Late Night Snack

Today’s post is by Bart, the bear who found a smart phone in the woods.

H’lo, Bart here.

Really interested in this story about how bad it is to eat late at night.  Here’s what opened my eyes – I never thought you could decide for yourself when the meals happen.

They say we bears are “opportunistic eaters“, which is another way of saying dinnertime is whenever I can find something, or when unsuspecting food wanders into my reach. And really, how could it be any other way? I have to get lots of fat built up for winter, so I can’t ever afford to say “No”!

Especially if donuts are involved.  

This makes me like a lot of people who seem to swallow things for entertainment, or just because it’s there.

I see the kitchen lights on late at night, and then I see the bedroom and bathroom lights come on even later!  Yes, I’m just out of sight in the trees, and I’m taking notes!

Those notes say your midnight buffets have to stop, because acid reflux is a nasty, should-never-happen type of thing, just like wrong-way drivers or falling down a ladder.

So here’s Bart’s Acid Reflux action plan: Whenever you feel the urge to eat something after dark, you should follow these simple Bart-approved steps:

    1. Find the food that’s tempting you.
    2. Put the food into a loose, open bag.
    3. Set the bag outside, in the yard, at least 50 feet from any structure.
    4. Bring the dog in.
    5. Turn out the light.

If the food is still there in the morning, you were meant to have it, so chow down.   The morning is a much better time to take in large quantities of food anyway!

Or so they tell me.  

If you follow my instructions you’ll feel better and sleep better.  

This is also a great weight-loss strategy!  The reason so many diets fail is this: people expect their excess pounds to just disappear, and that’s unreasonable.  But if you follow the simple steps listed above, you’ll really be donating your future fat to someone else who needs it more!  

It makes perfect sense.  Especially if you live right on the edge of the woods!

Your Pal,

How late is your last meal of the day?

44 thoughts on “Late Night Snack”

  1. I work until 7:00 three nights a week, and my meal, such as it is on those days, can get pretty late. i am notable in my family for big meals like those on Thanksgiving, always being ready far later than I estimated. One Thanksgiving I aimed for 8:00 and we didn’t sit down to eat until 10:00.


  2. Good morning. I know that I should not fill up my stomach late in the evening because I will pay for doing that after I get into bed. I can get away with a small meal or desert near bed time and can even have a small snack in the middle of the night. I tell myself a small snack when I get up during the night will help me get back to sleep. That might not be true. However, I don’t care it isn’t true. Why should I skip my midnight snack? Who needs to know the truth?


  3. It is a key part of my sleep diet plan to eat something at about midnight, usually 2-4 rice cakes. Sandy has acid reflux which came from years of taking ibuprofen for arthritis. The generic version of Nexum doesn’t work for her. So every three months we get a car payment level bill for the real stuff. Because of her reflux the head of our bed is three inches higher than the foot.


    1. My Dad solved his difficulties with acid reflux by getting a hospital bed that he could adjust for sleeping with his head and his legs elevated. He had a hiatal hernia which gave him lots of problems dealing with acid reflux.


  4. We have somehow become part of the late night eating set because we are sometimes not home until well after 8pm.

    and does the snack I have when I get home at 11pm after a double shift count?

    and really, Bart, we are soon going to be in the realm of it getting dark around 4:30pm and not getting light until almost 8:00am, so on those days, we pretty much will be eating non-stop on the solstice to get 3 squares in during daylight hours (not that that is a bad thing, mind you).

    I’m game to give this a try, but can’t say I will force the s&h to do the same. Besides, he runs it all off anyway


  5. My mother had a habit of bingeing on odd food at night, and it sometimes seemed that she ate in her sleep. Or at least she ate a lot of stuff that she didn’t remember eating. She often woke up the next day with strange things on her bed, like a bowl that had once held a bag of M&Ms. Once she woke up to find that the top of her nightgown was a horrible, gory mess of red liquid. After spending several agonizing moments thinking she was bleeding from her throat she found a lot of cherry pits in a bowl on the bed. She apparently ate a big bowl of cherries in the night without knowing that her bedclothing was becoming drenched in cherry juice.

    I could have told her. When I was a little guy I was hugely impressed with the wisdom I read in a magazine for boys: “Eating crackers in bed is a crummy habit.”


  6. Having lived with bears as next door neighbors, I can tell you Bart is as sneaky as any bear. Dale doesn’t have anything left to feed bears after 500 trick or treaters at his door. I suspect that Dale and his wife may have a marketing plan in operation to draw that many. If they start marketing to Bears . . .


      1. we ended up not being home to hand out treats at all, so I have the entire inventory (ok, less a couple of late night Butterfingers- did you guys know that Butterfingers pair well with Pumpkin Ale? you’re welcome!) to get rid of. Thinking of putting them out at the desk job, I dare not leave them out for the staff where I am self-employed 🙂

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        1. The middle is a wonderful show we discovered
          Try had a good Halloween show where they told the youngest he could have all the candy he could eat that night then he would have to give it up on the morning
          Do he ate it all
          It fixed his ADHD and was a funny insert in a great show
          My kids monitor their own deal and save me a butterfingers or two if lucky


  7. A friend whose job was to create gourmet food for banquets once labored for hours on a birthday meal for the day I turned 50. The centerpiece of the meal was a duck terrine, essentially duck meat in a gelatin. Alas a bear invited itself to my party and it grabbed the duck terrine (which was in a cooler next to my cabin) and ran into the woods with it. I thought it was ironic that this bear grabbed an incredible treat like that, given the fact bears happily eat rotten fish and maggots.

