Successful Combinations

In 1892, on this date, macadamia nuts were first planted in Hawaii.  They are native to Australia. This was a rather a successful combination, and Hawaii was a leader in macadamia nuts until South Africa took over that role in 2010.

I am not a great fan of macadamias, preferring pecans and pistachios.  When I think about successful combinations, I think about hazelnuts in Oregon, wine grapes in France, and potatoes in Ireland. I suppose there could be successful combinations with people, too, such as Julia Child in Paris.

What is your favorite nut? What are some successful combinations that you can think of?

49 thoughts on “Successful Combinations”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    This is OT but very important. Last night on Fresh Air, Dr. Michael Osterholm, Epidemiologist was interviewed by Terri Gross. He gave important information that, at least for me, allows me to make decisions about what I will and will not do.

    Here is the link:

    After hearing this, I would be will to do an outdoor, physically distant, masked Blevin‘S Book Group, but not a poorly ventilated restaurant..

    I have a busy day today. I will poke my head in again later.

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  2. I like cashews and pistachios filberts and peanutsHickory smoked almonds and pinenut

    I really like nuts but the last fist full of years if I eat more than a handful they turn into little razor blades in my stomach so I have to be careful

    my new go to late night snack is peanut butter on either celery or an apple it is the perfect combination

    peanut butter and jelly peanut butter and honey and if I start listing my variations on peanut butter it gets a little crazy peanut butter and bacon peanut butter and cheese peanut butter and brown sugar peanut butter and maple syrup on pancakes peanut butter on Asian food is fantastic

    Laurel and Hardy Astaire and Rogers
    Lennon and McCartney Cosby stills and Nash Rogers and Hammerstein Elton John and Bernie Taupin vodka and Gatorade champagne and orange juice vodka and amaretto
    Eggs and toast a baguette and brie wine and cheese soup and sandwich I could do this all day thanks for getting me started Renee

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    1. I’m having a hard time picking a favorite nut! – I love them all…also things that aren’t really nuts like sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Maybe black walnuts, because they’re harder to find, precious. I have a recipe for black walnut cake somewhere.

      Some more pairings that are food related:
      – wild rice in Minnesota
      – peaches in Georgia

      And companion planting pairs (found here: ):

      – marigolds and tomatoes
      – zinnias and the cabbage family
      – dill or basis and tomatoes

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  3. I wasn’t sure where to go with this but tim always gets me thinking. Amaretto and sour. Reese’s Peanut butter and chocolate. DQ Blizzards with Reeses and ice cream.
    Cheese and crackers, Waffles and milk, summer and the smell of fresh cut hay.

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  4. Well, macadamias are the best of the nuts. I’ve been to Hawaii several times (thanks to my job ) and I almost always bring home a box of chocolate macadamia nuts for the office. I have a friend who refers to them as “fat balls”. Second of course is the cashew.

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  5. My favorite odd combination grosses some people out; I am aware, but I learned this from my mother. Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. And of course when I say mayonnaise I mean Miracle Whip. Sorry if this offends. And of course if you do happen to have potato chips on hand then you just upped the ante a little.

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    1. OH! I eat those! Haven’t had one in years, but YES! You can even do them on Ritz crackers and take as finger foods to parties. Add Mini-chocolate chips for a real gilded lily. 🙂

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  6. Salsa fresca with corn chips and a cold beer. Grilled bratwurst with all the fixin’s and homemade Danish potato salad and another cold beer. For dessert I’d go with peaches and cream or rødgrød med fløde,

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  7. When I was a kid we visited some relatives in Oregon. They had some land on which they grew walnuts, and I remember we brought home a lot of canned shelled walnuts. They were in cans just like you get canned vegetables in. I’ve never seen canned walnuts since.

    I have a recipe for deep fried candied walnuts. I used to always make them at Christmas time, but I haven’t gotten to it for a number of years. Perhaps this year I’ll dust off that recipe.

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    1. That sounds intriguing, Linda. How did you use the canned walnuts. Seems like they would have lost all of their crunch in the canning process, no?

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      1. They were sweet and wonderful, as I recall, and never rancid.

        I was buying a bottle of wine tonight and I noticed a bottle of peanut butter whiskey. Fee Flesk!

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  8. I forgot, I like peanuts best. We buy cans of salted cocktail peanuts and I add chocolate chips to the can and it makes a great snack.

    I picked two kohlrabi tonight! Also burst a sprinkler hose. 😦

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      1. leaving a little water in in the winter so when it freeze it expands past the knit weaves ability to expand . you pop the mesh and it works ok for a while but it is like the inner tube with a bubble that’s gonna go any minute now… the water can flow but if you’ve got a pistol or some stopper on the end the back pressures kill it

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  9. As as child I learned that the beech nut is a real delicacy. Of course, they were all around us in the park, and all we had to do was pick them up off the ground. When we had collected a large bag full, we find someplace comfortable to sit, and begin the work of removing them from their shells. They are small, perhaps the size of pine nuts but in a different shape, so it took a lot of work to get them all out. But they are tasty, so it was worth the trouble.

    Hazelnuts, another favorite, were a little harder to come by, and it involved thieving. Mrs. Pill lived in a fancy white villa named Søglimt up the street from us. Søglimt, which means ocean or lake view, was located on a corner lot, and unlike other houses on the street, didn’t face either of the two intersecting streets. Instead the front of her house and driveway were angled directly toward the corner. Her driveway was blocked off by a large iron gate. Tall hedges faced the two streets her property bordered, and one of those hedges was a wild hazelnut hedge that was never trimmed. We kids considered any and all nuts that hung out over the property line to be fair game. Mrs. Pill didn’t, and if she spotted us would come out to chase us away. It made little sense since she never appeared to pick any of the nuts, and now that I think back on it, I’m wondering why an old woman living alone in a big house didn’t just make friends with us? Instead, the only time we saw her was when she was chasing us away.

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  10. I remember having a dish of nuts in the living room often when I was growing up, with one of those classic silver nutcrackers that came with a couple of nut picks to pry the nut out of the cracked shell. The nutcracker usually stayed with the dish, but the nut picks would often get repurposed for various tasks that required a sharp object. The assorted nuts were always walnuts, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, and Brazil nuts. I seem to recall there was another kind of nut, an oblong nut with a smooth shell, but I don’t remember what it was. I usually went for the almonds and hazelnuts because they were easiest to crack open. Man, those Brazil nuts were tough.

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        1. It depends. If I have straight miso then I mix it with a little bit of water and cornstarch to help thicken up the stirfry and if I’m using miso soup mix which is powdered, then I just sprinkle it on.


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