Waiting for…..

My annual wine advent calendar adventure was Wednesday morning.  The experience was very similar to last year although I was #4 in line this year – one spot up from last year!  All of us in the first ten were in festive moods, there were multiple conversations about the advent calendars, where we were all from and there was also shared chocolate!

I had only shared with one co-worker what I was up to on my day off but she clearly blabbed because yesterday, when I was in the office, quite a few people asked me about my adventure and wanted to see pictures.  However curious they all were, everybody shook their heads and made comments on the unbelievable-ness/silliness of my endeavor.  There was one lone gal who said it sounded fun and maybe she could join me next year.  All others think I’m nuts.

Clearly there are plenty of folks who don’t think it’s too silly to sit out for 3 hours to get a wine advent calendar (the above photo was taken at 8:20 a.m.) but my co-workers aren’t among them. 

Any looney tune adventures for you lately? 

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  1. I realized last night that I need to make about a dozen stollen this year for friends and family, and now I need to order more glaceed cherries and citron. I also made an executive decision that I am not going to make lefse this year. Husband thinks we need the same amount of cookies as last year, which was about a dozen varieties. We are reducing out holiday loony tunes by not putting up a Christmas tree, since we will be in Brookings and I don’t want to leave the cat alone with a tree for an extended time.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Last night we drove 40 miles south to attend our Grandson’s JV football game. When we left the condo it was 90 degrees (in November!) so there we were going to a football game (in November!) In shorts and summer clothes. It felt like a Looney Tunes adventure. They won 42-18. It was the last game of the season. Our grandson seemed really pleased to have us there and we were delighted to attend in such lovely weather.

    I sat there worrying about injuries, of course.

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    1. PS, VS, two years ago I bought the beer Advent Calendar for my son. It was heavy. He swore it took him nearly six months to finish which I was glad to know.

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  3. Our handball choir is gearing up for a busy December. On the 5th we play with the local college music department for their Christmas show. The next week we play at the LDS church for an interfaith service. We then have our annual Nine Lessons and Carols service at our church. All this loony tunes is over before the 25th, I am relieved to say.

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        1. Yeah, but I want to know is if they make the women wear bikini bottoms while men get to wear shorts. Remember the big brouhaha during the summer Olympics when the Norwegian women’s team wore shorts and were fined?


  4. Weird/goofy is the topic for today? This day just keeps getting weirder, starting with my goofy–in fact she is far past goofy–just got breakthrough COVID for the second time, because on a stupid whim she flew to Texas.

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  5. It will be an interesting challenge to figure out how we are going to use up the goat meat we are getting in a couple of weeks. I know goats are pretty bony, but I can’t figure just how much meat we will get from a 70 lb goat. Our friends and family think we are nuts for getting a goat, and no one we know will consider eating goat, so we are on our own with this.

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    1. Everest on Grand serves a really nice goat curry, it’s actually pretty tasty meat. Perhaps they can give you some ideas. I seem to recall that on their menu they actually warn you that there will be bones in that dish.

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        1. I do enjoy Everest on Grand, but I think the food at Khyber Pass is more akin to the food of the old Caravan Serai. Have you been to Babani’s? I think you’d like that, too. They serve Kurdish food.

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  6. One crazy thing we aren’t going to do, although three members of our bell choir are, is go on a bell ringing tour of Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. I wouldn’t want to haul bells all over central Europe, although I bet it will be fun for them!

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  7. Loony tunes car adventure.
    A dead battery prompted a need for AAA service. It had been many years since I’d had any need for such help.
    Fortunately, I was at home and in no particular hurry to get anywhere so “adventure” might be a little hyperbolic. (Hey! An excuse to use one of my favorite words. No, not “little”!!!)
    Online request for service requires a membership number. I cannot find a card.
    I know I’ve been paying $105/year as it shows up on my credit card in June.
    Trying online methods of making connections with various email and password requests got me no where.
    Calling the service line had me on hold for about 30 minutes and then I got a human named Dana. She was awesome. I explained that my card was no where to be found. She tried finding me at my current address, telephone number and email. No luck.
    She looked up past addresses. Still no results to prove I had an account.
    Then I suggested looking up under my Dad’s name. Yes, there was such a membership. Now to connect it with an address. No luck again. Maybe his nursing home address. I could not remember a building number, only the city name. I knew the way there but not the legal address. How about a telephone number? I only know MY number. Dad is in contacts under Father but I fear that if I try to look it up, I’ll lose the telephone call. My ignorance of devices was exposed. Dad was deceased so it was impossible for him to verify that I was who I said I was, the person who paid for the membership. I said, “I pinky swear. Dad has not driven in years and will not be driving. I am the real member!”
    Pinky swearing did it.
    Dana sent a person to give me a jump and did the necessary work to put my statistics as the only member.
    Stumbling around in the information age without necessary information is an adventure.

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    1. Alas, I am in frequent communication with the kind folks at Triple A, so they never fail to recognize me. They always know who I am, where I live, how to contact me, and what kind of car I’m driving. They would probably be able to order my favorite kind of coffee drink or pizza for me if the need arose.

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      1. I can’t quite decide whether or not that’s a good thing, Linda. I’d hate to have car troubles that frequently. On the other hand, it speaks to the gentle person you are, that these reps from Triple A have become your allies. Good for you.


  8. Well, first I had to look up last year’s post about this,

    The Calendar

    to refresh my memory. VS – I’m kinda surprised you haven’t created your own version of this. What does it contain – a lot of tiny bottles of wine and some pictures? You could market it to all the baboons – I’d order one!

    It feels like my entire week has been a loony tune – finally succeeded yesterday in sending off the paperwork to get Husband released from Fiduciary duties for our friend W. Has taken me 4 months, some of my dragging my feet, but other snafus as well… I had finally put up a card table in my bedroom and work on it from 7 – 8:00 a.m., before Husband was awake. I can’t TELL you how happy I am that it’s done.

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    1. I did actually think about it for a little bit a couple of years ago. But I’m not enough of a drinker and it would’ve been way too much money and time to track down what was needed. So the first year we just had a cheese advent calendar and now I sit out early in the cold. Still seems easier to me.

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        1. When you think about it, it should not be that difficult to create a really fun and creative advent calendar for someone you know well. I’m thinking about making one for Philip. I thought for sure last Christmas was going to be his last, yet, here we are. He loves music, poetry, sweets, good cheese, tea, and if I think about it, it shouldn’t be that hard to come up with a little something that will give him a moments pleasure every day from December 1st to the 24th. Thanks for sparking this idea, I think it has lots of potential.

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  9. A footnote on the day foe weird: a moose was running around the SDSU campus today. Grand daughter came out of her room early in misty morning. There was the moose crossing the street. Using the crossing lines correctly

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