1 … 2 … GO! … 3 … Ready?

My brother was an early adopter, always wanting to be among the first to try a new thing, especially electronic stuff. He got out ahead of the crowd on laser video discs, for example. I remember marveling at the colorful LP sized platter that he brought out when it was time to watch a movie on that early machine. The thing whirred and heated up and eventually spat out some video that was a darn sight better than what we were seeing on VCR at the time, but of course it was nothing like today’s HD discs. He only collected a few films in this format before it became antiquated.

I can’t think of a time when I’ve been ahead of the crowd. Although I started to do an audio podcast around about the time the first enthusiasts lost interest in them, and now I understand they’re all the rage again, so I was both too late and too early to catch on to that trend.

Apparently there are people out there already gloating over and/or regretting their quick adoption of Apple’s latest iPhone, but there is some evidence to suggest that those riding the crest of every technological wave are better for it, eventually.

I don’t know if that’s true in nature, though.


There’s one branch on a tree in the back yard that thinks we’re at mid-October already. It spotted the “going orange” trend early and decided to jump in with abandon, though I’m sure some of the nearby limbs are thinking it’s a little soon to stake out that territory. What if the “hot” leaf color turns out to be blue this year?

How do you know when the time is right?

42 thoughts on “1 … 2 … GO! … 3 … Ready?”

  1. I mostly figure it out about a year after the decision has been made 🙂

    I had no idea about the megadisks- completely missed that stage, or maybe I just don’t hang out with people on that kind of cutting edge. Must have been all about fidelity, because a disk that size sounds really awkward.


  2. Good morning. I am not a person who is usually among the first to try anything. I might completely pass up some things. I don’t have a smart phone. I do plan on getting one of those. I will probably never have an Apple iPhone. I will have trouble mastering the more basic uses of a smart phone. The advanced features found on the latest Apple iPhone would be of no use to me.


      1. I like my Moto G from Republic Wireless. It might not be what you are looking for, but the cost of the monthly plan is right! especially when you consider that it’s a pretty darn good phone. Not as good as the Moto X maybe, but pretty darn good.


  3. I think you have to be prepared to be in the moment especially when it’s not apparent . If you wait to be sure it’s your moment before you make it your moment it will surely miss or skip your turn. You’ll be watching your navel when the magic moment comes and the person who’s out there will be the one who gets worm regardless of whether it’s early or late.
    Those laser discs were a cool idea but the ability to see it at the time is special
    I just had a friend lamenting the fact he didn’t buy Microsoft stock and retire when he had the chance
    If he was so on top of it in 1970whateveryearitwas you would think the lightbulb wotld have come on again since .
    Keep your hand on the buzzer ready to hit it when the time is right


    1. It would be nice to be ready to take advantage of all the latest things. I may have missed out on some worthwhile things because I am not one who is always ready to try the latest thing. On the other hand, I have more enough interesting and worthwhile things to do and don’t want to take time from those things to be ready to jump into the latest new thing. I’m not on the cutting edge very often. However, some of the things I do are a very important part of my life and I don’t see any need to take time away from doing them to keep track of things that would be more on the cutting edge.

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  4. How do I know when the time is right? Depends…how much does it cost? We upgraded to a blu-ray player only in the last year, and only because I found a freakishly good deal on one about the time our DVD player was really dying. I didn’t get a smart phone until just before the iPhone 5 came out (and, again, because there was a freakishly good deal on the soon-to-be-outdated-4S). Moving to a new job? Gut instinct for, “yep, this will be a good thing.” New clothing purchase? A balance of need and “ooh, nifty!” Mostly, though, the sort of gut instinct intuition that Malcolm Gladwell would say we should follow…

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    1. Right with you on making the upgrade when “old faithful” bites the dust.

      Went straight from the cute little candy bar phone to a brief interlude with a flip phone to the beloved smartphone.

      I love my smartphone for so many reasons and I suspect I am using maybe a third of its capabilities-so until it dies (or more likely, it becomes completely uncompatible with all the external upgrades)- we are a team.


  5. When it comes to technology, I like to wait a long time before committing myself, just to see how it is going to turn out. Since I am somewhat impulsive in other respects, and husband is not, we tend to balance one another when making other types of decisions. I would agree with Tim about being prepared to be in the moment. It is not easy to do, though.


  6. Electronic gizmos don’t do it for me. While I love my MacBook Air, have no desire for a cell phone. I don’t enjoy long conversations on the phone, and I certainly don’t want to be interrupted every few minutes but some inane text.

    The time may be nigh where I should consider replacing my 1998 SAAB 9000. Just discovered last week, when taking a couple of friends to the airport, that you can’t exit the back seat without someone on the outside opening the door. Considering that I have a passenger in the back seat about once a year, I don’t really feel any great urgency. Daisy, my most frequent passenger, expects me to open and close the door for her.


    1. To be honest, pj, my phone is mostly a small tablet I occasionally use to make and receive calls on. My texting is all work related.

      I’d love the bigger screen on a tablet, and I think about getting one, but then I would have one more piece of technology I underutilize 🙂

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    2. You really should insist that Daisy open and close the door herself. Sounds like she has too much a sense of entitlement. 🙂


      1. Trust me, Beth-Ann, the whole locking mechanism is coming apart. I fear it has disassembled itself in the innards of the door.


  7. Morning all. The time is right when the decision has to be made – when you can’t put it off any longer or when you don’t want to put it off any longer.

