It Hits Home!

It says a lot about you when you really decide that there is a crisis going on.  Work from home? Concert cancelled? Dog class postponed? Even the decision to stay away from Target for now didn’t bring it home to me until this:  Tuesday morning I got a note that the Hennepin County Library is closed until at least April 6.  Oh, the inhumanity!

Of course, it’s ridiculous to think this will have a serious impact on my life.  First off, I still have 14 books checked out; the library computer generously changed all the due dates to April, even the interlibrary loans.  Second off, there are tons of audio books online and I could always break down by reading books on my phone or pc.  Then there is the third off; I probably have 50 non-library books in the house that I haven’t read yet either.  I don’t think I have to panic.  Matbe Funny Planet by Ken Jennings (the Jeopardy guy) will be my next read.

What’s up next on your reading list?

59 thoughts on “It Hits Home!”

  1. time to look into zoom or hangout for book club

    my saturday writing group is starting this week

    i found a new singing group from a house concert i was planning on starting last saturday and i decided to pass

    guitar last night … nope

    movies on tuesday was on my living room
    ahhh quiet man is one of my favorite st pattys activities and my mom enjoyed dinner and a movie in my house instead of the theater
    daughter sent info on broadway shows on line
    free for 30 days then 8.99 per month

    i always wondered why no one did this . i just never looked it up

    travel and leisure magazine is where it came from i believe

    i’ll forward

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    1. I use zoom all the time for work. It is very accessible. Businesses re using it for morning meetings, afternoon and evening are less likely to crash.


  2. I seldom have a next book in mind until I finish the one I’m reading. Then I cruise my bookshelves and see which book, from a couple thousand possibilities, jumps out at me. I’m not in danger of running out. Ever.

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    1. I also go from book to book based on what I’m in the mood for. This is made easier by the fact that I can read more than one book at a time. One in the bedroom, one in the car, one on the computer…..

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  3. Are libraries open? We missed some MN announcement while traveling back here.

    AZ is disregarding CDC guidelines. I follow one of AZ senators on Twitter. Yesterday she was begging their governor to follow CDC recommendations. I so appreciate Gov Walz.

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    1. St. Paul’s libraries are closed. Also Dakota County and Ramsey County. My neighborhood library’s sign says they are anticipating being able to reopen on the 28th of March.


      1. I started “Funny Planet” last night, as promised. It is neither funny and not even that interesting. So it hits the pile of books waiting to go back to the library and I’ll start on something new.


    1. PJ, I think you’re cruel. With all of my problems with too much to read and too many books on my list, you want me to go to a list of 300,000 more? Aaarrrrhhhhh!!


  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    After our trip back to MN from AZ earlier this week, I am still getting my wits together. So far I have been so busy unpacking that I have not given my reading material much thought. I am sure I will be downloading books, as well as catching up on some profession reading: “Phone Coaching inDBT” is high on the list, as well as “DBT Teams”. Also have to tweak our own Southbridge DBT Manual.

    How is that for stimulating material?

    Elin Hildebrand, who writes some great light fiction, has a new mystery series that I have started for fun. Last night I found a fun, raunchy Hulu series called “Brockmire” with Hank Azaria as the main character. There are 3 seasons of it on Hulu, which should keep me entertained for a while. I have “Little Women” in my own collection. I want to re-read that after seeing the recent movie, which I enjoyed so much.

    I am so glad I have our little Baboon community to talk to while we are all socially distancing.

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  5. If any of you subscribe to Britbox as a streaming channel, there’s a multi-part series that’s a lot of fun. It’s called “Dickensian” and its a mystery that brings together a lot of classic Dickens characters in Dickens-era London. The story is good and the characters are wonderful.
    It’s also available for rental on Amazon Prime.

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  6. Here’s what I have from the library:
    – The spiral staircase : my climb out of darkness / by Karen Armstrong.
    – At home : a short history of private life / Bill Bryson.
    – To the bright edge of the world : a novel / Eowyn Ivey.
    – Ten arguments for deleting…social media /Jaron Lanier.
    – The book of delights / Ross Gay.
    – Joe Jones : a novel / by Anne Lamott.
    – What comes next and how to like it: a memoir / Abigail Thomas.
    – Dear life: stories / Alice Munro.
    – Shadow tag / Louise Erdrich.

    As others have mentioned, I could have just gone to my own little book shelves where I have some Anne Tyler, Marge Piercy, Kristin Hannah, Ann Patchett, Laurie B. King, David Gutterson, Arundhati Roy…
    So many books, and now there is some time!

