Fixed in Space

Today’s post comes from perennial sophomore Bubby Spamden, forever in the 10th grade at Wendell Willkie High School.

Hey Mr. C.,
Some of my older teachers at Willkie were kind of broken up yesterday when they found out one of their favorite TV characters, Mr. Spock, had died. I think a few of them wanted to cancel school for the rest of the day ’cause they kinda felt like their youth was passing before their eyes.

Mr. Boozenporn seemed to be a little dizzy and weird. He sat at his desk texting friends and muttering “Live Long and Prosper”. While he did that, he made us watch this super-long geek-out video which is nothing but the same pointy-eared guy in funny clothes and a bad haircut saying his TV show lines for almost 15 minutes straight!

So while the video was running, I got out my phone and looked up this Leonard Nimoy character and found out he was really interesting and smart, but he spent pretty much his whole adult life stuck with this character that he played on TV for only 3 seasons and people wouldn’t let him put it behind him. That made me think about how long I’ve been stuck as a sophomore at Willkie and I felt like I understood him pretty good after that.

When he finally started to speak to us again, Mr. B said Spock was his idol. He said his friend Ron worshiped Captain Kirk but Kirk was an over-dramatic goofball whose impulses always got the Enterprise into trouble so dumb luck and Mr. Spock could get them out, and then Kirk got all the girls and the credit, which wasn’t fair.

Mr. B. said he identified with Spock because he was all about logic and science and he wasn’t emotional but people were drawn to him anyway, which was like getting a free pass ’cause you got loved but didn’t have to do any loving back.

Then he got teary-eyed and blurted out some stuff that sounded like apologies to somebody named Arlene. But I kinda think he should’ve apologized to Mr. Nimoy, too.

Your pal,

Are you Spock, or Kirk?

31 thoughts on “Fixed in Space”

  1. Good morning. I wouldn’t choose to be Kirk because there is something about him that hits me the wrong way. He always seems to me to be too self centered and very patriarchal. I am not a big Star Trek fan. I did enjoy watching it occasionally because I do like science fiction. I think it would have been better without a guy like Kirk in the lead part. I certainly would consider myself more like Spock than Kirk or I hope this is the case.


  2. im kirk but i sure like having spock around. kirk has an opinion and emotion and depends on spock to get him out of the soup his emotion response got bones and the gang into. i always marveled at how spock could come at it from logic and thinking. how can you ignore feelings? how can you get past the response to get to the logical way to respond before you do? spock was a marvel. me and jim…will remember him forever. live long and prosper fellow baboons.
    i told my 21 year old who was over for 16 year olds bd dinner last night that star treck may have been the greatest show ever on television, it kind of a standard joke because i say that about so many movies but star treck i feel that way about too. he asked why and i told him the stories that they chose to present the philosophy and the issues the exposed were so wonderfully slipped under the door and offered to people who were accustomed to rawhide and i love lucy that the difference was striking. the characters being so right for the times was a bonus. the chinese guy the balck woman the views presented on how the world veiws the way the universe ought to be orchastrated were the first at the level star treck offered. gene roddenberry created spock and kirk to lead the series and spock was so distinctive he was unforgettable and lenord at least had a marvelous role to be shanghaied in. certianly he had other pages he would have liked to be able to turn but he sure made an impact on our lives likfe few others. he was loved and treasured. live long and prosper are words that will be remembered.

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  4. Being half Norwegian and half Italian, I feel a kinship with Spock. The even-keeledness of Norwegianness is in constant struggle with the volatility of Italilianness. One day it’s lutefisk; next day it’s spicy Italian meatballs. It’s maintaining personal space or clutchy grabbiness. Wild gesticulations in the face of perilous situations or a “Well, what are ya gonna do?” shrug. Sometimes you feel a little like Columbus looking for treasure but most of the time like Erickson just seeking a quiet place to lay your head.
    Leve lenge og blomstre!
    Lunga vita e prosperità

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  5. Spock I guess. Not much of a leader. But driving a vehicle at “warp speed” sounds like a kick in the ass, so maybe I’d most prefer to be Sulu. I think he was the guy at the helm.

    Chris in Owatonna


      1. Don’t worry, Steve and PJ. I’ve seen them all enough for both of you. I think I’m more McCoy… practical and liking to cut through the bull****. With a smidge of Spock and Kirk thrown in.

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        1. Loved “Bones”- I always thought he was the emotional counter-point to Spock’s logic.

          He was also totally right about the transporter. No way would I get that thing. Don’t like flying either.

          At one point in the movie “Interstellar”, a character points out that on the other side of the bulkhead he is touching is the void of space. I could never get past that and so am earthbound.

          I comfort myself that at least I can ride an elevator. I know several people who won’t.


      1. Ooooo, now we’re gettin’ it on! You hurl a “pervasive meme” at me. Cool. But I don’t know what a pervasive meme is, being too old for such things. The line seems to be from Star Wars. I saw one of those movies, the one in which they flew a spaceship.


