Fat Lip

Husband had a dental filling on Monday. He came home, mouth and lips still numb from the anesthetic, and ate a slice of bread and laid down to take a nap.

I came home at 5:00 pm, and was shocked to see Husband’s lower lip. I exclaimed “You look like you were in a fight! What happened?” His lip was terribly swollen. He didn’t know what I was talking about at first, as his face was still numb from the dentist. Closer inspection revealed a gash on the inside of his lip, suggesting that he had bit his lip while eating the slice of his homemade sourdough loaf, and didn’t feel it because of the anesthesia. We iced it, and by yesterday it was much reduced although still red and sore looking.

One of my coworkers told the story of her husband the day before their wedding deciding to eliminate a hornets’ nest and getting stung on the eyelid, causing his eye to swell shut and turn all sorts of lurid colors.

Got any fat lip or black eye stories? Ever given anyone a black eye or a fat lip?

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  1. I have not received from or given anyone a fat lip or black eye. Physically, that is. I have given former workmates metaphorical black eyes. They deserved what they received.

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  2. I’ve broken my nose twice, which usually results in a black eye(s) as well. Once playing basketball in college, once when I vaulted over a knee wall at the St. Louis Park Library, slipped, and did a face plant with my nose leading the way.

    And then there was the time about 10 years ago when I was playing hockey down at Morehouse Park here in Owatonna, caught a skate blade in a rut, and did a swan-dive head first into a steel post holding up the boards behind the goal. Result: a fractured orbital socket that reshaped my face, seven stitches in my eyebrow, a world of hurt, a string of epithets a mile long, what seemed like a bucket of blood (head wounds are notorious bleeders), and of course, a black eye. Could’ve been a lot worse, like lose-an-eye worse, but it only ended my hockey-playing days.

    I don’t think I’ve ever given anyone a black eye. Never been in a real fight. Probably not even a figurative black eye. I rarely get mad enough to call someone out and put them in their place.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  3. I was trying to adjust my office chair a while ago, one of those chairs with multiple knobs and levers, when the back of the chair flew forward and wacked my face right between eyes. I had a lovely mark between my eyes made by the bridge of my glasses. I even had to fill out an incident report.

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      1. I was standing facing the front of the chair while I was leaning into the chair and adjusting the knobs beneath the arm rests.


  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    This is a time I wish I could post a personal picture. However, given that WP just barely operates now, it would confuse it too much, I am sure!

    Five years ago while mowing, Lou was stung by wasps. I counted 20+ stings on his legs, arms and torso. He was mildly allergic to bee stings. I took him to Urgent Care where they tended to him with an Epi pen and anti-histamines. It was scary but he was fine. Four years ago Lou had a surgical procedure on his eye lids to “reduce the sag” that impaired his vision. Afterwards, the staff said there would be some bruising that seemed to leak down his face that is a predictable result of this surgery. This happened. It lasted about a week. Two days after the he felt fine, but looked like an abuse fiction, but went out to the back yard to mow and take down some weeds. I was out of the house running an errand. In the process of the yard work a wasp stung him right in the middle of his upper lip. I walked into the house from the car to find him standing on the porch, looking confused and with a hugely swollen upper lip, adding to the handsome look of they black eyes and bruising spreading down his face.

    He muttered to me, “I wush shtung by a wasp.” I bundled him into the car and off to an ER AGAINST HIS WILL. I insisted. He stumbled into the ER, the nurse saw him, then gasped, looked at me and asked, “What happened?”

    I told the story. They got the Epi pens and Benadryl going via IV and iced the lip. I took a picture.

    In the picture, which I think some of you have viewed, he looks like Homer Simpson. When people see it they burst into laughter. We now have Epi pens in the house, although, knock on wood, we have not needed them yet.

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    1. I had the eyelid surgery a just over two years ago. I didn’t look too bad that evening but it was a shock to see myself the next morning – very scary! I have a photo but have no intention of ever sharing it.

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  5. I was the oldest of three kids. My brother E was four years younger than me and K was six years younger than me. My brother E had kind of a temper when he was a kid. He got angry about small things and didn’t take teasing well. This opened him up for lots of teasing but that’s another story.

    I don’t remember how he did it – I think he was playing hockey – and managed somehow to split his lower lip wide open requiring four stitches. He was stoic about the split lip and the stitches and he was healing up well. One evening my dad brought E and I into the bedroom and had E lie down on the bed. He asked me to sit on top of my brother and handed me a flashlight. He told me to keep it on E’s lip and hold it steady. I was confident that I could do it.

    Dad got out his suture removal scissors and a small plate. I held the flashlight steady. Dad snipped the first suture and pulled it through E’s lip. A small bead of blood followed the suture out. I really held the flashlight steady. Dad said, “Kris, hold that light steady!” He snipped the next suture and pulled it through, followed again by a bead of blood. Dad wasn’t a patient man and he demanded, “Kris, hold that flashlight steady!” I really thought I was. Next thing I knew I was on my back on the kitchen floor with my legs straight up against the refrigerator. I had fainted and fallen off of my brother and the bed. In the middle of removing E’s sutures, Dad had to carry me out to the kitchen and put me on the floor with my legs up, I guess to return the blood to my head.

    It’s always that small bead of blood. I can manage seeing a large wound with a lot of blood. But those tiny beads really cause problems for me. It happened again in practical nurse training when observing a surgery on a newborn boy. The first incision brought beads of blood in a line following the scalpel and I went over backwards into one of the RN instructor’s arms. She put me in the waiting room with all the brand new fathers. I had to repeat that surgery to pass my competency.

