The Day After!

We had an unusually busy Saturday, thanks to rain and the timeless allure of the end of time. So I thought it would be good to hit the “reset” button for today, in case baboons would like to continue a conversation.

Here’s a morning after limerick, for those nonplussed about the non rapture.

A man who predicted the ending
Received less than what he was intending
Just some minutes of fame,
While the world stayed the same
Its predicted apocalypse pending.

Looking over yesterday’s comments, at least we got a chance to spend some time thinking about end-of-the-world wine, cigars (for tim) and hugs.

As a general principle I avoid making predictions, though I may have assured someone in the summer of 2000 that Al Gore would be the next president.

49 thoughts on “The Day After!”

  1. Nope, I’m here, too Aaron. If the rest of ’em were raptured during the storms last night, there are at least three of us (you, me, and Dale).

    And yes, I will ‘fess up to being wrong, at least most of the time. This has caused at least one work supervisor to tell me I didn’t need to do that (the phrase he used was “didn’t need to throw myself under that bus”). Can’t help it – it’s part of that pesky honesty streak.

    Hope everyone (and their gardens) survived last nights storms. A grey rainy day is on tap, and that seems appropriate after last night’s legislative action in the house.


    1. Anna, I agree. This is a sad and somber day indeed. Now we have to hope that the good sense of the majority of Minnesotans will reject this amendment.

      I wasn’t looking for a Baboon blog this morning, but across it on Facebook, so perhaps other Baboons will join in when they discover that we’re up and at ’em.


  2. Anna, I agree. This is a sad and somber day indeed. Now we have to hope that the good sense of the majority of Minnesotans will reject this amendment.

    I wasn’t looking for a Baboon blog this morning, but came across it on Facebook, so perhaps other Baboons will join in when they discover that we’re up and at ’em.


  3. Up and at ’em Baboons!

    Dale, while I apologize when I’m wrong, I don’t do so profusely, so I chose another option as my vote. Sorry for the double posting above, I was trying to correct a mistake. Oh, well, see?

    Will try to get my vegetable garden in this morning now that I know we’ll likely be around at harvest time. After that perhaps catch the tail end of the Art-a-Whirl in NE Minneapolis. Gotta do something to cheer myself up.


    1. Me too, about apologizing but not profusely. But I did vote for the first one, since it was half right…


  4. I’m really happy to find that we’re still here, esp. after wondering if the end had come in the middle of night with the storm. The weeding done late yesterday isn’t for nought, and we’ve been invited out for dinner – life is good.


  5. Morning all!

    I apologize, but probably not profusely most of the time. One of my mottos is “Forgiveness is easier to get than permission”, so apologies are a way of life with me. But the same way that I don’t like it if someone else gushes apologies on me, I try not to gush on anyone else.

    I feel like I’m being personally tortured by Mother Nature. During the brief non-raining stint yesterday, loaded up on some more perennials and pansies for planters. Now if we could just be rain-free for long enough to cut off the sod to plant some of this stuff, it would be great!


    1. VS: The only way to plant this year is to head out there between rainstorms. I just planted flowers in the front garden for 45 minutes, then came in to safety as the lightening, thunder, and raindrops re-convened.

      I have a cold frame full of stuff ready for the garden. It looks like this intermittent planting will be my 2011 technique. The kohlrabi in the cold frame now touches the glass! So do the sunflowers.

      So you will find me dashing out of the house today and tomorrow during the pauses in rain. Wish me luck!


      1. The problem is the sod removal out front. I need the sod kicker, but I want to have a good 2-3 hours for this project, since I have to go up to the rental place to get the sod kicker.


  6. Good morning to all:

    I supose I might do any of the choices in the poll. I picked blame because I do sometimes think I know something and should be better understood. Isn’t that right? You don’t think so? Well, your wrong.


  7. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    WEll, it’s raining here for a bit, so I’m checking the blog. Definitely not Raptured!

    I vote for all of the above. After being wrong I probably do all of them, starting with profuse apologies, followed by a generous portion of blame for all I could not control. This part, of course is rarely a rational thought. Then I’ll predict and proceed to move into acting as if nothing happened at all.

    If you look at yesterday’s blog I signed in early this morning, saying “RIse and Shine. It’s a beautiful day. I’ll be outside.” Then it rained.

    I am so very sorry I called the weather incorrectly. How could I have been so wrong. I’ll never do that again. But, it’s Dale’s fault that it rained. He ordered this so everyone would be on-line again.

    It will rain again tomorrow since I want to plant flowers. But I’m going out in the rain to plant as if nothing is happening.



