The weekend Farm Report comes to us from Ben.

Our two ducklings are doing well. Kelly has named them Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Rosie and Guildy for short. They seem to be afraid of everything. Mostly they spend the day hiding. But considering they’ve lost seven of their siblings, and the whole animal ‘fight or flight’ mentality, maybe they’re the smart ones and that’s why they’ve survived this long. And they just learned to walk up the board ramp to go in at night on their own, so that’s pretty smart of them! No more trying to wrangle them in at night. Now we’re trying to see if they’ll come out on their own in the morning so we don’t have to chase them out.

The other morning I watched a hawk swoop right down over the pen and then sit in a nearby tree. R & G weren’t out yet, but that might explain why some of their siblings disappeared. A few minutes later, when I was in the shed letting them out, a brown chicken hopped down out of the rafters right in front of me. Scared the bejezzus out of me. (By the way, when I dictated “bejezzus“ into my phone, it translated as “big Jesus” and I thought well, that works too). It scared the big Jesus out of me.

Still not much happening on the farm, beans are turning yellow, corn is drying up. I’m keeping busy with more summer projects at one theater and working on our fall show at the college. Sure has felt good to put on my toolbelt  again. Man, am I out of practice. Doesn’t take much to wear me out. Course I haven’t really done much this whole calendar year. Building up my endurance. I did haul a 50 lb bag of chicken feed over to the chickens and dump it in the wall feeder. And put two bags of water softener salt in. Progress! 

I’ve spent a lot of time sitting on the garage steps just watching our little corner of the world. It’s nice.

Our apples and pear trees are overloaded this year. In fact they are so overloaded they broke a few branches on the apple tree. Yeah, it needs to be pruned. I think they’re Harrelson‘s. They sure are good anyway.

Who knows anything about Minnesota pears? I think they were called golden? They’re small, and green and only get to be slightly larger than a ping-pong ball, and really hard and they do not taste good. Do they ever get better? What do I need to be doing with them?

Kelly and I froze some sweetcorn last weekend. Only four dozen; daughter helped me husk it, and then I cut it off the cobs and Kelly bagged. I remember doing that with my parents, and for a few years my sister would come out to help me and Kelly. It’s a fond memory I have with mom and dad.


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  1. What do I wear to feel good? I start by noting that Friday (16th) was my 71st birthday, and I’ve now outlived both my father and HIS father.

    Well, this may seem strange for a guy born and raised in Los Angeles who spent so many years barefoot, but I’ve come (at this late stage and 46 years away from LA) to find wearing socks feels great.

    Sometime this past summer I also discovered that wearing nothing while I sleep feels good, too.

    Go figure.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Soft and stretchy is the name of the clothing game. Monday morning for my Aunt’s funeral I will wear a soft printed black skirt and blouse, then change into leggings and a tunic for the trip home.

    I tested COVID negative yesterday so I am free to roam about the country. I will travel to Iowa to attend my Aunt Donna’s Memorial Service. I dread seeing some of the Mean Cousins, but the cousins who were Donna’s children want us there. We will, as a group (Donna’s four children, and the 3 Stratton’s) , be reading Aunt Donna’s obit. This will be hard. It is heavy on my mind. It is harder to lose her than my mother because she was so kind. I need to post the obit for myself, but you do need to read it.

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    1. Levi snippets: I’d never heard of them. Nobody in England had, at one time. We had cheap things that we didn’t know were cheap. In the late sixties my brother Angus (now partly Angelina) said, he was going to get a pair of levies, pronounced as in levy, or levee. He said how strong and hard wearing they were, nothing about style or looks. They sounded like the jeans equivalent of Harley Davidsons (well

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  3. Levi snippets: I’d never heard of them. Nobody in England had, at one time. We had cheap things that we didn’t know were cheap. In the late sixties my brother Angus (now partly Angelina) said, he was going to get a pair of levies, pronounced as in levy, or levee. He said how strong and hard wearing they were, nothing about style or looks. They sounded like the jeans equivalent of Harley Davidsons (well, I mentioned lack of style already, didn’t I?), and I didn’t like the sound of them. I mean, Angus liked them. I had no idea that Levi’s were the first jeans, and that my favourite, Lee Coopers, were pretty much an Irish knock off of them. (I don’t know if they still do commercials with moody looking cowboys in them. There’s a big second rate country music movement in Ireland, has been for years). But I finally came around to Levi’s, and have only worn one pair of another make in over fifty years.

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  4. On my patio. Gas station builders are silent this weekend, unlike last two. The nuthatches have grown into quite the colony in my woods. And lots of cardinals. The only migratory birds I saw this year were robins. I have a pair of red shinned hawks that must nest nearby. For the most part the songbirds are aware of them. But there were a pile of feathers right in front of my patio four days ago. A robin I think. Makes sense. They aren’t in the trees but in the open. The flock of turkeys are so used to me they come feed off feeder spillage as I sit here. A Tom often comes over to check me out.
    Wonder how it works for farmer who plants these two small fields. About a fifth of his beans were destroyed in making the gas station. How does he get compensated, if he does.