  6. I wish I were Spick, but my Kirkishness gets in my way.

    S&h is doing his level best to be Spock, but like that very fine man, his human side gets in the way.

    Non-sci-fi folks should try to see Leonard Nimoy’s one man show, Vincent (performed at the Guthrie and aired on tv) in which he portrays Theo, Vincent van Gogh’s brother.

    He also used his fandom to promote some worthy causes-like tolerance and stuff.

    Gotta admire someone who wore those ears for 40 years and maintained his dignity.

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    1. Tell me you are referncing a youtube video.

      We are going to the latest Hobbit movie tonight (Riverview-we love that place and no way would we pay full price elsewhere for this).

      Told the s&h I was not sure Mr. Nimoy would be honored, but he might smile and lift and eyebrow….


  7. The writers must have had quite a time trying to keep Spock from having emotions. I can’t say Spock because I can’t imagine living without them, but like Jim, I thought Kirk was a self-centered dork. I want to be Jean-Luc Picard – The Next Generation was in my mind far superior to the original series.

    I still miss Spock, though, RIP.


    1. Thing is, it wasn’t that the Spock character had no emotions- he was half human and had plenty of them.

      Difference was he saw them as a problem in most situations, especially when emotions got the upper hand.

      He is a hero to a lot of geeky STEM kids who really wish they could just crank through that organic chemistry without being distracted by wanting to “fit in”.


  8. Being an emotional person, I would identify more with Kirk. But once Spock chimed in, you would definitely see he was right — along with a dash of Bones’ common sense. I’m sure many a thesis has been written about the dynamics of these three archetypal characters and the profound impact Star Trek had on our world and culture.

    I dearly loved all the Star Trek series and movies, but particularly The Next Generation. I worshipped Patrick Stewart and am still disappointed TNG never garnered acting Emmys. It’s interesting to note that the actors in the original series were not “great” actors, but they were quire good and very likeable in their characters. Patrick Stewart is truly a GREAT actor and brought such class to the whole SciFi arena.

    I still cry at the moments in the movies when Spock and Kirk die. I am truly saddened by the death of Leonard Nimoy. He left behind a great body of work to remember him by.

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  9. spock with the motto live long and prosper is one of the great figures in american fiction. he is the essence of the thing we strive for on the one hand and shrink at the thought of on the other. wouldnt it be great to have logic rule your life? yes until you get to sophies choice and the question of which child should be saved when the other is sentenced to die is not one that logic can be an answer for. we all know how spock cried in the episode where his human side came through and how we felt bad when he couldnt fall in love because of all the emotion of love. how he went into the radioactive furnace to save the others because it was the only logical thing to do. it is like a study in humankind without one of the key elements of the good and the bad in ourselves. i know my emotions get me in trouble on a fairly regular basis. my kids and those around me know how if you dont want to see the ugly side of me dont come around. it happens without my involvment. that damn emotion rears its ugly head and has me roaring out expletives and cursing the morons who dont see it my way the idiots. let me get my hands on those nincompoops and ill show them…. my son was drinking some baking soda and water the other day ( he inherited my bad stomach and i taught him the secret fix) he used hot water out of the water cooler and i asked about it and he told me he does it that way because i told him it was the only way to do it. i have never considered for a second using hot water and wonder how i got the emphatic instructions out to my son with such resolve thsat he understands it cant be done any other way. i run into this form time to time. i can argue with full commitment one day on one side and not on thee other.
    it came up at the party my family threw for me last weekend. a couple showed up i hadnt seen in 25 years and the wife was commenting on how she has the camera on the kids cell phones turned on to be spying on them all the time and looking after their interests until they are of age and since she pays for the phones thats ok right? i said no thats not ok. you dont get to spy on your children because you are curious about what they are doing. she laughed and said that she and i have always had opposite views on many subjects. she is a great person a lawyer and a liberal who accepts her husbands less than parochial behavior but her emotion in dealing with her children makes her think logic is involved in her thinking. i simply told her if it would not be ok for someone to do it to her it obviously is not ok for her to do it to someone else. it stopped the conversation but there is the difference between logic and emotion. watch out what you wish for. spock is easy to write for, bnot easy to live the part of. not easy to make excuses for when the logical choice goes in the face of the correct thing to do. ask obama. spock could have been on his staff and be wrong 100% of the time acording to one side or the other, in a world where rand paul , scott walker and marko rubio are the top three candadates for 40 % of the population you know we have an issue here.
    maybe spock for vice president should be the call. a call for reason is a call that hads gone unheard in the last little bit.
    peace nimoy live long and prosper is the best moniker in a long long time

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  10. I’d like to be more Spock-like, but I don’t think I am that cool (as in hip or as in able to curb my outbursts). Not really Kirk either – too Minnesotan for that. Probably a better fit is Tom Baker era Dr. Who – delight in the goofy and interesting, emotional, but not always as attentive as I ought to be. Also questionable fashion sense.

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    1. I dunno
      I have my doubts that it is possible to fit the egoof that particular time lord into the Minnesota genome.


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