Food Opportunism

The peach man arrived in town last week. He is also the cherry man, and comes to town a couple of times a week in the summer selling Washington and Montana cherries and Washington peaches in the mall parking lot. His wares are hard to resist, and we bought a crate of lovely organic Washington peaches from him. We can’t find Washington peaches in the stores here.

Our vegetable garden is starting to produce a lot now, and we are scrambling to use up all that we harvest, either by eating now or freezing. Buying a crate of peaches was rather impulsive. The peaches ripened fast, so this weekend we had an additional scramble to use them up. I used 9 pounds in peach pie filling, which I froze. Husband looked up beet and peach salads. He has yet to make one, but the recipe he chose has champagne in it. I found a peach and pasta salad with arugula and goat cheese. I also made a peach quick bread. There is no rest for us in late July.

What do you find hard to resist buying? What is your favorite peach recipe? Made any impulse purchases lately?

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      1. I add them to this recipe to make a fruit cake. Technically it’s no longer keto but if you use 2 peaches in a cake that serves 8-10 then it’s not a lot of extra sugar per portion. 😊

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  1. Not really.
    Seriously, in no particular order: Diesel; Mars Bars; Milk Chocolate. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, my favourite chocolate, is hard to find here.

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        1. I really mean that I like just chocolate in a bar. In England, the cheapest way to buy CDM(The sixties advertising slogan, featuring Roy Hudd, was “Award Yourself The CDM”), is in a bar the size of the average dining table. I would invariably think, “I’ll buy a bar and it will last me several days.” But you all know how that worked out, don’t you?

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    1. If I have the two of you pegged right, you wouldn’t drink a whole bottle of champagne anyway, so what’s the harm in using a little of it the dressing? Of course, it might well mean having champagne when you otherwise wouldn’t, but what’s the harm in that? Live a little. Skål!

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    1. We are digging up our strawberry bed this fall to replant in the spring. The plants are spent and aren’t producing like they should. Our raspberries are doing well. I love fresh raspberries.

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      1. We dug up and thinned our raspberries this Spring which produced a wonderful crop of early raspberries, along with Ben’s Chicken Poo applied as fertilizer. The Japanese Beetles love them, though. I Master Gardener Mentor uses nematode spray to drive the beetles away. Renee, Have you ever heard of this? It was new to me, but she has known of it for some time.

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        1. We are strangely pest free here except for flea beetles and cabbage moths. I spray for blight and fungus in the roses and tomatoes, which is odd, given our low humidity.

          We have an outbreak of finger blight in the church garden. Beets and carrots disappear in the night Whoever is taking the veggies, bless them. They must really need them.


    2. Welcome to the trail!

      I pick strawberries in the early summer at a farm south of here. Jam, frozen berries for smoothies and lots of berries with cream for two or three days!

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  2. Yesterday I tried an experiment. I got some “organic” supermarket carrots and ate one. Fresh carrots used to be one of my favorite foods, although I haven’t had any in years. The carrot I ate yesterday was great in every respect but one: it tasted bad. Although it was organic, it was a nasty thing in my mouth, bitter and pulpy, with no true carrot flavor.

    In a sense, what we have done to many produce items is astonishing. They are better in almost every way, but they taste bad. I guess that is why god gave us truck farmers and farmer’s markets, although they are unavailable to me

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    1. I love to grow my own carrots because of what you describe, Steve. They are sweet and tender. At first they did not germinate this year, so i kept replanting. Rain spread the seed about, so between that and my replanting I have carrots coming up in some unexpected places.

      I am sitting on the front patio and a little frog is hopping by. He is exactly the color of the patio bricks and at first I thought it was a stone.

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        1. Sandy loves them, a rare fruit or vegetable she can eat and not get sick. But Hy-Vee has given up on getting ones that are not rotten. They just got a shipment that was oozing juice when it was unloadeded. Cub sells a different brand, bad flavorless and grainy. Found some up in St. Peter. Only had to throw five away out of two sacks. Two bags last her four days, if I hide them or she would eat them all. Not sure I am eager to drive to St. Peter every five days.