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  6. I missed a stair somehow going down to the basement about 10 years ago – hit the bone at lower side of left eye on the cement. Beautiful shiner, and boy that hurt! Turned all kinds of lovely colors, but finally went away.

    I’ve told here how my cousin Sally and I would rub raspberry juice under our eyes, go into where the adults were talking, and say we had a black eye… I remember Grandma Sterling trying to wash it off at the kitchen sink.

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  7. All of these graphic descriptions of injuries have me feeling queasy. I kid you not, I don’t even need to see blood for me to go weak in the knees.

    I’ve told the story here before of falling off a teeter totter while in college. I landed with great force on the heavy steel pipe that was the horizontal fulcrum at the center of the teeter totter. My nose was shattered, but it bled surprisingly little. For weeks, though, I sported the most colorful shiners that over the duration of the healing migrated through every color of the rainbow. I remember one professor upon entering our classroom the following day looked straight at me and said: “Well, you know we’re all wondering what the heck happened, so do you want to tell us and get it over with?”

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  8. Oh, so many times. So many self-inflicted injuries. None standing out to the face. I know I did more than once. Lots of stings. I have a low reaction to them. Oh, when my father dropped a tree on me, which I have told before. No injury resulted.

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  9. I have never given anyone a black eye or a fat lip. I have sometimes wanted to, though. But my dad taught me that’s it’s cowardly to hit someone smaller that me, and it’s stupid to pick a fight with someone bigger.

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  10. This morning I’ve commented three times on the trail, each time with a different result. The third comment has yet to show up.

    I’m beginning to wonder if these posts on here from Okie Beyond borders may have something to do with our WP troubles. It looks like it’s a programming language of some sort. Is there a way of having WP’s IT support take a look at it?


    1. I deleted Okie’s comment because it’s not really a comment. I don’t know if that’s what’s causing the problem, I wouldn’t think so, because then it would cause a problem for everyone and WordPress does seem to be picking on a couple of people more than others.


  11. My childhood dentist (who was not a “child’s dentist”, if such a thing even existed back then) did not use novocaine for fillings and so I grew up not expecting it. I am still ambivalent. At least without novocaine when the procedure is over you don’t have that long period of numbness where you have to be careful not to damage yourself.

    I’ve told this before, I think, but when I had my wisdom teeth removed (as an adult with a different dentist) in addition to novocaine I was given intravenous valium. After the procedure and after I more or less regained my senses Robin took me home. On the way, still somewhat giddy from the valium, I insisted we stop at the grocery so I could get myself some ice cream. In the store I wandered around a bit and finally made my ice cream selection and took it to the checkout. It wasn’t until I returned to the car that Robin pointed out that I had a rivulet of blood running down the corner of my mouth and pooling on the collar of my raincoat. The checkout person had never said a thing.

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    1. That’s funny. Reminds me of first time husband had a colonoscopy. On the way home from the hospital he was jabbering all kinds of nonsense, repeating himself endlessly, but insisting that he was fine and I should drop him off at work. I refused, and took him home. Apparently the drug used to sedate him for the procedure caused temporary amnesia. The following day he had no recollection of wanting to go to work.

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  12. I don’t think I’ve ever had or given one.
    But one day, loading bags of feed in the truck from a loading dock, I sort of lept up with a flailing of arms at the same time the other guy leaned over to get another bag. Smacked him right in the face. I didn’t see him the next day so I don’t know if he got a black eye.

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  13. Over 20 years ago I was at ValleyFair with my two young nieces. K was in the wading pool and it was time to go. She didn’t hear me call her so I walked over to her from behind and bent over her to tell her we were leaving. Unfortunately she stood up at the same time and the top pf her head made contact with my nose. The pain was blinding and there was copious blood – my hands flew up to my nose immediately so there was (miraculously) no blood on my swimsuit but a lot on my hands/face. I was quickly taken to First Aid for treatment. We left the park with me holding an iceberg to my face. I never did seek medical treatment beyond First Aid (you know the saying about a nurse being her/his worst patient). I think there was some bruising around my eyes but I don’t really remember. But I do think I have a mildly deviated septum from that incident.

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        1. Me too. I’m building an ‘Ice block’ right now in fact…for a show ‘One Snowy Night’. it’s not going well… I don’t have a clear vision of what I’m doing yet!
          How the heck do you build an ice block???

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  14. Yesterday VS and I were writing posts at the same time, unaware of the other’s efforts. We finished simultaneously. When you read her’s tomorrow, you will see that great minds think alike.

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  15. I keep getting called over at about 8. Sandy sundowns and won’t ccoperate with those wonderful young women. Two nights ago she did everything I said. Last night not so much. Tonight she went after me too. Took an hour to get her to take her meds and then get ready for bed and get in beds. Accused them and me of many things.
    This is when I eat me real supper but too drained to even stop and buy fast food. I will talk to her NP tomorrow.
    Driving over all of a suddent a very loud motorcycle passed me on the right at about 60 om 40 mph zone. I was in the right lane of two lanes. Then a very loud low sports car passed me on the left a about 70-75. Both were very close to me. Mankato drivers can be something.

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  16. I used to live on Colfax, just a couple blocks up from the Lyndale Farmstead Park with that fabulous hill behind the park building. One cold snowy winter night wasband and I went out with sheets of cardboard to do some sliding down the hill. We went down successfully several times, but on the last run, we veered a little bit off the main path, went over a good size mogul and came down in a tumble of arms and legs. I’m not sure what body part or even whose body part hit my face, but I had a terrific shiner. Unfortunately I had a doctors appointment two days later, just my annual, and the nurse very seriously asked me during check in if I was safe at home. Then when the doctor came in, she asked me the same thing. And of course, and at work my boss also asked me the same thing. It was a little embarrassing.

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