Now that the weather is nicer, YA’s inner-pyromaniac has emerged for the summer. 

Years ago I inherited a backyard fire pit from a friend.  At this point I think the rust is the only thing holding it together but it has provided many years of enjoyable backyard conflagrations.  YA is good at sweeping the yard for twigs and branches that she piles up in the very back of the yard; she is always on the lookout for kindling.  She is the initiator of 98% of our backyard infernos and is generally in charge of any arranging and poking that is needed.

It doesn’t take long after the first couple of the seasons blazes that she asks about graham crackers and chocolates.  We always have marshmallows (Trader Joe’s – vegetarian).  I knew this was coming so I had already stocked up; we were able to have our first s’mores of the season that day!  We even used the s’mores trays that I bought at the state fair a few years ago.  These are clearly unnecessary toys but I love them anyway. 

We have a gas stove; we could easily have s’mores all year long, but we never make them except over the fire in the back yard.  I suspect that the sunshine, the smoke from the fire, the joy of finally being outside after a long winter contribute to why having summer s’mores is just the best way to go.

Do you have any seasonal rituals?

13 thoughts on “Afire!”

  1. Rise and Shine, Baboons,

    Right now is the time for my agricultural rituals–cold frame planing then garden planting is a priority for me the last 2-3 weeks of May. Tomorrow I am going to visit my mother who is failing quite rapidly now. Combined with that visit is my annual visit to the Nevada (Iowa) Cemetery. My dad’s extended family, who I remember so fondly, is buried there. Then the third week of June brings the gathering of my high school friends at Lake Okoboji. That is a lot of fun. I hope this year we travel to my actual home town 90 miles away for a visit to the Blue Bunny Ice Cream store and Archie’s Supper Club (Beard Award Winner) in LeMars, Iowa.

    There is a pesky fruit fly in front of my nose this morning.

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  2. I always plant too many vegetables in the spring. So much hope in planting! Planting is a spring ritual.

    I used to work all summer and now I can’t get used to having so little that must be done. I don’t have a lawn to mow anymore, or a large garden to tend. I need some new summer rituals. I hope to travel more.

    In the fall there is Rock Bend, of course, which has been a ritual for decades now. I usually take a trip to the Big Lake late in September. In October and November I put the container gardens to rest and preserve what herbs and vegetables I have left. I love to have roasted buttercup squash so I go to a nearby market farm to get some. I roast it and freeze it before Thanksgiving. I preserve other foods too but I usually do quite a lot of squash.

    Winter is kind of like summer. I used to work constantly so I’m developing new rituals. Again, travel would be ideal.

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  3. Wife likes to make crockpot meals in cold months (sort of seasonal).

    Our neighbors have a nice firepit in their backyard. During COVID, they invited us over on occasions to chat in a socially distanced manner. We’ve kept up that tradition going over a few times per summer. I contribute twigs and branches from our “forest” to their firewood collection. They have some big trees to that provide some kindling too.

    I have my seasonal activities: golf, biking, walking, ice skating, and XC skiing.

    We used to drink port from October to April or May but stopped because neither of us need the calories, alcohol, or added expense. Just opened a new bottle every month. It was usually gone within a week with just 2-oz. servings.

    Chris in Owatonna (glad to be back from his “spring break” golf junket to Palm Springs)

    **BSP** Riverwalk Market Fair in downtown Northfield on Saturday from 9-1 on Division St. between 4th & 5th Aves. in that cute little town square park. Pretty much a farmers market type of situation. My first time doing this, so I’m at least glad the weather will be outstanding. Hope to see you there if you’re in the area. Pass the word to anyone you know who’s looking for some great summer beach reads like Strait River, Castle Danger, and/or Dangerous Straits. **End BSP**

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  4. I do like to celebrate the Summer Solstice some way – at one time we had a party dubbed the Strawberry/Radish Festival, maybe we should reinstate that… have a potluck down by the lake or something…

    Husband and one sister share a July 2 birthday, and she and one other sister will be visiting somewhere near that. Husband has the planting rituals, and I help more with harvest and putting up food in August and September.

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