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    1. Well, actually that’s not true. New Year’s Eve in order to last to midnight, our dinner is a 9 PM. Pitiful, I know, but if we ate at the “normal” time, we’d be in bed by 11 PM. A little wine, and a glass of champagne, and I’ll nod off in no time at all.


  8. I am in Evan so using my IPad. The WordPress app is not getting alone with IOS 8. I should tell the two budding IOS programmers to fit it, but they are busy. Not sure this will post.
    Happy All Saints Day.

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      1. The day to which you refer is today,Nov.2, which is All Soul’s Day, the day to pray for those in Purgatory. All Saints Day is November 1 and commemorates martyrs, Saints, and all the faithful who have gone before. Lutheran believe we are all saints and that there is no purgatory.


  9. Meals almost never happen at my house
    Grazing is the practice and if you meet another grazer and share time with food so be it
    Popcorn with too much butter
    Pizza and chips are my day end go to fixes but u have recently tried to healthy up my act and switched to celery with either peanut butter or hummas
    I’m not crazy about it but two stalks of celery is the right quantity
    I do here regularly and the third one feels piggish
    Kind of like the third monster bowl of popcorn with the third bottle of wine
    Three is the magic number to stop at with all things .


  10. I once lost five pounds but just cutting out ALL eating after 7 p.m. Should do that again… I have good intentions, but there’s that bag of salted-in-the-shell peanuts (for the trick-or-treaters who never came, not even one), or a little ice cream before going upstairs. And if I dance till 10:30 or later on a Friday night, I allow myself a Kind (brand) energy bar on the way home – they’re mostly nuts, I tell myself.

    Husband has an interesting habit of taking a spoon to the ice cream, and shaving off just a thin layer as he stands at the kitchen sink. Makes it come out flat, so if you didn’t see him do it, you’d wonder how in the heck the ice cream level keeps dropping. I like to come along and take a good sized spoonful just to mess things up. 🙂


  11. This is a subject about which l’m FAR too educated from my own experience of esophageal cancer four years ago. For many years, l apparently had what’s called “silent acid reflux”, meaning that l never felt it and so didn’t know l had it. That is until after the big surgery! Although decreasing over the last four years, it still hits every now and then. l’m fully PTSD when this happens because of the association with months of decapacitating illness following the massive surgery.

    As to meals, l only can down one once a day due to a complete absence of appetite – a hard thing for anyone to understand. l liken it to having no taste buds when suffering a bad cold, but l have learned that an appetite is necessary for the desire to eat at all.

    Since the surgery, l can only sleep on my back propped up by pillows. l don’t mind, though, because l’ve never had better sleep in my life! All that tossing and turning everyone else does apparently disrupts a peaceful night’s sleep – at least that’s the conclusion l’ve come to!


  12. The options for snacking are going to get better around here after today. We received an order from the King Arthur Baker’s Catalogue and a shipment from Penseys. The shelves are stocked for Christmas baking. I love pouring all the spices into their respective jars and putting the flours into the bins.

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  13. I am not a late night eater, generally. The other two humans in the house get downright surly if dinner is served much past 6:30pm, heaven forbid that the day is busy and we don’t sit down until 7pm (when that happens, I have been known to throw a banana at Husband and then back away slowly…Bart would probably seem downright polite compared to how Some People get when they are hungry). Daughter still gets a bit of a snack before bedtime (lately it’s almost been as much as another meal – which, I fear, may mean a growth spurt will be upon us soon), and Husband also has a bit of cereal before bed (otherwise he wakes up in the morning with a headache).

    I remember my grandfather having a bit of fruit and a glass of buttermilk each night before bed – he called it “bed lunch.” I think this was a habit that started in his days growing up on a dairy farm – if you had a bit to eat before bedtime, then you could roll out of bed and head directly to the barns before needing to eat. He kept up the practice even though he didn’t milk cows most of his adult life (he became a school teacher) – only stopped when he was advised to cut out buttermilk by his doctor as it was a trigger for gall bladder attacks.


  14. Dinner last night was homemade pizza at 11
    I made the dough the day before threw it in the fridge and meant to get to it and when time finally allowed I had just arrived home from Home Depot before they closed for my handyman project but realized if I did that first I would start making dinner at 11 do I did dinner first then fix handyman task at 11 30 Anf off to bed at the crack of one ( magic day do it was 1 with an added hour up at the body clock hour (can’t fool me ) and today had the baked eggs in the oven by 7 for morning grazing then off to a day of todos with an undinner at 5 crash and burn to the email check in at 10 and here I am
    Dinner is a good thing to be open to whenever it’s available
    Like life


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