Dog Beds

Guinevere has multiple beds.  YA can’t resist them so there is one in her kennel in the breakfast room, one in my room and one in YA’s room.  Recently we’ve changed up sleeping arrangements; during the day Guinevere and Nimue pretty much ignore each other but nighttime is a different matter. The last month or so, Guinevere has moved from my room to YA’s room at night.  Every day YA moves the dog bed from my room to her room because “Gwen likes that bed during the day”.   I noticed today that both of the upstairs dog beds are still in YA’s room. 

Beds & Lambies

In addition, Guinevere has FOUR lampchop chewy toys.  This is in addition to a huge basket full of other balls and toys, but the lampchop ones are definitively her favorites.  YA and I used a giftcard last spring and bought several of them, so we have extras on hand if the current flock gets nibbles too much.

Guinevere is also refusing to eat her kibble this week.  This happens every couple of years when she just decides that her currently dogfood isn’t fitting the bill.  While YA and I are both fine with changing her food, neither of us is willing to throw out half of a large bag of kibble.  I voted for letting her go hungry on the theory that she won’t starve to death and eventually she’ll eat what we have.  YA is frantic about the non-eating.  So far this past week on different occasions I’ve seen lots of delicacies added to Guinevere’s dish: peanut butter, vanilla yogurt, maple syrup, pumpkin and also some very smelly dog sauces in pouches.  Each of these items worked moderately well but we’ve still got at least 2 weeks before we’re ready for a new brand of dry food. Good grief.

Have you ever had a hand in spoiling someone?

36 thoughts on “Dog Beds”

  1. Well, every trip to Runnungs yields new and exciting puppy toys and chews, but in my defense, he is only 7 months old, and a busy little terrier.

    Husband is a compulsive buyer of cheese, and he decided last week that some had been in the fridge longer than desirable, and could be considered “dog cheese”. That means Kyrill gets a Kong stuffed with kibble and cheese to gnaw just about every day. I also allow him to pre-rinse my ice cream bowl before it goes in the dishwasher. Yes, he is a spoiled pup.

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  2. Husband doesn’t want to get Kyrill a dog bed because he is worried he would chew it up, and wonders how we would wash it. That means that Kyrill sleeps with us in all our nice bedding and duvet. Yes, he is a spoiled pup.

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      1. Oh, I imagine there are removable and washable covers. I think Husband is more concerned with it getting chewed up. Kyrill shreds the blankets in his crate. It will be nice when he is older and doesn’t need to be crated when we are gone.. I don’t suppose that will happen until he is about 2. As it is he is never crated for more than a couple of hours at a time.

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  3. Besides pets, grandkids are what people often spoil, and ours are too far away for us to do that.

    As I recall, we tried mightily to not spoil Joel, though we may have gone too far the other way. Told him as he approached getting his drivers’ license that we wouldn’t be providing him with a car, he’d have to save up on his own for that. We learned later on that the 1991? Ford Escort he bought had a “hands free adjustable” seatback (didn’t stay put). Eventually he got a nice Saturn Ion…

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    1. I don’t remember anybody in my circle getting a car when they got their license. If that’s a current expectation, then YA has had a rough upbringing.

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  4. Rise and Indulge Your Babies, Baboons,

    The dog we have now cares nothing for toys. But treats are a different story. When she first came to us from a dog foster home, she did not know what a treat was. She sure knows now! Every night we spoil her with a treat in a Kong treat tire, then a dental chewie. The dental chewier are her true loves. She also loves to have her ears rubbed and her nose scratched. Bootsy will groan with pleasure when I do that which I find charming.

    My aunt who just died was so affectionate and kind with us, which in our family was rare. My mother considered that to be “spoiling”, although I disagreed with that. Aunt Donna could get us to do almost anything for her gentle approval. I fought mom with all I had when she was so harsh. Attracting more flies with honey and all that!

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    1. There was a strange experience at my aunt’s memorial. When we left, I pulled out my purse to retrieve sunglasses and found that someone had put a $100 bill in my purse! I don’t know who or why anyone did this.

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    1. Not just spoiled food, but spoiled rotten food. And yes, you can absolutely spoil a cat. Nimue has me extremely well trained. Treats in my bedroom morning and evening and if I pour myself milk or half-and-half in my coffee and don’t put a little splash on the counter for her, I hear about it.

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      1. I didn’t consider it ‘spoiling’, but our dogs get treats morning and night and they know and expect it. They know the routine, soon as I look like I’m ready to leave, they’re waiting. And while Bailey stalls on her regular food, and buries most things, the morning treat, a bacon strip (dogfood grade bacon strip), she eats that right up. And Allie may be blind and deaf, but her nose works and she can see well enough to know it’s bacon strip time.
        Evening, before we go to bed, they have to pee first, then they get the doggy treats.
        I probably do spoil Humphrey as he gets more of those than the other dogs…

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  5. i sucker em in on a mixture to get the old stuff gone
    take a 1/1 ratio of old new mix and see if they’ll eat it then

    actually they have been getting just regular old Purina dog chow for about five or six years because I tried switching to a different brand that I thought might be more healthy and they wouldn’t have anything to do with it just last week I went to Costco‘s salmon sweet potato blend and they are nuts for it it’s more expensive than the Purina but I figure they’re getting so old I better try and give them something healthy to keep my live a little while longer

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  6. Tim, Jane’s dad does that with the new stuff. But that means you’ve opened the new stuff sooner, so it’s getting old already. Doesn’t make sense to me. I’d sooner put it straight into several small airtight containers as soon as I open it, come to think of it, I do. Nothing gets old now.

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  7. Isaac games now with friends in England, so thank God, everyone has stopped bombarding him with toys. Until we moved here permanently seven years ago, we had toys in this house, toys in his grandparents’ house in the campo, toys in our house and their house in England. Much of it was junk, much of it never got played with at all, much of it was dismantled and spread to the four winds. It just kept pouring in, and I stood by and let it happen. Now it’s all in boxes in the garage, supposedly waiting to be “sorted”. Tomorrow I have to search through it for the box of teddies, for Jane to use in a school project. It would be great if they were never coming back, but I suppose they will.

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      1. It’s a long story, but for me….. We were living in Southampton. Jane wouldn’t go back to Devon (and I’m still offended). So I could either stay in Southampton, which I hated (on the grounds of hating anywhere in England that isn’t Devon). Or I could come here. It’s not really my kind of place, but I never forget that it’s not Southampton.

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