    1. Yes, Jacque, you did cover all of the bases, as Margert has said. That’s good because now I will have company in the blame others category.


  8. Morning–

    I don’t like to be wrong. So if I really am (and I’ll never admit it) I have to go be alone until the feeling passes.
    How did that guy phrase it: ‘What I said wasn’t meant to be taken as fact’?

    Regarding last nights weather; the wind was picking up and my wife got up to unplug computers and close windows and I guess that’s when I fell asleep…. we didn’t appear to get much rain out of it. Got an inch earlier in the day.

    Random drama going on here at the farm for the last week: I had a chicken sitting on two duck eggs. One hatched but the surrogate Momma chicken did nothing with the baby duck. So I finally put the ChickDuck in a pen with a heat lamp and food and water. And started trying to find it a buddy. (Besides the Sponge Bob toy I had put in there with it.) I asked friends and family; posted on Facebook, tried Freecycle. Then another outside duck hatched out 7 babies so I nabbed three of them to put in with Patrick (the ChickDucks name; Patrick is Sponge Bob’s best friend in the TV show) and they have all bonded now and there’s hope for all of them.
    The real Momma duck was very upset with me taking her kids of course but it’s a cruel world out there and she’s got a better chance with four than seven. I told her it’s for the ‘Greater Good’.
    (One of our favorite lines from ‘The Incredibles’ “…’Greater Good’?? I am your WIFE! I am the Greatest *Good* YOU are ever going to get!” )


  9. In my neck of the woods a sudden downpour coincided with a well-timed “Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” on 89.3.


  10. i tend to apologize for things – even when i had nothing to do with them.
    but i refuse to apologize for that sorry-assed vote and i’m embarrassed and feel like i need to apologize for being Minnesotan today. might as well live back in the mountains of Virginia and start handling snakes.
    well, up here in Blackhoof, i’ll be an election judge when comes that ignominious day for folks to decide who gets to do what. my tongue will be bloody from biting. folks play it close to the vest here, but i am almost certain that if the vote was on gun control it would be a whole different result. THAT liberty is not to be limited by anyone. also, dog un-control – that’s another inalienable right. but the right to be equal- that can be voted on. fei da, Minnesota legislature!
    and now i apologize for venting.


    1. This will be okay. Our vote will occur in the next Presidential election. Heavy turnout=Democrat/Liberal majority. This thing might just put an end to this wacko split Executive/Legislature that has put us in deadlock for a long time.

      Now there is a prediction!


  11. I’m here too, but quietly. I sang and played Dylan songs and drank wine yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening until I could sing, play or drink no more. We looked up briefly, around 7:30 p.m., and realized that we’d been left behind by the raptors. So we opened another bottle of wine and got back down to more music.

    I didn’t pray like I said I would. I didn’t have time. Bacchus made me do it. I’m very, very, very, very, very, very sorry and I’m sure that it will happen again. The wine and the music and the singing, I mean, not the rapture – or raptors – whichever.

    It doesn’t matter. I’ll be okay. Tomorrow.


  12. Present and not too surprisingly unraptured. I have received an official disciplinary warning at work because it’s not good that I am always right. I am supposed to work harder to let other people with bad ideas speak up because sometimes a really good idea can come from a bad one (I wish I were making this up!).


    1. I was the same way with my colleagues in school. Even though I still think I was right the most of the time, I now do not look back with pride about that. As my wife says, it’s more about the way I was right.

      Just rode by my neighborhood Culvers:
      Strawberry Fields


      1. Yes, I think it would be nice with a chocolate turtle dressing: a few nuts, a drizzle of chocolate and caramel. Finding the right greens to balance that might be a challenge, but I bet spinach would be up to the task.πŸ˜‰


  13. Oooh, I hate to be wrong. My mother says that no one in my father’s family ever thinks they are wrong. I guess that’s why they have argued with one another so much.


  14. It’s the “profusely” that kept me from voting #1. I’m more likely to say, “oops” and move; on so I went with option 4. My response to questions often comes out sounding very certain and believable, and I am certain when it pops out of my mouth, but I’m frequently wrong. This is usually during Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and Cash Cab-type moments, not life-changing or world-ending events, but Iguess just don’t know as much as I sound like I know.


    1. I hear ya OC. I have that same affliction or natural talent; depends on how you look at it I guess.


    1. It wasn’t too far from me, Beth-Ann, but we survived with no trouble or damage. Thanks for thinking of me. Let’s hope for a quick rebuilding of the lives uprooted in north Minneapolis.


  15. We’re fine here – were away when it hit maybe a mile away. A neighbor was out biking when it hit near Wirth Park – managed to get under a bridge and watch stuff flying by.


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