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Chicken or Egg?

Header Image by Nisargam

I have decided to look at the world a bit more through the eyes of a blog writer.

I was at the Edina art fair a week ago Sunday for a glorious day and while looking at the booths of numerous photographers made the comment that it must be interesting looking at the world with the filter of how would this be for a photograph

It occurred to me today that for the last 5 years and likely 30 more before that our blogmeister has undoubtedly been influenced by the filter of the trail and the docks to flavor spice pervert and steer his brain and perception of the world

I have a new appreciation for the portrait of a wordsmith photoshop artist as a middle aged and getting older every year man.

I hope many of us get the chance to take a swing at posting guest blogs (are they that any more) and discover the fulfillment dale discovered in his 1200 good blogs (and the others too)

Topic before the question or the other way around?

File of topics that are not time related and  Where the heck did he always find the top news tidbit before it hit the morning lead story status on the places that know when to put a 72 point font on a headline.

Top stories for my sons would be sports leads, for my daughters something else again, for Fox News, public television, cbs and the New York Times all different again

So to hit it right once is understandable but over and over is a legacy left for us to ponder.

My first guest blog year and years ago was on Friday the 13th and dale suggested I use that as a topic but that being my first I had other stuff on the tip of my fingers so I told him no. I don’t think it’s come up again but I will craft one for the next Friday 13 unless one of you want to.

Timely is now or forget it. Other ( this one for example) can be used a filler from the blog of the day file I hope we offer to dale to make the summer go by without too many discussions that drone on for multiple days.

We all have different filters and I have enjoyed participating in the interaction to dales blogs with you all over the last 5 plus years

Now I hope I get to enjoy some additional filter results from one and all.  Music , food , art , seeds, recollections, views of life…we can do this baboons with our eyes closed. And as you can see from my typical typos that’s usually how I type.

Which comes first the question or the story?