    As far as technology goes, I’m probably not with the times. I know what a lot of the current state of affairs is, but just not that interested in being a part of it. College Student (I’m moving her up from Teenager status) told me last week that my smart phone is just wasted on me because I don’t know all the things that it can do. Not true – I’m well aware of what it can do, I just don’t feel the need to use it for all it can do.

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  8. Left to my own devices, I would be a troglodyte when it comes to adopting new technologies. But I have two people in my life–my daughter and my artistic friend–who thrive on modern gizmos. By carefully using them, I can get a sense of what new devices will work for me.

    When I moved to my apartment, my daughter gave me a cell phone to use until I got a land-line phone installed. Then we learned that my apartment sits in a cell phone dead spot. I know cell phones are fascinating toys, but if they don’t work as telephones I don’t see much value in them.

    By contrast, I have an e-reader and a tablet. I love them and spend hours each day using them. And while I buy some books on paper, living in a small apartment encourages me to buy books in electronic form so I don’t fill up the limited amount of space here to store books.

    I have also learned to use my computer in many ways to enrich my life, ways that stretched my thinking about computers. For example, while television stations in this region don’t broadcast sports events that take place in other regions, I can watch Minnesota Vikings games on my computer.

    Overall, I try to keep an open mind about new technologies. I don’t feel obliged to adopt anything, but if there is a way something new can enrich my life I sure want to embrace it.


        1. Oh no, I wasn’t suggesting that, I was just wondered whether my understanding that a tablet could be used as an e-reader was wrong.


  9. l’ve been diagnosed with severe technology anxiety. lf l buy it, l spend hours on the phone with tech support and have to have my geeky grandson come out to set it up. A short list of examples: new cell phone (not even a Smart phone); a sound bar; navigating DlSH; a DVD player; a new router; a Kindle (gave it to brother). There’s virtually no piece of technology that l haven’t screwed up and have often wound up a swearing, crying hot mess on the floor.

    This anxiety condition begins before the purchase is even made. All the way to Best Buy, l’m telling myself, “You’re gonna screw this up and spend all day having to be walked through installation with techs”. l paid $200 for a new router rather than the normal $40 because the sales rep guaranteed me “lt’s a simple three-step process that a kindergartner could do”. That one took 3 different techs and four hours on the phone.

    Even writing about these failures generates anxiety, so l think l’m also PTSD!

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    1. That’s what geeky grandsons are for, CB. 🙂

      When we bought the new computer last fall, we took a few hours worth of free classes to learn how to use the new Microsoft program (8.1?). I still have questions, but can do most of what I need…


        1. Actually BiR is correct. The last version of Windows was 8.1. It’s also true that Microsoft has just announced the release of version 10. Whether or not they skipped version 9 for the reason you surmised, I can’t say. I do know that whatever version of Windows Hans has on his Apple computer is horrible. It might well be 8. I don’t know if Windows works differently on Macs, but I can say with some conviction, it doesn’t work very well on the one we own.


  10. I agree with those above re: technology – the time is right when the old one doesn’t work anymore. In other arenas, I think you just have to get quiet and listen.

    Or sometimes a scheduled event will shake things up. I didn’t realize I really needed to get “out of Dodge” for a while, but a college reunion took me (and Husband) on a road trip to Utah – will do a blog post about this soon – and it really was the right time.


  11. Ok, here is a place where I have ended up “skipping” some technology.

    I have owned exactly one desktop computer in my life-dear old Dumbledore who sits philosophically in the basement and mostly serves to run the antiquated CAD programming I use with the knitting machine to make money. Dumbledore was a cast-off I got from tpt for the princely sum of $25. Connect a sound board, speakers, keyboard, mouse and scavenged monitor and a good and faithful comosnion he has been. Still can get email via the phoneline at certain times of day, provided the land line is working-which I think for some time now it has not been-which will tell you how critical the phone function is on the smartphone- I just don’t talk on the phone. Century Link is not being terribly helpful getting the land line fixed and they are doing a good kob of losing a customer.

    I’ve never had a router and couldn’t tell you for sure what it does.

    The only email/internet at our house comes right through the phone which I throw in my bag.

    When something goes wrong with it, I make a quick call on and service is restored within the half hour without me being anyplace in particular or having to spend a day at my expense waiting for a tech to show up.

    Maybe it is a toy to some, but it is a tool to me.

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      1. The computer actually “tells” the knitting machine what to knit in terms of patterning (say, if you wanted a sweater with baboons on it-you program the baboon on the screen and then the computer guides the needle selection each row, creating the picture of a baboon).

        People are doing crazy things with “hacking” into a machine. Will be doing that someday, when in find some time…..


        1. I can’t say I actually am programming- more like “data entry” I just have to figure out how the actual program wants to here that for section A, white is the background, while in section B, white is the design- it all looks the same on the screen, so you have to pay attention.

          I will say, using something that is probably “early” Windows makes you really appreciate what we have now.

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  12. My timing with comedy is pretty good. I think my timing musically would be good if I learned to play an instrument. However, my timing in life seems to be lacking.

    One of my newer favorite movies is Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris,” about a guy that thinks he was born in the wrong time.

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  13. I would be an early adopter of new technologies if I had an employer to pay for them. Alas, that’s no longer the case. I will be bringing up the rear on those.

    I know when to harvest the tomatoes and raspberries.

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    1. I’m adding mushrooms and bonsai trees to my technology free hobbies

      I am not a Luddite but my kids think I’m behind the curve

      This groups makes me feel like a time traveler to pre bill gates times

      What a bunch of old hippies

      I love you guys

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