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    1. Clyde, I believe that in England, a farmer would be fully compensated for crop losses in a case like this, whether tenant or freeholder. I suppose I mean, in the UK.


  5. Not sure what to say about those pears, Ben. Make them into sauce? Maybe some wine? Jam?

    I am currently doing a thorough purge of all the stuff in my closets. I have way too much stuff for one woman. I have things I didn’t even know about. I’ve decided that since I don’t go to an office job anymore, and never will again, out with the office wear. Out with sweaters and pants that are over 15 years old and no longer fit (ugh). I’m leaving the tunic length tops and leggings, the t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts and flannel. Jeans that actually fit. I’m keeping a few nice sweaters and some dresses but so many of those are festival style that I’m paring those down too. I have gotten rid of about 1/3 of my clothes at this point. I plan to get even more serious about it and go down to half of what I had.

    At home I like to wear a swing dress that I got in a thrift store. It’s sleeveless so when it’s cooler, I can wear a sweater or flannel shirt over it and leggings. In the winter, sweat pants and sweatshirts. I don’t go out that way. I try not to look too much like a bag lady when I’m out. I like to wear tunics and leggings when I go out. That’s what I’ll wear today.

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      1. It’s just a loose-fitting dress that flares from the shoulders down to the hem. It swings when you move. I couldn’t swing dance if you paid me me but if I had a front porch swing I certainly would wear it there!

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  6. My whole day today is comfortable. I am wearing my sweats, it is cool and we had showers, I picked tomatoes and shell out beans and will freeze and vacuum seal the beans later. Husband is roasting poblano peppers in the oven, and later today I will make white chicken chili with some of the roasted peppers and cannellini beans I cooked in the instant pot. I have pizza dough in the fridge and we will have pizza for a late lunch. I will can tomatoes tomorrow.
    “Nowhere to go and no way to get there”!

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  7. Levi snippets 2: The Legendary Levi Durability.
    What nonsense. Put those two horses going and they’d pull a pair of Levi’s straight in half.
    I’ve met guys wearing their one prized pair of Levi’s, and they’ve said, yeah, I’ve had them five years (always seems to be five years). Look how well they’ve lasted.
    That’s because they don’t wear them much.
    I have work pairs and best pairs. The best ones fray on the front pockets, so although I avoid kneeling, to stop the knees stretching and wearing, they become scruffy anyway, from that direction. The work ones wear out the knees, and very often further up, where “designer ripped” jeans have those fake holes, so beloved of Sherrilee and I.
    After a lifetime of patching jeans, just to have them give way rapidly where the patch ends, then patch them again, public outrage and my own disillusionment, have caused me to simply wear them into the ground, then use them to heat the house in winter. A painful process, but it has saved endless hours of sewing, which I enjoy less these days.
    The Levi empire is built on a cynical lie, which they exploit by preying on hopeless, pathetic addicts like myself.

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    1. You’re in good company, Fenton – Husband used to add patches to the patches, and the jeans would get so thick and heavy he could hardly wear them. I wish I had a photo of some, they were a sight to behold.

      A good friend and former California roommate’s last job was for Levi Strauss & Co. in Healdsburg, CA, a little town quite close to my step-son’s home in Ukiah area. I don’t remember what her role was, but as I recall, they were a good company to work for, and she had a discount, of course, on Levi jeans.

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        1. Did 45 minute walk on Williams Nature Trail. Now on patio. Maybe do blog on that trail but would have to admit how pathetic is my distance in 45 minutes on paved level trails.

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        2. You forget, Clyde, that most of the baboons are well past their glory years – if there ever were any – and will readily admit it. I know that’s certainly true for me. So if you’re inspired to write about the trail, please do. No need to get hung up on a “pathetic distance.”

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  8. As has been mentioned above – soft and loose. I rarely buy any bottoms without elastic waist. No stiff denim – you can find soft denim if you’re patient. I am partial to certain colors – a muted turquoise sometimes called seafoam is a favorite. I’m trying to get rid of things that I don’t feel good in, either physically or mentally.

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  9. Levi snippets 3! Levi t-shirts!
    I bet they make a fortune out of selling t-shirts to people who think they look cool when they’re not even wearing Levi jeans. Coolness is a state of mind, not a t-shirt.
    Angry, effortlessly cool person, Palomar.


  10. Advice for the guys when you buy a white dress shirt.
    The plastic buttons and cufflinks are for retention only. Spend the extra 100 for the flash.
    It’s worth it no matter how ancient you are.