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        2. I’m not too interested in fruit growing. But I have to say, you won’t find sweeter oranges anywhere, than you’ll find round here. Have to admit, there may be cases of finger blight……

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  3. Hard to resist: pretty much any sort of pastry, cookie, or sweet thing. I’m still searching for the perfect doughnut. I thought I’d found the perfect eclair in Bartlett, IL, but the shop closed after I moved away so it’s only a dream.

    Peach recipe: can’t go wrong with peach pie. But peach cobbler in the fall works great too. With the best, freshest peaches, I’ll just slice them up and drizzle some heavy cream over the top.

    Impulse purchases: Not many. I usually think about it before buying anything more expensive than a food treat. Those are my impulse buys.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  4. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    Apparently the thing I cannot resist is Costco’s Cinnamin Streusel bread—I found 4 loaves in my freezer. We must have run out, and I just kept buying it.

    Meanwhile, wildly OT, I am going in for a routine colonoscopy in an hour. I am feeling VERY sorry for myself for “having” to do this. My paternal grandmother died of colon cancer. Given that, I never skip these, but really, who dreamed this up? Yes, indeed, I am having a Sh***y Day.

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    1. I have them every 5-7 years. Last time I had waited 7 years and I got a lecture from the doctor that because I have pre-cancerous polyps I MUST have a colonoscopy every 5 years!!!! I MUST. he said. At one of the more recent one, before I lost consciousness, I asked him if I would ever be old enough that I don’t have to have one. He said no. Then he said, “well, 107 since you’re Norwegian.” (HIS name is “Moen” Norwegian, yes?))

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  5. Good to hear about the Washington peaches. I am currently obliged to sell them for our Rotary Club fundraiser. Good to have such praise. Thank you.

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  6. I will go for a long time without buying much of anything, and then hit a spending spree. This usually happens in thrift shops, so doesn’t break the bank… Haven’t had one for a while now.

    As others have mentioned, food is what I can’t resist – items like quiche, or bread pudding… a good chocolate chunk cookie. Really good coffee.

    I used to have a recipe for Peach Melba, which I must have finally discarded as I never made it. Has raspberries in the sauce, and us served with vanilla ice cream. Here is Martha Stewart’s take on it:

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  7. Just went crazy over the weekend at Madison’s Farmers Market. Seven kinds of cheese and FOUR loaves of chili cheese bread.

    Oh and because I can’t stop myself, a purple cauliflower. I mean really, how can you pass that up?

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  8. Bought Baoding Balls. Always wanted a pair. Not for any good reason. $25 for obsidian ones. Still eating the guilt. After all, I spent $16000 in the last month

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  9. OT: The new piece of road is impressive. Tomorrow they will evidently put down hardcore(I think you call it something else), and maybe get the blacktop down as well. They’ve taken care of the surface water, something they don’t always bother with here.
    We’ve got no Moores and Christians fiesta this year. I like to think it’s Trump’s doing.

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  10. Impulse buy was two hand sized 25 lb weights. Remedial buy was two 10 lb weights and two 7 lb weights.
    In a year, I will be challenging all Trailbaboons to arm wrestling.

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  11. In the seventies, I’d have taken you on. I gave up on the grounds I was heading to hurt myself rather than give in. And then lose anyway.


    1. I admit I tend to try to look macho without looking as if I’m trying. I only have to see myself on film for a few seconds to realise how stupid that looks.

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  12. hard to resist buying

    i don’t have a favorite peach recipe but i have a bet with a friend in atlanta every time the vikings play the atlanta falcons
    he pays in peach stuff i pay in bratwurst

    peach salsa is good

    i went into walgreens one time to buy pipe tobacco and they were out of everything but peach
    i bought it complaining then smoked it a found it to be the most delightful tobacco ever
    they’ve never had it since and neither have i

    implulse purchases no


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  13. I don’t have any peach recipes – I usually just slice one into a bowl and pour milk over it, and sprinkle on a bit of sugar.

    I used to occasionally indulge by buying a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. I recently discovered that Aldi has a copycat product called Thank You Cherry Much. O. M. G. Si fabuleux.

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