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  7. OT – Update on the ongoing Tommy saga.

    About two weeks ago, the large trailer that Tommy had filled with all of his junk from the garage reappeared in front of the new owner’s garage. We surmised that perhaps Tommy had borrowed the trailer from the new owner and had just returned it. That turned out to be false. The new owner, Lou, yesterday asked if we knew how to get a hold of Tommy. Lou was wanting to bring in a dumpster to get rid of the remainder of the stuff left in the garage, but because of where Tommy has parked the trailer, there’s no room for a dumpster.

    We, of course, have no contact with Tommy, and didn’t think it fair to contact his sister who has more than had her fill of him and his problems. So husband called his local buddy in the police department to ask for help. The police just called, turns our the trailer is stolen!

    No wonder Tommy has all the time in the world, or at least thinks he does. The trailer, with all of its contents, will be towed this afternoon.

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    1. One more update:

      The owner of the trailer just came to retrieve it. He’s an independent sheet metal fabricator from Chaska, and was very happy to have his trailer back. He had brought a bolt cutter (at the suggestion of his wife), so he could cut off the padlock with which the trailer’s content were secured. To no one’s surprise, the trailer was full of Tommy’s crap from the garage.

      The trailer’s owner told Hans that a friend of his happened to spot the trailer as it was being towed by a grey pick-up truck several months ago when it was stolen. The friend had followed it and called the police who advised him to back off. Tommy’s buddy who lives one block over owns a grey pick-up truck. It remains unknown whether or not Tommy knew the trailer was stolen.Whether or not he did, it still boggles my mind that he would have the audacity to return, a month after having been escorted off the property by the police, to park the damn thing so as to block access to the garage.

      From time to time vs entertains us with a guessing game of her whereabouts. I’m wondering where Tommy is, but I’m betting it’s only a matter of time before he’s behind bars again.


  8. Only 50 non-library books? That’s only on one book shelf in our house, thanks to my wife. I’m just finishing an Alex Delaware novel “Complusion” by Jonathan Keller. Next I’m moving on to “Lisett’s List” by Susan Vreeland about the Provence area in southern France where we spent a week last October. This book is being passed around to all the fellow travelers who spent the week with us in a lovely villa near Carpentras. Bonus: it’s in large print. We have plenty to read.

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        1. I knew a woman who took an art appreciation class from a guy who spoke with a heavy accent. She was stunned, when studying her notes for the final exam, to find one painter who was active in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. “Anna Neemous” was amazingly prolific.

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    1. Only 50 unread non-library books. I have plenty of books that I have read so I suppose in the long run if I should need to start re-reading I could even do that.

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  9. I checked out several books a couple of days before the libraries closed – all of them > 500 pages. I have 2 books from Book of the Month (one of my nieces gave me a 3 month subscription for Christmas)
    and 4 months worth of National Geographic to get caught up on. There is also a book on hold at the Roseville library but I have until April 10th to pick it up. The due dates on the others were changed to May 1st. So I guess I am set for the next 2 weeks. All my activities (including a trip to the UAE and Oman) were cancelled so it is pretty easy to mostly stay at home for the duration. I have been using phone/email/text to check on and stay in touch with family and friends. Hope my fellow Baboons stay safe and healthy!

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  10. They’ve shut down the Beauty Shop in this retirement community. I had the great luck of getting beautified the day before they locked it down.

    One of our most earnest (but easily addled) food servers in the dining room told me yesterday: “I hate this! I just hate this. The president says it might be two weeks before this virus thing is over!” I gently suggested it might be a bit longer than that. Se said, “The president says two weeks. I sure hope it doesn’t last that long!”

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    1. Every time I hear #45 talk about this, I feel like I am listening to a used car sales guy on a lemon lot. This is only the beginning steps, not the main game.

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  11. I was in the Midway Menards store on Sunday. The store has a piano, which has not been played consistently. When the store first opened, the piano was on the first floor and there was usually someone playing it, at least on weekends. Over time, the likelihood of encountering a musician at the keyboard declined. After awhile it fell silent completely. But on Sunday, the piano, now moved to the upper level, was again in service. The pianist was playing, as I walked in, “I Will Survive”.

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    1. I’ve often thought the pianist at Menards ought to do a repertoire of home and garden related songs— Handyman, If I Had a Hammer, Back in Your Own Backyard, I’m Fixing A Hole, and so on. Do you think people would catch on?

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