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  11. OT for today’s conversation, but the Thursday’s mention of the “Best of Keepers” got me to look at my Keepers collection. Here’s what I have:
    1. 1994 – Keepers
    2. 1995 – Keepers2
    3. 1996 – Keepers Live
    4. 1996 – Keepers Celtic
    5. 1997- Keepers Christmas
    6. 1998 –
    7. 1999 -Keepers Coffee With Cream
    8. 2000 – Keepers A Cappella
    9. 2001 – Comfort Keepers
    10. 2002 –
    11. 2003 – Keepers Railroad Track
    12. 2004 – Best of Keepers
    13. 2005 – Keepers Car Songs
    14. 2006 –
    15. 2007 –
    16. 2008 –
    17. 2009 – The Final Morning Show
    I’m not sure what titles I’m missing and would love to copy any that other Baboons may have. I would be happy to make copies of mine for you. I assume that one of the two 1996 titles was actually made available in 1997 and the 1997 Keepers Christmas was released in 1998. If those assumptions are correct, I’m missing 2002 and any that were dated 2006-2007. Most of mine are originals, but I got a few from Tim and Linda a few years back. Can anyone fill in the blanks and let me know what the missing titles are and if you’d be willing to let me copy any that you have that I don/t

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  12. OT. I’m not sure who is online who is planning on going to bookclub today but I need to bow out. I am still coughing and while I’m pretty sure I’m not contagious, I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable about me coughing all over the place. Not to mention that it doesn’t feel great to still be coughing. So let me know what you guys decide about November if you need a place you can have it here.


  13. I wasn’t sure if this reply would end up where it should, so started afresh.
    In reply to PJ’s reply to Clyde. I’m not doing too well age wise myself. But my hesitancy over joining in with Steve’s memorial last week was nothing to do with not wanting to show myself as I am now, despite having recently stated my dislike of appearing on camera. (It’s a paradox). It was just to do with ordinary, everyday, banal fears about other things. I was meaning to mention that.

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  14. One thing I decided early in the pandemic was that I better keep wearing pants with a “real” waistline – mostly as it was an easy way to make sure I was not gaining too much weight in the face of a much reduced activity level (no more long walk from parking ramp to desk and then meeting to meeting… clicking a button to go to the next meeting burns very few calories). To be fair, I wear jeans that have some lycra in them, so they have some give – but still there is a button and a zipper to keep me honest. Tops vary – since I wear less jewelry now, I try to make sure the top has an interesting neckline or something about it more than just a plain t-shirt – my co-workers mostly see head and shoulders… some days, though, call for a swing dress (see Krista above) and leggings. Like wearing pajamas to work only it looks a little nicer than the current state of my PJs. 😉

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    1. Also – got wrapped up in too many things and failed to remember that today was Blevins. Sheesh. I don’t think I can blame senility or COVID brain… just garden variety forgetfulness. Pooh.

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  15. One thing I like about the modern world is that jeans are now stretchy. I well remember my teens and twenties, when you would get your jeans out of the dryer and they’d be so tight you had to lie down to zip them up. After a few hours they would relax a bit and fit right.

    Now jeans usually have a bit of spandex and don’t require holding your breath to get into them after they’ve been washed.

    I have some socks made by the company World’s Softest Socks. I do not own any stock in the company or receive any promotional considerations. I just like them. They are really soft. Fleecy slippers make me feel good too.

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  16. Shoes are another area where Comfort is King. I have several pairs for summer that are nice and comfy as they’re so open and my feet are “un-confined”, but winter is trickier.

    I am glad, Ben, to get the update on R & G, and that they’ve managed to stay out of harm’s way… may it continue!

    We had a couple of pear trees in Robbinsdale yard, but I think they were bosc, and bartlett. Personally, I can’t wait till the d’anjou are back in the stores.


  17. my daughter had her grand son number three on Saturday morning shortly after midnight and I get to be the grandparents at slept with the two boys all the parents were at the hospital she ran into some complications nothing big but she still in the hospital and they’re not gonna Springer yet today either so I have been buried and not gotten to even look at the post until this morning I shouldn’t be looking at it this morning but they gave me a reprieve to let me go out and do my delivery stuff I sure enjoy the farm reports been I’ve come to conclude that life is about figuring out how to get done what needs to get done and if you can’t do it all delegation is a wonderful thing you seem to have your plate as full as you can have it and you’re still able to figure out how to get it done with the physical part of the equation being tested this year can branch as for what are you at where to feel good this happens to be my favorite time of the year when I get to wear socks with my Berkys and a sports coat just coming back around I enjoy shorts and a Hawaiian shirt all summer but by the time fall rolls around I’m ready to jump back into my sportcoat so I should be good now until June of next year when I need to switch back to shirts and a Hawaiian shirt another couple of months and I won’t be able to wear the Berkys and that’s kind of a drag because they don’t mess with my feet the way other shoes do
    catch up with y’all down the road thanks for keeping the blog Rollin

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