Mystery of the Week

I can’t remember a summer when so much of my psychic energy is spent thinking about rain, or the lack of rain.  Usually my “flowers not grass” protocol does just fine without much H2O intervention on my part but not this summer.  I’m trying to use as little as possible but it’s been an issue. 

So why is it, that the ONLY day of any precipitation in recent memory was also the one out of two days a year that a case of toilet paper is delivered and left on the steps.

Any ways that Murphy’s law is messing with you this week?

32 thoughts on “Mystery of the Week”

      1. There are four rolls on one size that are a little bigger now that everything has dried out. Luckily the delivery person shoved it up against the door, so not all four sides got wet.

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  1. We’re in a sweet spot for rain this summer. Yes, it’s a bit dry but not as bad as last year. Had 2.5 inches last weekend and a few other 1/4-1/2 inches since then.

    Murphy has pretty much left me alone this week. The potential existed for a big ML snafu when I had 528 books delivered (that’s 22 cases, each weighing about 25 pounds). Weather was good all week, but the delivery company couldn’t make its mind up when to deliver–first it was Tuesday, then Thursday, then Wednesday the books actually arrived. If it had been raining and we weren’t home expecting the delivery, the nightmare scenario could have been 528 books in cartons sitting in the rain for X hours. *I shudder to imagine that.*

    Happily, the books are safely stored in the basement–but in the back of my mind, I think of the possibility of a pipe bursting and at least four cases of books get waterlogged because they’re the ones touching the floor.

    Chris in Owatonna
    PS: enjoy the Top 10 Weather Day, folks. This is why we all put up with winter . . . except for snowbirds like Jacque of course. 😉

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        1. My guess is she wants to attend the grandchild’s school events–sports, band concerts, plays, things like that. I have coworkers with grandkids in gymnastics and dance, and the grandmas hate to miss a single performance.

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        2. But presumably once the grandchild graduates from High School they will no longer be participating in such events. I must be missing something, which is entirely possible. I have been up half the night trying to wire some money to my sister in Denmark for her birthday on Monday, and I’m so tired I can’t see straight.

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        3. Oh, END her snowbird status! I misread it. So unless grandchild goes to school in the sunnier climes instead of MN, I have no idea and am curious.

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        4. For me, quite honestly, come January and February, it doesn’t take much imagination to come up with several very good reasons to leave Minnesota for a month or two.

          I have several old friends who spend most of winter in Arizona, and they love it. I’m open to giving it a try, is what I’m saying.

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  2. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    I think Murphy’s Law is messing with my allergies. If I am allergic to a substance, it seems to be somewhere nearby. I am stuffy, sneezy, and headachy this week.

    My son told us about an Australian-based company (named “Who Gives a Crap”) who makes TP out of the infinitely renewable bamboo fiber (as opposed to slowing growing trees which provide the paper pulp). Actually, he and his wife gave us two sample rolls for Christmas. They have a great paper wrapper with illustrations ala Where’s Waldo. Only you are searching for the hidden toilet. It is a great product. It is also a non-profit corporation that donates 50% of profit to charity.

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    1. I may have to give it a try…. without too much research, it actually looks cheaper than my Seventh Generation stuff… and just as good.

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  3. I remembered one, but it was a month ago now when were were scheduled to return my sister to the airport shuttle Rochester location, and the night before the Prius wouldn’t start… we ended up borrowing a friend’s car for the journey. ( Toyota people couldn’t replicate the problem after jump-starting, so didn’t charge us. It’s been working just dandy ever since. Why???? )

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  4. looks like murphy’s law is in word press this week

    my expression is usually something like
    if this is my challange for the week i’ll be ok
    life is murphy’s law about 60% of the time once you’re out there in it
    breakfast this morning a guy i like started piping up about how the economy is all messed up by biden

    i said never mind what he did what would you do
    well i would give all out money away i said i don’t care about what you wouldn’t do what would you do
    he didn’t have one thing
    you keep trying you’re best and if the world makes that difficult then that’s your challange
    poor biden has mitch and the sheep to deal with and you and i have ours
    toilet paper vs
    you’ll be ok

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  5. I stopped at a local middle school yesterday to look at the theater. When I arrived, the fire alarm was going off and the summer school kids were leaving the building. Turned out it was just a drill and when I got into the office, two young boys were asking the secretary, “Why have a fire drill when we’re leaving the building anyway??” She laughed and said that was a good question.

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  6. WP has been a major pain in the butt for me for at least a week. Can’t “like” anything, have to sign in every damn time I want to make a comment, and some posts are delayed somehow, and don’t show up immediately after I have submitted them. I know that other baboons have expressed complaints of similar issues happening intermittently, and that BiR has contacted WP’s customer support, and they tell her it’s her computer. If it were her computer, why are so many of us experiencing the same issues? Makes no sense, at all.

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  7. Murphy says if anything can go wrong it will. To which some add at the worst possible moment. Mankato drivers will do the stupidest moves at any possible moment. Just now I was at a street that ends in a tee. Left lane is a left turn lane. Right lane a right turn. Just now car in right lane did a left turn as I was and honked at me and gave me the finger. I could add three more incidents for the last four days.

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  8. Murphy’s Law this week.
    Yesterday, July 28, 1914, WW1 begins when Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
    Right now I’m re-watching The Guns of August.
    Everything that could go wrong did.

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  9. I’m always sort of amazed that you can go for a week without rain, then when there’s a day when all the weather people are saying “It’s going to rain tonight!” people will put out furniture that they are trying to give away on the boulevard. Right before it rains. Upholstered furniture.

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  10. To all who’ve complained about WordPress not working correctly, I suggest you check your cookie blocking icon if you have it on. The little icon looks like an eye and is located on the right side of your address bar (at least that’s where it is for Google Chrome).

    I got cut off from WP for a while, then went to my browser settings to allow cookies for WP and it’s been fine since. Might be an issue with some or all of you.


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