favorite chef.

Last Sunday, while enjoying Leap Day, I was switching back and forth between two cooking shows that were on at the same time. One of those shows was “Unique Sweets”, a program that showcases desserts from different bakeries around the country.  By luck of the draw, at one point there was a dish on each channel that were both interesting to me, so while “Unique Sweets” was showing ingredients being stirred together, I flipped to the other channel.  They were also showing some ingredients being stirred together, but it seemed like they were stirring really quickly.  I switched back and forth several more times before I figured out that Unique Sweets appears to be slowing down some of their food prep shots a bit compared to “live action”.  This caught my attention so I watched a whole bunch of “US” episodes very closely and what I discovered is that slowing down the action makes the food seem a lot more appealing; more sumptuous, more mouth-watering.  That would explain why I like this show so much.  Does this mean I’m into “food porn”?  Or am I just imagining it?

What makes your mouth water?

52 thoughts on “Foodie?”

  1. Robin and I have been rewatching Fat, Salt, Acid, Heat on Netflix this week. It’s both mouth-watering and engaging. We watch The Great British Bake Off, mostly because it’s quirky and kind. In my opinion, most of the things they make are over fussy, over handled and unappealing but I’m not a desserts person.

    Robin has watched most of the cooking competition shows, but I dislike watching Gordon Ramsey almost as much as I dislike watching Donald Trump so I find something else to do when she’s watching those. I think they’re largely manipulated and bogus anyway.

    We have enough food-centric DVDs to hold a foodie film festival. There are the obvious ones like Babette’s Feast and Big Night and also a whole slew of lesser-known ones. All of them can water the mouth.

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    1. I have big night as well. I just love that one. I don’t on the vets feast but I have checked it out from Library if you times. Also wonderful.Another one that I like, very quirky, is Eat Drink Man Woman.


  2. Although it would be interesting to see what a group of vets would like to have if they had a big feast together. And I’m thinking veterinarians, not veterans.

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  3. Our TV is in the basement and we rarely go down there except to take something out of our 3 freezers to cook or put in something in the freezers we have already cooked. We often say to each other “we are not going to cook this weekend, we need to eat out of the freezers” just like people trying to maintain sobriety and not go on a bender. We invariably cook anyway. We are a cooking show.

    Our latest obsession has been with this book of recipes from a German restaurant in Philadelphia which features newer and more up to date German food with a greater emphasis on salads and vegetables. This weekend I think we will try the roast chicken brined in pickle juice and lager.

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  4. I am a grazer. Husband is a three complete sit down meals a day person. He needs to eat regular meals because of his diabetes. I can go for long stretches without eating anything. When he is on the rez I graze and eat leftovers.

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  5. We now have added pressure to start making room in the freezers-we ordered seeds this weekend. Garden produce will need storage in the fall.

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    1. In the ‘Thinking ahead’ column, I’ve been looking at baby chicks and thinking I should order some early this year since the weather seems to be shaping up. Then this morning I looked at the tank I use to start the babies. It’s mostly buried in a snow drift yet. So, uh… I may need to hold off on that at least until I can get it dug out.

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        1. I think that’s what my parents raised and why all my older siblings thought I was nuts to get chickens. I’ve never raised them.

          As I peruse the chicken catalog, I go right to ‘Brown layers’ and then ‘colored layers’ and the ones we like always tend to be the most expensive. Figures; Story of our life. Walk into any store, point me to the most expensive item you sell, that’s probably the one I’ll want.

          These are very pretty; I can only afford to order a few. And no guarantee you’ll get boys or girls. $7.47 each.

          Most chicks, if I just order females, are around $4 each.
          A male leghorn is $2.66! Order 100+ and they’re only $1.91!

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        2. Those Wyandottes are really pretty. I could never eat them. Leghorns just look like chicken dinner.


      1. I wondered. It’s on the East side of the shed so it gets some sunlight. And it’s black so that helps. So I’ll dig out what I can. I’m afraid it might be frozen into some Ice. That will require plan B


        1. I’ve thought about pheasants. I remember some neighbors doing them when I was young. They seemed really skittish and had a high death rate trying to raise from chicks. No idea how things have changed.

          Sometimes I’ll hatch my own eggs in an incubator. It’s easier / more productive to order chicks. And one of the only ways to get different varieties.
          I know there are some ‘swap meets’ for poultry.
          They appear to be magical mystical events, similar to Brigadoon… I haven’t found them yet. But I know a guy who will bring me adolescent chickens sometimes from these mystical gatherings.


  6. Fun morning, baboons!

    Cheesecake, for one – yesterday I managed to find a recipe that used up all kinds of odds and ends in my pantry and fridge, including goat and cream cheeses, and the crumb crust used pulverized pretzels. : ) Half of it remains for today…

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  7. my eating twitch tends to go in waves
    peanut butter and apples
    asparagus with balsamic vinegar
    black beans with salsa and cumin
    veggie sushi
    always a potato thing
    usually with onions mushrooms garlic paprika salad stuff all sautéed into a kind of mush that gets eggs and rich often thrown in with a kind of twist that determines the direction
    pineapple juice or soy sauce red wine or tomato sauce

    pesto on every thing
    potato chips seems to disappear
    popcorn is my go to distraction
    i buy it in 50 lb bags and cook it up 1 1/2 cups at a time which equals

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    1. equals 2 large salad bowls/ butter salt and parmasian make it work
      earl gray or lipton tea lemon water or club soda with a splash of bitters
      an occasional cigar and butter rum life savers
      ah life can be simple

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  8. OT – My eye shield is off, and my world is suffused with light, but a total blur. It’ll take a couple of days to clear up, according to Dr. Pfaff, because my cornea is all scrathced up. Reading is a process of guesstimating from context. Deciphering vs’s voice recognition comment, proved more than I could handle. I’ll be back when I can see more clearly.

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    1. Sorry. Never try to do voice recognition while you’re putting on your coat, giving the dog a treat and sending her upstairs, turning off the lights and trying to find the clicker to open the garage door.

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  9. Back to the question at hand about what makes my mouth water; I still get excited about new light boards or an LED light. But I try not to drool on them.

    Saw ‘Agrippina’ at the Met in HD opera movie today. It was really a good production. Just overall fun. The music didn’t do anything for me, but the entire production was very well done and very enjoyable.

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